Noor Jehan

Noor Jehan

Noor Jehan

Alla Wasai, who opened her eyes in Kasur, the city of Bulleh Shah, grew up and became known as Noor Jehan. Be it acting or singing, Noor’s style was unique and remained part of every viewer’s choice. With an evergreen voice, Noor stepped into the world of singing and acting in her childhood, and in her 74-year career, she has sung more than 10,000 songs in different languages. Melody queen sang in Pashto, Urdu, Persian, Bengali, Hindi, and Sindhi made a splash everywhere. She is also known as the Seven Language Singer. This article has all the information about Noor, including Noor Jehan Biography and Noor Jehan Songs.

Name:Noor Jahan
Birth Name::اللہ رَکھی وسائی
Famous As:Malika-e-Tarannum
Education:She received Music education
Profession:Playback Singer, Music Composer, Actress and Director
Years Active:1935-1977
Awards :She bagged various awards
Date:21st September 1926
Spouse:Shaukat Hussain Rizvi and Ejaz Durrani
Parents:Madad Ali and Fateh Bibi
Relatives:Ahmad Ali Butt (Grandson)
Date:23rd December 2000
Rest Place:Karachi

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Noor Jehan Biography

  • It would not be wrong to say that a singer like her has never been born in the history of the Indian subcontinent. No one can ever be free from the spell of a beautiful voice, and Madam Noor Jahan’s magical personality after her death. She has kept the whole world under her spell till now. In the days of the Pak-India war, she warmed the blood of the people and soldiers with her songs. 
  • The famous singer showed the essence of acting in many films also and won many national and international awards. All her Punjabi films made in Calcutta, and she moved to Lahore in 1938. During the September war, various poets would spontaneously recite words on the same day, after which the lyrics would be arranged, and Noor would give a new language and spirit to the music with the charm of her voice. 
  • Noor was a versatile actress and singer who, with her feelings and style and the enthusiasm with which she sang, won the hearts of the people. She received the Pride of performance in 1965 and received many other awards.

Noor date of birth

Noor Jahan was born on September 21, 1928, in Kasur (present-day Pakistan) to musician parents Madad Ali and Fateh Bibi in the city of British India. Allah Wasai was her family name.

Education of Noor

Her family was involved in music and singing, so her family sent her to a teacher to study music. She received music training from Ustad Baba Ghulam Mohammad. She was specially trained in classical, traditional Indian music. She had mastered Thamri, Dharpad, Khayal, and other genres of music at an early age.

Noor Jehan Family

  • Noor Jahan, who gained acceptance and popularity from all over the world, did not have the happiness of married life. Her first marriage was in 1942 to filmmaker Shaukat Hussain Rizvi, with whom she had three children, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1953. Similarly, she got married for the second time to Ijaz Durrani in 1959, with whom she had three children, but the relationship ended in divorce. 
  • One of her daughter Zill-e-Huma also served as a Notable Pakistani Singer diet at the age of 70 while her (Zille) Son Ahmad Ali Butt is a prominent figure of the Showbiz Industry. Noor’s another Granddaughter Natasha Khalid Lakhani is a famous Makeup Artist 

Showbiz Career

Singing Career

  • Born as Allah Rakhi Vasai, she became the center of attention at the age of five by singing on stage. She received her early musical education from Kajan Begum, a famous singer of that time. At that time, she practiced Riyadh for about twelve hours. Later, she also learned to sing regularly from her teacher Ghulam Ali Khan. Melody Queen Noor Jahan, who began her career as Baby Noor Jahan, recorded nearly 10,000 songs in her film career, including songs in Punjabi, Pashto, Urdu-Hindi, and Sindhi.
  • Surprisingly, about 3,000 of these songs were recorded by renowned composer Wajahat Attar. This girl of Madad Ali and Fateh Bibi entered the world of art from a very young age. Noor Jahan’s parents were also musicians, but Noor was the most unique of their twelve children. She was particularly interested in Indian music, and in a short time, she had command on genres like Thamri, Dadra, and Khayal. 
  • Early in her career, Noor was impressed by Agha Hashar Kashmiri’s Begum singer Mukhtar Begum. Seeing the talent in her, Mukhtar Begum also got her and her sisters to work in the theater of her playwright husband, Agha Hashar Kashmiri. This close relationship also nurtured Noor Jahan’s art and personality. In the early years, she started wearing Saree, but later, she adopted such a unique style that Pakistan began to adopt her style all over the world, even in the form of parody. 

Acting Career

  • Rizvi and Noor Jahan’s marriage paved the way for their success. Noor played the lead role in the 1945 film ‘Badi Maa,’ while Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle played childish roles in the movie. For the first time in South Asia, women sang Qawwali. Noor sang 127 songs from 1932 to 1947 and acted in 69 films. She also acted in 12 silent films. Of the films in which she acted, 55 made in Bombay, 8 in Calcutta, 5 in Lahore, and 1 in Rangoon (Yangon) Burma. 
  • A few of her notable songs include ‘Sanu Nehar Walay Pull Tay Bula Kay,’ Awaaz Day Kahan Hai,’ ‘Chandani Raatain,’ ‘Awaaz Day Kahan Hai,’ ‘Aye Watan Kay Sajeelay Jawano’ and many more. Even after decades of singing, if heard, it feels as fresh and in tune with the present as Noor Jahan had in her era. The films in which Madam acted as a child star include ‘Heer Sial,’ ‘Gul Bakaoli’ and ‘Sasi Pinnu,’ while as a heroine she cast her spell in many films including ‘Naukar,’ ‘Nadan, Dost,’ ‘Lal Haveli,’ and many more. 

