Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah

Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah

Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah

Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah is a Pakistani politician, Chancellor and principal to multiple universities where he teaches Islamic studies to numerous students. After accomplishing an education from Makkah, he made a preacher of Islam. He indeed followed the footsteps of his late father, Justice Shaykh Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari. This article has all the information about him, including Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah Biography.

Name:Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah
In Urdu:محمد امین الحسنات شاہ
Famous As:Politician
Residence:Tehsil Bhalwal
Education:Master Degree in Islamic Law
Alma Mater:Umm-ul-Qurra University, Makkah
Date:11th December 1952
Parents:Justice Shaykh Muhammad Karam Shah al-Azhari (father)
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Serve As:Leader
In Office
Role:Minister of State for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony
Dates:8 June 2013 – 28 July 2017
President :Mamnoon Hussain
Prime Minister:Nawaz Sharif
In Office 2
Role:Minister of State for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony
Dates:4 August 2017
President:Mamnoon Hussain
Prime Minister:Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah Biography

Muhammad Amin Ul Hasnat Shah Biography

Amin ul Hasnat is an educated Pakistani politician who apart from a politician remained a Chancellor and principal to more than 100 universities in the past. Because of attaining Islamic education, he worked as the Chief Editor of Zia-e-Harem and has created the translation of numerous books of Zia-ul-Ummat (R.A). Amin ul Hasnat is associated with Pakistan Muslim League N and runs for the seat of the National Assembly for the last few years.

Hasnat Shah Age

He was born on 11th December 1952. He has lived many years in Makkah to obtain his education.

Education of Hasnat Shah

He got the opportunity to get his education in Makkah from where he obtained a Masters degree in Islamic Law.


As a Chancellor

After accomplishing Islamic education, he thought to furnish the teaching of Islam to people. He is functioning as a Chief Editor and principal to numerous universities including DMC, Bhera. Moreover, he is attending as a Patron-in-Chief to the notable Jamia Al-Karam situated in the United Kingdom. Shah Sahab is providing privilege to more than 20,000 people with his Islamic education across the globe.

As a Chief Editor

He is likewise operating as a Cheif Editor of Zia-e-Harem. Apart from that, he has authored translations of various books of Huzoor Zia-ul-Ummat (R.A.) in English. Later it is sold in English from across the globe. Soon he is going to facilitate everyone with Zia-ul-Quran and Zia-un-Nabi’s Tafseer in English form.

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As a Politician

In 2013 he elected the Pakistan General Elections from NA-64 Sargodha Constituency with being appended to Pakistan Muslim League N and won the seat with maximum votes. Later after taking an oath, he was made the Minister of Interfaith Harmony and Religious Affairs.

However, after Nawaz Sharif’s Resignation, he was ban from holding any Ministry. Later after the charge of Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, he again appointed on the same ministry in his (Shahid Abbasi) Cabinet. He served on the ministry till the completion of tenure.

Social Media Handles

His social media account include