Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali was an actor in Pakistan and was famous as ‘Shahenshah-e-Jazbaat,’ meaning the King of Feelings.  An extremely talented actor, he has performed in patriotic, biographical, and historical roles,  in costumes and art films. He has appeared more than two-hundred and fifty films, playing both heroic and villains role.

According to a survey by CNN on 4th March 2010, he is one of the twenty-five top actors of Asia.  This article has all the information about him, including Muhammad Ali Biography.

Name:Mohammad Ali
In urdu:محمد علی
Famous As:Shahenshah-e-Jazbaat
Other names:Ali bhai, Bhaiya
Education:B.A. from City College, Hyderabad
Profession:Film acting
Awards :He won 10 Nigar awards in his film career
Date:19th April 1931
Place:Rampur, British India
Children:Samina Ali
Parents:Maulana Syed Murshid Ali
Siblings :Two brothers and Two sisters
Date:19th March 2006
Rest Place:Lahore, Pakistan
Occupation(s):Actor, producer, Social worker
Serial & Movies
Name:Charagh jalta raha,Khamosh Raho,Head constable, Sfaid Khoon,
Professional Work
Years Active:1962–1995
Famous Acts:Khandan,Kufro-o-Islam, Miyan biwi aur woh, Kitni haseen hai zindagi

Muhammad Ali Biography

Muhammad Ali Biography

He was a talented and skilled actor who besides contributing to the film industry, also worked for thalassemia patients. CNN survey declared him one of Asia’s top actor. He played diverse roles and did justice to each role, both heroic and villain roles. He is still the only Pakistani TV artist to have received the most laurels as ‘Best Actor’ in the 1960s & 1970s.

Moreover, he is the recipient of ‘Pride of Performance’ Award by Pakistan’s ex-President Zia-ul-Haq President in 1984, the 3rd highest civil honour in Pakistan in acknowledgement of his lifetime contribution to the Pakistani entertainment industry. Later, he also received ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz,’ the 2nd highest civil decoration in Pakistan.

Ali Date of Birth

He opened his eyes on 19th April 1931 in Rampur.

Education of Ali

He studied at Millat High School in Multan. He was one of the favourite students of Syed Naseer Ahmad and Mirza Mussart Baig. He was a close ally of Khalid Mehmood and Syed Iqbal Shah and completed his intermediate education from Government Emerson College in Multan. He moved to Hyderabad in 1954 to seek higher education and graduated from Hyderabad City College.

Muhammad Ali Family

His father Molana Syed Murshid was an Islamic scholar. The home environment was quite religious. After his birth, his family moved from ‘Rampur’ to ‘Rohtak’ and then moved from Rohtak to Hyderabad, eventually settled in Multan soon after Pakistan’s independence in 1947. He met Zeba for the 1st time during in 1962 during film making of their 1st film ‘Chiraag Jalta Raha.’

The couple tied the knot after four years during the film making of ‘Tm Milay Payar Mila’ on 29th September 1966. This marriage continued until he died in 2006. They weren’t blessed with children. However, he adopted  Zeba’s daughter from her 1st marriage and named her Samina Ali.

Muhammad Ali wife


Career at Radio

In 1956 he joined Radio station of Hyderabad, Pakistan as a broadcaster where Irshad his elder brother, was also working as an artist. After working there for some time, he went to Bahawalpur station and later joined Radio Station, Karachi.

Filmy Career

He began his career as a film artist in 1962 with  Karim Fazli ‘s movie ‘Chiraagh Jalta Raha’ which was aired at Karachi’s Nishat Cinema,  on 9th March 1962 by Fatima Jinnah. Then he starred in a villain role in director Munawar Rasheed’s movie ‘Bahadur,’ director Iqbal Yousaf’s film ‘Daal Main Kala,’ and director Javaid Hashmi’s movie Dil Ney Tujhe Maan Lia.’