Noor Jehan Death

Melody Queen, possessing a sarcastic voice and God-given abilities, passed away on December 23, 2000, suffering from a heart attack. Her funeral prayers were offered in Karachi after Isha and burial took place in the cemetery of the Defense Housing Authority, Karachi. More than 400,000 people attended her funeral. Even though many years have passed since her demise, this voice still echoes on the screens of the mind, ‘Gaye Gi Dunyaa Geet Meray’, ‘Niralaay Rang Meray’.

Noor Jehan Songs

  1. Nachay jiya ray chhamaa chham nachay jiya ray
  2. Bat hi bat mein jee chandani raat mein
  3. Mein ban patang urh jaaon ray
  4. Chandani raatain, sb jagg soye
  5. Tm zindagi ko gham kaa fasaana
  6. Meray mann kay raaja ajaa
  7. Jigar ke aag say is dil koo jaltaa dekhte jaao
  8. Sanwariya, to he koi pukaray, aja ray
  9. Lo chal dye woh ham ko tasali diye beghair
  10. Bachpan ke yadgaaro
  11. Aey raat zara tham tham kay guzar
  12. Sakhi nahein aye mere balmaa
  13. Chandaa ke nagri say aajaa re nindiyaa
  14. Woh khawab sohaana toot gaya
  15. Aa haal dekh ley meraa
  16. Aaj hum be aasroo ko
  17. Aahain tarap rahein hein
  18. Chandaa Re Chandaa
  19. Rakh sadaa anjam per
  20. Jis dinn say piyaa dil ley gaye dukhh day gaye
  21. O janay walay ray thehroo zara ruk jayoo
  22. Chaand hansay duniyaa base roye meraa payar ho
  23. Ghazab kiya tere waaday peh aitbaar kiyaa
  24. Sanwan ke ghanghor ghattaoo
  25. Aa gaye ghar aa gaye
  26. Chunn chunn naachon ge
  27. Aankh say aankh milaa lay
  28. Kesa naseeb laye thi
  29. Na aansoo bahe thaay
  30. Kahan tak sunoo ge kahan tak sunaon
  31. Banwari chakoori karay duniyaa say chori chroi
  32. Bewafaa, hum naa bhoole tumhain
  33. Kiya janay kiya armaan le kar
  34. Pehle to apne dil ke adaa jaan jayie
  35. Sada hon apney payar ke
  36. Tumhare aarzo mein koocha-e-qaatil
  37. Jaltay hain armaan mera dil rotaa hai
  38. Dil kaa diyaa jalaaya mein nay
  39. Mehki fizaein, gaati hawaaein
  40. Rim jhim rim jhim pare phaawaar
  41. Tere binaa sooni soon lagay re
  42. Sagaar roye lehrein shoar machaayein
  43. O bewafaa mein ne tujh say payar kiyon kiyaa
  44. Teray dar per sannam chale aaye
  45. Chhan chhan chhan bajay Payal bajay
  46. Aa gaye raat naa aaye sanwariaa
  47. Akeli kahein mat jaana jamana naajuk hai
  48. Jiyaa Dharkay Sakhi Ray
  49. Jo mein aisaa jaanti
  50. Kal nahein paon mein
  51. Aa aa tu meraa hai main tere
  52. Soi soi chaandani hai
  53. Din Dhaltay dhaltay
  54. Naach rahaa mann
  55. Zindagi Hai Ya Kisi Ka Intezaar

List of Films

  1. Sheelaa
  2. Gul Bakawali
  3. Imaandar
  4. Payam E Haq
  5. Sajaani
  6. Yamlaa Jatt
  7. Chauhdary
  8. Red Signal
  9. Umeed
  10. Susural
  11. Chaandani
  12. Dheraj
  13. Faryaad
  14. Khandaan
  15. Nadaan
  16. Laal Haweli
  17. Dost
  18. Zeenat
  19. Gaon Ke Ghori
  20. Bari Maa
  21. Bhai Jaan
  22. Anmol Ghaadi
  23. Dil
  24. Hamjoli
  25. Sofiaa
  26. Maharaana Prataap
  27. Mirza Sahiban
  28. Jugnuu
  29. Abidaa
  30. Mirabaai
  31. Chan Way
  32. Dupatta
  33. Gulnaar
  34. Patey Khan
  35. Lakht E Jigar
  36. Intezaar
  37. Nooraan
  38. Choo Mantar
  39. Anaarkali
  40. Nend
  41. Pardesiyaan
  42. Koyal
  43. Mirza Ghalib
  44. Danda Peer
  45. Dam Mast Qalander

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