Natasha Paracha

Natasha Paracha

Natasha Paracha

Natasha Paracha is the winner of ‘Miss Pakistan’s crown and is one of the most alluring Pakistani models. Along with the modeling career, she is also involved in social activities. During her modeling career, she appeared on notable TV stations in Pakistan, USA, India, and Canada. She has also performed the duties of the chairperson of Pakistani affairs with the ‘International Renewable Energy Organization’ at the UN(United Nations). In addition to popularity from the ‘Miss Pakistan beauty contest,’ her interview to PTI (Press Trust of India) brought her to the limelight. This article has everything about her, including Natasha Paracha Biography.

Name:Natasha Paracha
In Urdu:نتاشہ پراچہ
Famous As:Miss Pakistan World 2008
Residence:New York city, USA
Alma Mater:Berkeley’s University of California
Profession:philanthropist and Model
Height:5 ft 7 inches
Date:17th November 1984
Parents:Not Known

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Natasha Paracha Biography

Paracha is a beauty queen having a beautiful heart and a humble personality. By growing up in a disciplined family, discipline became part of her character. She is a daring and strong-headed female who gives her opinion and point of view without fear of any power. Being a believer in women empowerment, she is struggling to educate and empower females of her country. After visiting the poor villages of Pakistan, she founded a non-profit organization to help poor villagers. She aims to raise issues that Pakistan is facing at an International level and get a solution to those problems.  

Natasha date of Birth

She was born on 17th November 1984 in Islamabad. Currently, she is residing in New York.

Education of Natasha

She completed her graduation in Business Administration and Political Science in 2005 from Berkeley’s University of California. During her college life, she founded the Association of Pakistani students.


Miss Pakistan World

She won the crown of ‘Miss Pakistan World’ at the 6th annual beauty contest in Canada. She surpassed ten beauties from Pakistan to win the title.

Social Activities

She has established a non-profit organization with the name ‘Vision of Department.’ The purpose behind this foundation is to explore and reach the impoverished areas of Pakistan. After winning the title of ‘Miss Pakistan World,’ she declared her plans that her goal is to not only represent Pakistan at International level and charity programs but also highlight the non-availability of medical care to 51 million people in Pakistan. During her peak time, she presented Pakistan’s positive and lighter image to the world.

Comments Against Taliban

Her statement against the Taliban introduced her to the Pakistani public. In an interview with PTI (Press Trust of India), she stated that the Taliban are pests that have infected our homeland. She further said enforcement of Islamic Law is not a logical solution for Pakistani people and Pakistan.

Social Media Handles

Her social media account include