Pakistan Coast Guards

Pakistan Coast Guards

Pakistan Coast Guards

Coast Guard means a service that deals with coastal matters only. It provides emergency service to people who are in difficulty at sea. It also acts against smuggling. The article contains all the information about the Pakistan Coast Guard. It shows how this department was established. All the relevant information like its history, details, achievements, and importance are explored in the article.

Abbreviation:Riverine warfare
Local Language Name:پاکستان ساحلی محافظ‎ – پاکستان کوسٹ گارڈ
Type :Riverine warfare
Motto:We are coast guards
Agency overview
Formed:Human Trafficking
Part Of:Interior Ministry Paramilitary Command
Headquarters:Karachi, Sindh province
Nick Name(s) :PCG
Role:Prevention of Smuggling and security of the coast
Employees:1,00000 to 12,00000
Active :1971 – present
Uniform Colour: Dark blue, Green and White
Operational Structure
Headquarters:Sindh, Pakistan
Address:Depot Lines, Garden West, Karachi

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Pakistan Coast Guard

Pakistan Coast Guard is a sub-branch within the Pakistan army. It is responsible for taking action against narcotics, human trafficking, and illegal immigration. It was founded in 1972. Coast Guard is different from Maritime Security Agency. Maritime Security Agency has the authority to conduct operations in the deep sea both in national and international water. On the other hand, Pakistan Coast Guard acts against criminal activities only. The headquarter of Pakistan Coast Guard is in Karachi. The color of the agency is dark blue. It represents seawater. The two swords on the logo of the agency depict the employment of the guards on the coast while the anchor represents its employment in the water.

Contact Information

  • Established:                         1972
  • Name:                                  Pakistan Coast Guard
  • DG:                                      Saqib Qamar
  • Role:                                    Prevention of smuggling and security of the coast
  • Total number:                      7000
  • Headquarter:                       Karachi
  • Commander-in-chief:          Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan
  • Website:                             Pakistan Coast

Pakistan Coast Guard History

Before its establishment, the authority of Pakistan Coast Guard was in the domain of Pakistan Customs. It could defend the land and sea-based borders to prevent smuggling.
Pakistan Coast Guard was established in 1971. The constitutional status to it was given in 1972 and in 1973, it became a security agency under the federal government. Act number 18 in the constitution was passed that gave it the constitutional status. Brigadier Sajjad Husain was announced as the first director-general of Pakistan Coast Guard. The agency is responsible for combating sea-based missions, taking action against anti-narcotics, preventing human traffick and piracy. In the time of peace, Pakistan Coast Guard is in the control of the Ministry of the interior while in wartime situations, the authority over the agency is given to Pakistan Army.

As an Organization

Pakistan Coast Guard is led by a commandant. The head of the agency is equal to the lieutenant who is appointed by the Army. It has four Battalions. The Battalions are further subdivided into 3 or four more companies. The battalions are 

  • 1st battalion is located in Uthal
  • 2nd battalion is located in Korangi
  • The Third battalion is located in Gawadar
  • The Fourth battalion is located in Pasni 

The total area that is under control of Pakistan Coast Guard is spread over 1050 KM. It also has control of 12NM water. The marine wing of the agency is equipped with patrolling crafts and boats. It also has its training centres where boys in relevant fields are trained. The agency has an Infantry that is responsible for training and bringing up the cattle that are used on the field. It also has a dog section.

Pakistan Coast GuardAchievements

Pakistan Coast Guard was established to fight against the illegal activities that happened in the coastal area. The illegal activities incorporate:

Prevention from smuggling

Pakistan Coast Guard has specific check posts to keep an eye on the smugglers and their activities. It also patrols on the threatened areas of the coast. The latest communication technology and the network of the secret agents make it possible to inform the department of the activities that are going to happen. Any smuggling activity that is about to happen is reported before it happens. Thus it stops any kind of smuggling that is intended to take place on the coast. In recent years, it has combated drug, weapon and human trafficking on the coast. Many networks were caught by Pakistan Coast Guard. The following is the data of achievements of prevention of smuggling:

  • Hashish:        22104.156 KG
  • Heroin:          218.75 KG
  • Opium:          3225 KG
  • Beer:             82955 Bottles

Prevention of illegal immigration

Pakistan Coast Guard is actively involved against illegal immigrants. These are the people who enter a country without any permission and legal documents. As Pakistan is a security state, it always has a threat of insurgencies in the country undertaken by foreigners. These insurgents enter the country illegally.  On the other hand, people from Pakistan also take illegal rout to go abroad. Pakistan Coast Guard has caught thousands of illegal immigrants in the last few years. These include:

  • 2451 Pakistanis
  • 1259 Afghanis
  • 10 Bengalis
  • 50 Iranians
  • 2 Yamani
  • 3 Uzbek

Recently it seized 26000 litres of Iranian diesel. It was intended to be smuggled to Pakistan Illegally.  It also seized 1000 KG of Hashish from Pashni that was 1.1287 million dollars.

Pakistan Coast Guard Schools

 Pakistan Coast Guard is likewise running two schools. They have an aim to provide quality education and update the students according to the new technology and provide them with an environment that suits the mental and physical, intellectual development. The schools incorporate

Guards Public School 1

The first school of Pakistan Coast Guard is established on Kiyani Shaheed Road, Saddar Karachi. Its contact number is 992152513. It is successfully running since 1991 and promised to deliver excellent and quality based education to its students. People from across Pakistan send their kids to this school with positive Aim.

Guard Public School 2

The 2nd school is located in Korangi 2, Karachi that equally ensures to provide standard education to their students. It generally receives positive reviews and succeeded in setting high expectations. You can contact them on 35091132.