He starred in a hero role for 1st time in movie Mr.X, but his film ‘Shararat’ on aired before MX.  Afterwards, he shifted to Lhr and acted in the film ‘Khandaan.’ His breakthrough came from the movie ‘Khaamosh Raho.’ He had a cameo role in the Hindi movie ‘Clerk’ in 1989.

Moreover, he played a lead role in ninety-four films. His last film as a lead role was ‘Aj Ke Raat.’  Another film was ‘Muhabbat Ho Tu Aise,’ and the last film of his career was ‘Dum Mast Qalandar.’

Playback Vocalists

Most of the times Ahmad Rushdi and Mehdi Hasan voiced him. In his eighty-eight films, Mehdi Hasan sang one-hundred and fifteen songs for him, and Rushdi sang a hundred songs for his fifty-seven movies.  Masood Rana recorded thirty-four songs for his twenty-three movies. Some other singers who gave their voice for his films are Ghulam Abbas, Mujeeb Alam, Akhlaq Ahmed, and Rajab Ali.

Social & Political Activism

He and his spouse Zeba had strong links with the country’s various political regimes. He held a protest by wearing black clothes in the MIFF(Moscow International Film Festival) against India for holding Ninety-three thousand POWs after the 1971 war. During Nawaz Shareef’s regime, he also worked as Cultural Minister and presented new policies to alleviate the situation of Pakistan’s film industry.

Ali Zaib Foundation

Along with Shahid Zaidi, he founded the ‘Ali-Zaib Foundation’ in 1995 to aid patients with thalassemia. This organization established hospitals in Okara, Gujranwala, Jhang, Sahiwal, and Sargodha with the organization’s headquarter in Faisalabad.

End of Film Career

After he quit the film industry, a TV show host questioned about his separation from the film industry. He responded by saying: ‘The environment where I’ve been used to perform for the movies and the manner the movies are made nowadays, has changed drastically, so I quit the industry.’

He was very magnanimous and friendly to his fans. A legendary  Pashto poet Zahir Shah has dedicated his poems solely to Ali, which contains over ten books.

Muhammad Ali Death

He died of a heart attack on 19th March 2006 in Lahore.

Muhammad Ali Movies

  • Chiragh Jalta Raha
  • Baji
  • Dil Ne Tjhe Man Lia
  • Shararat
  • Dal Main Kaala
  • Qattal Ke Baad
  • Mr.X
  • Khaandan
  • Sufaid Khoon
  • Ghadar
  • Khamosh Raho
  • Bees Din
  • Head Constable
  • Choti Behan
  • Aurat Ka Payar
  • Shair De Bache
  • Riwaj
  • Aisa Bh Hota Hei
  • Tamasha
  • Dil Kay Tukray
  • Shabnam
  • Hazar Daastan
  • Nachay Naagan Bajay Been
  • Sanam
  • Kaneez
  • Khota Paisa
  • Mujahid
  • Malangi
  • Tasveer
  • Mr Allah Ditta
  • Wattan Ka Sipaahi
  • Aag Ka Daryaa
  • Mojza
  • Hum Rahi
  • Jag Utha Insan
  • Adil
  • Bhai Jan
  • Anch
  • Asra
  • Saiqa
  • Baazi
  • Anjaan
  • Bahu Rani
  • Dil-e- Baitab
  • Neela Parbat
  • Tm Milay Payar Mila
  • Shak
  • Zameer
  • Barrood
  • Zanjir
  • Hm Aik Hein
  • Zaman Paigham
  • Khoon Aur Pani
  • Shah Behram
  • Clerk
  • Junoon
  • Aik Hi Raasta
  • Yohnavey
  • Truck Driver
  • Shani
  • Kiraye Kay Qaatil
  • Muhabbat Ho Tu Aise
  • Masti Khan
  • Rocky Dada
  • Tere Bahon Mein
  • Mian BV Aur Wo
  • Shah Behram