Noor Bukhari

Noor Bukhari

Noor Bukhari

Noor Bukhari is one of  Pakistan’s multitalented celebrities. Her real name is Sonia Mughal. Besides being an actress, she is a host, model, and director who worked both on television and films and hosted numerous shows. Noor has always been a part of the headlines because of her marriage and divorce scandals. This article has all the information about Noor, including Noor Bukhari Biography and Noor Bukhari Family.

Name:Noor Bukhari
Name:نور بخاری‎
Famous As:Host
Profession:Former Actress and Host
Years Active:1999-2017
Debut Movie:Pyar Kia To Nahi Darna
Awards :She bagged various awards
Date:3rd July 1982
Spouse:Aown Chaudhry (5th Marriage)
Parents:Sheeraz Bukhari
Siblings :Faria Bukhari

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Noor Bukhari Biography

Noor took up the acting profession in her childhood. She was starred in the films made in the middle of 1990s as a child. Noor played various roles in numerous plays incorporating Neeli, Reema, etc. Then she started appearing in lead roles. In 2000 she got a chance to work with Reema Khan, Shah Shahid, Barbara Ali, Javed Sheikh, Atiqa Odho in a movie Mujhe Chand Chahye. This film turned out to be a blockbuster. Her success journey began after this movie. Due to some personal issues, Noor took a break at the peak of her career. She rejoined the industry with a new film ‘Zill-e-Shah’ in 2001. A hard life has led Noor to Islam. Now she has given up acting.

Noor date of birth

Bukhari was born on 3rd July 1988 in Lahore. Currently, she is living in the same city with her family.

Noor Bukhari Family

Noor is the daughter of Sheeraz Bukhari and sister of Faria Bukhari. Faria is a notable name in the Showbiz industry who first time appeared in a Pakistani movie ‘Ishq Positive’ which was directed by her sister Noor. Noor is the mother of a daughter named Fatima who was born from one of her husbands.

Noors Married Life

  • Her married life always remained interesting and mysterious. In 2008, during her stay in Dubai, Noor tied the knot with an Indian named Vikram. This marriage didn’t last long. According to Noor her husband hide her religion from her. Before marriage, Vikram claimed that he has embraced Islam but he didn’t. But this claim turned out to be false, and despite all the efforts of Noor, Vikram did not convert to Islam. 
  • So she took divorce from Vikram. Noor Bukhari married the second time with director and producer Farooq Mengal. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last more than four months. After the failure of two marriages, Noor again tied the knot in 2012 with Awn Ch, the personal assistant of Imran Khan. This marriage and divorce both took place in the same year, i.e., 2012. The couple had a daughter named Fatima. In 2015 she married her co-star Wali Hamid. 
  • But this marriage also turned into divorce in March 2017. After failed marriages, Noor decided to quit the showbiz industry and dedicated herself to Islam. She confirmed on her social media accounts that she is no longer interested in doing any TV shows or movies in future life. In January 2020, she again married to her ex-husband awn Chaudhry spread like wildfire on social media. Noor also confirmed the news of her fifth marriage to her ex-husband and her daughter’s father.

Showbiz Career

Noor worked in 20 Punjabi,44 Urdu, and 44 Pashto films. Her super hit movies include ‘Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal’, ‘Bhai log’, ‘Revenge of the worthless’, ‘Ghar kab ao gay’, and ‘Ishq positive’. Noor also showed her acting skills in many TV dramas. She played the role of a judge in a dance show “Nachley” broadcasted on ARY Digital. Noor advertised different brands like Bio Amla and Sultan Hair Oil, Dalda cooking oil, etc. Presently Noor is working as a Youtuber. She uploads videos on different topics for her fans.

Noor Bukhari Movies

  1. Pyar Kia To Nai Darna
  2. Uroosa
  3. Jannat
  4. Jaan Jaan Pakistan
  5. Aag Ka Darya
  6. No Paisa No Problem
  7. Wadaa
  8. Mujhe Chand Chahiye
  9. Tere Pyar Mein
  10. Ghar Kab Aao Gay
  11. Billi
  12. Sohni Kuri
  13. Badmash
  14. Musa Khan
  15. Billi
  16. Meri Pukar
  17. Hukumat
  18. Ik Din Sher Da
  19. Toofan Mail
  20. Janwar
  21. Kaun Banega Crorepati
  22. Badmash Tay Qanoon
  23. Daku
  24. Wehshi Jutt
  25. Ghazi Ilmidin Shaheed
  26. Dosa
  27. Sooraj Mukhi
  28. Curfew Order
  29. Ultimatum
  30. Sarkar
  31. Mahi Away Ga
  32. Zamin Kay Khuda
  33. Aaj Da Badmash
  34. Wehshi Rajput
  35. Suha Jora
  36. GodFather
  37. Zill e Shah
  38. Sasural Gendha Phool
  39. Mahi Sohna
  40. Sarkari Raj
  41. Hakim Arain
  42. Bhai Log
  43. Bazigar
  44. Society Girl
  45. Lafanga
  46. Zindagi Guzaro Hass Kay
  47. Revenge of the Worthless
  48. Ishq Positive
  49. Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal

List of Dramas

  1. Main Noor Ka Paristar Hoon
  2. Uff Ye Larkian
  3. Phir Tanha
  4. Mere Angnai Mai
  5. Meri Wife kai Liye
  6. Yeh Junoon
  7. Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain

List of Shows

  1. Colors
  2. Pak. Family Show
  3. Noor Morning
  4. Nachley (Seasons 1,2,3and 5)
  5. Morning With Hum TV
  6. Hum Sub Umed Se Hain
  7. Noor Morning
  8. Eid Transmission on City 42
  9. Ramzan Transmission on A-Plus
  10. Good Morning Zindagi
  11. [email protected] with Noor
  12. Samaa ke Mehmaan
  13. Jaago Pakistan Jaago
  14. Hum Masala 10th Anniversary
  15. Eid Transmission on Neo Channel
  16. Judge in Salam Zindagi
  17. Eid Transmission on Samaa Tv  
  18. Co-Host with Nida Yasir in Good Morning Pak.
  19. Samaa Eid Transmission
  20. Uncensored with Noor

Social Media Handles

Noor’s social media account include