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Nayyar Ejaz

Nayyar Ejaz

Nayyar Ejaz is a versatile Pakistani actor who started his career with TV dramas, and his excellent acting compelled the filmmakers to cast him in films. He has played many roles in his career, sometimes as a tyrant Indian soldier, sometimes as a big smuggler, sometimes as a tyrant and sometimes as a corrupt minister. This article has all the information about Nayyar, including Nayyar Ejaz Biography and Nayyar Ejaz Dramas.

Name:Nayyar Ejaz
In Urdu:نیر اعجاز
Famous As:Actor
Years Active:1992-present
Debut Movie:Chand Girhan
Height:5 ft 10 inches
Date:4th August 1975

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Nayyar Ejaz Biography

  • It’s not necessary to have a formal education in acting to be a successful actor. Acting is a God gifted talent that is bestowed to some people only, and Nayyar is one of the actors who made his name in the showbiz industry based on his natural abilities. The success of a villain is determined by the hate he receives in the role of a villain, and Ijaz has enjoyed this success after every negative role he played. 
  • He plays the role of a villain so beautifully and deeply that people involuntarily start hating that negative role. But when he performs in sitcoms, it’s hard for the audience to believe that he has appeared as a villain in many serials and films. His accent and majestic voice add to the charm of his acting. Hollywood has Samuel L. Jackson, Bollywood has Om Puri, and Lollywood has the magical voice of Nayyar.

Nayyar date of Birth

He was born on 4th August 1975 in Karachi. Currently, he is a resident of the same city.

Education of Ejaz

He completed his early education from Karachi.

Showbiz Career

Early Career

In the mid-80s, he desired to be a cricketer, but destiny has some other plans for him, and his father’s ailment made him go back to Quetta. It was in Quetta where his acting talent was disclosed fortuitously at a clothing shop of his friend. At that time, he was matric student, but his enchanting personality and gravelly voice compelled a TV director to star him in a Pakistan Television (PTV) drama.  

Popular TV Dramas

  • He properly started his showbiz career in 1990 with PTV (Pakistan Television) Corporation. His role as Kali Daas in drama ‘Laag’ and Salman in the all-time hit drama serial ‘Dhuwaan’ rose him to fame. He played a negative role in drama ‘Laag,’ which is unforgettable and everlasting. No one could play this negative role the way he played it. Most of the audience used to be tear eyed after seeing his cruelty to Kashmir’s residents.  
  • The various characters he performed made him a much-desired actor in Pakistani showbiz. He has played mostly negative and serious roles in his TV and film career, so to see him in the role of eunuch’s guru in drama serial ‘Janjalpura’ was no less than a surprise for the fans. Many senior actors have worked with him in ‘Janjalpura,’ but the appreciation he has received has not been received by anyone else. His character in popular drama serial ‘Cheekh’ starring Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas Khan was equally praised.


  • In 1997 he appeared in Lollywood film ‘Chaand Girhain’; 1st film of his career. Owing to his acting talent, he was cast in many Pakistani films, including ‘Wrong Number Two,’ ‘Actor in Law,’ ‘Janaan,’ ‘The Legend of Mola Jatt,’ ‘Bajii’ and many others. Whatever the role is, whether it’s the role of an authoritative resident of Swat in film ‘Janaan’ or the role of an Arab Sheikh in ‘Na Maloom Afrad 2’, he performed it sagaciously. 
  • His character in film ‘Baajii’ splendidly penned down by Urfi Sahib under the direction of talented director Saqib Malik. For this character of ‘Chaand Kamal,’ he cropped his hair, wore a wig and behaved oddly, and gave life to his role. He made a spectacular entrance in the starting scene wearing a towel and swaying on a Punjabi song and received immense appreciation from viewers. For this brilliant performance, he bagged the Best Supporting Actor Award at MISSAF (Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival).  

Nayyar Ejaz Movies

  1. Chand Girhain
  2. Mjhe Jenay Do
  3. Laaj
  4. Moosa Khan
  5. Bhaii Log
  6. Zilay Shah
  7. The System
  8. Saltanatt
  9. Moor
  10. Naa Malom Afraad
  11. Wrong Number
  12. Salute
  13. Swaal 7 Crore Dollar Kaa
  14. Janan
  15. Zindagii Ktne Haseen Hei
  16. Team
  17. Actor In Law
  18. Rahmm
  19. Saaya E Khuda E Zuljalaal
  20. Mehrunisaa V Lab You
  21. Naa Maloom Afraad Two
  22. Geo Sir Uthaa Key
  23. Maan Jaoo Naa
  24. Teefa In Trouble
  25. Bajii
  26. Zarar
  27. The Legend of Molaa Jatt

Nayyar Ejaz Dramas

  1. Cheekh
  2. Barfii Ladu
  3. Gul O Gulzar
  4. Haania
  5. Nazr e Bad
  6. Jin Ke Aye Ge Baraat
  7. Laaj
  8. She
  9. Samjhoota Express
  10. Love Life Aur Lahore
  11. Akbari Asghari
  12. Zainabaay
  13. Khurchann
  14. Kaanpur Se Kapaas Tk
  15. Gharoor
  16. Dil Dubai Sehraa
  17. Dewaangii
  18. Tanveer Fatima
  19. Tarikiyaan
  20. Sarkaar Sahib
  21. Khuda Gawaah
  22. Haqiqat
  23. The Castle Ik Umeed
  24. Janjal Pura
  25. Laag
  26. Baarish Ke Baad
  27. Dhuwaan

Social Media Handles

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