Muhammad Asim Nazir
Muhammad Asim Nazir

Muhammad Asim Nazir is a Pakistani politician.He was elected as a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan (MNA) from 2002.He is associated with Pakistan Muslim League (N).Previously he was associated with Pakistan Muslim League (Q).

Title Description
Name: Muhammad Asim Nazir
In Urdu: محمد عاصم نذیر‬
Famous As: Politician
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Faisalabad
Religion: Islam
Profession: Politics
Province : Punjab
Oath Taking Date : 01-06-2013
Date: 20 November 1975
Parents: Chaudhry Muhammad Nazir Ahmad (Father)
Political Party: Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Serve As: Leader
Member of the National Assembly
Constituency: NA-77 (Faisalabad)
In Office
Role: Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan
Dates: 2002

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He is one of the senior members of the part Pakistan Muslim league (N) and a very seasoned politician with regards to election.He was born on 20th November 1975.He is educated and a strong family background.Asim hails from Faisalabad Pakistan and his father name was Chaudhry Muhammad Nazir Ahmad.[1] Biography

Political Career

Muhammad Asim Nazir of PML-N was elected MNA from NA-77 third consecutive time in general elections 2013. Previously, he was elected MNA in 2002 and 2008 general elections on the ticket of PML-Q.Currently, he is serving as member of the Standing Committees on Foreign Affairs and Industries and Production.[2]  Career 

Election 2002

His career in politics began when he decided to join PML-Q in 2002. He was given the ticket to contest elections in that same year . Being his first experience in the elections , he was remarkably able to win by beating his peoples part  rival and thus became a member of national assembly.From NA-77 in general election of 2002, Ch. Muhammad Asim Nazir the candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) (PMLQ) was succeeded by getting 63300 votes. Muhammad Akram Chaudhary the candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) (PMLN) gets second position by getting 26500 votes. In 2008, the candidate of Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) (PMLQ), Muhammad Asim Nazir was succeeded by getting 63700 votes.[3] Election 2002

Election 2008

In the next elections, in 2008, it came as no surprise when he was given the ticket to contest in the elections. PML(Q) wasn’t disappointed this time around either as he was able to defeat his peoples party rival this time around too and secured his place in the National assembly.Muhammad Asim Nazir was elected MNA from N.A-77 Faisalabad III in the general election 2008.

Candidate Name Party Votes
Muhammad Asim Nazir[4]  Election 2008  PML 63776
Muhammad Talal Chaudhry PML(N) 49807
Sajjad Ahmad Awan PPP 23959
Shabbir Ahmad Independent 330
 Mehmood Ahmad Independent   172
 Sarwar Khan Lashri Advocate High Court MQM   167
 Muhammad Shafique Independent   99
 Ch. Raza Nasrullah Ghoman Independent   55
 Ch. Munir Ahmad Independent   54
 Muhammad Waqar Wasi Ch.   Independent   37
 Ch. Muhammad Wasi Zafar   Independent   34

Election 2013

Due to his previous success, in 2013 when he again won the election in NA 77, it didn’t come as a surprise to anyone and thus he retained his seat as the member of National assembly. To this date he is one of the key members of PML(N).[5] Political Career Chaudhry Muhammad Asim Nazir defeated Mr. Zaheer ud Din of PML-Q.[6] Election 2013

NA-77 Summary Result Election 2013

  1. Muhammad Asim Nazeer  (PMLN) votes 98000
  2. Zaheer Ud Din (PMLQ) votes 58600
  3. Rai Naeem Asad Kharal ( PTI) votes 10400
  4. Sarawar Khan Lashari Advocate High Court (Independent) votes 1960[7]  NA-77 Summary Result Election 2013 

Contact Information

  1. Permanent Address: Chaudhry House 199 RB Gatwala Forest Park, Faisalabad
  2. Local Address: J-206, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad
  3. Contact Number: +92 300 8666666
  4. Fax: +92 41 8846275
  5. Email:,[8]  Contact Information