Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali

Mohammad Ali was a veteran Pakistani film actor. He was famous as “King of Emotions” because of his powerful performances that engaged the viewers such that one could not resist the flow of emotions while watching his films. He was indeed an asset of Pakistani film industry.

Name:Mohammad Ali
In urdu:محمد علی
Famous As:Shahenshah-e-Jazbaat
Other names:Ali bhai, Bhaiya
Education:B.A. from City College, Hyderabad
Profession:Film acting
Awards :He won 10 Nigar awards in his film career starting from 1964 to 1984.
Date:19 April 1931
Place:Rampur, British India
Children:They did not have any children together. However, Mohammad Ali legally adopted Samina, Zeba’s daughter from her previous marriage, giving her the name Samina Ali.
Parents:Maulana Syed Murshid Ali
Siblings :Two brothers and Two sisters
Date:19 March 2006
Rest Place:Lahore, Pakistan
Occupation(s):Actor, producer, Social worker
Serial & Movies
Name:Charagh jalta raha,Khamosh Raho,Head constable, Sfaid Khoon,
Professional Work
Years Active:1962–1995
Famous Acts:Khandan,Kufro-o-Islam, Miyan biwi aur woh, Kitni haseen hai zindagi

Legend Muhammad AliZeba AliHmaraz-movieAli and zebaSamina Ali with mother Zeba


King of emotions
He was known as Shahenshah-e-Jazbaat, means The Emperor of Emotions. He had starred in over 250 movies played heroes and villains. He was included among 25 greatest actors of Asia (all time) by CNN survey (On 4 March 2010). Along with Waheed Murad and Nadeem, he remained one of the leading actors of Pakistan film industry.


Mohammad Ali was born into a religious family in Rampur, British India on November 10, 1938. His father, Maulana Syed Murshid Ali was an Islamic scholar. Mohammad Ali was the youngest of two brothers and two sisters. The family moved from Rampur to Rohtak after his birth, and then migrated to Hyderabad and then to Multan soon after the independence of Pakistan.


He passed Matriculation from Millat High School, Mirza Musarat Baig and Syed Nasir Ahmed (Babo sb)had his teachers in Millat High school. He had many friends in Multan( Syed Iqbal Shah , Khalid Mahmood Bukhari EX MPA), Multan in 1954 and moved back to Hyderabad. He continued his study in this city and passed B.A. from City College, Hyderabad.


Kaneez movie
Muhammad Ali joined Radio Pakistan Hyderabad station as a broadcaster in 1956, where his elder brother Irshad was already working as a drama artist. Ali’s initial wage was set Rs. 10 per drama. After a while, he moved to Bhawalpur station and finally moved to Radio Pakistan, Karachi. Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari, director-general Radio Pakistan, became his mentor for acting. Muhammad Ali used to call him his spiritual father. Later, he introduced Ali to his friend, poet and film producer Fazal Ahmed Kareem Fazli, as a hero for his new movie Chiragh jalta raha. But instead of being hero, Ali accepted the role of villain in the movie. Besides Ali, this was also the first film for Zeba, Deeba, Kamal Irani, and the director Fazli. This was the only Pakistani film in which Indian singer Talat Mehmood worked as a singer. Chiragh jalta raha was premiered by Fatima Jinnah on March 9, 1962 at Nishat Cinema, Karachi. He then appeared as villain in director Munawwar Rasheed’s film Bahadur, director Iqbal Yusuf’s film Daal mein kala, and director Javed Hashmi’s film Dil ne tujhay maan liya. His first film as hero was Shararat (1963). Later, he moved to Lahore and worked in Khandan (1964). He got breakthrough from Khamosh raho (1964). In 1989, he starred in Hindi film Clerk. His last movie screened in 1995 titled Dum Mast Qalandar. Mohammad Ali had total 277 films (248 Urdu, 17 Punjabi, 8 Pashto, 2 Double version, 1 Hindi and 1 Bengali). He had 28 films as guest appearance and 1 documentary film. [1] career


M.Ali weds Zeba
On the set of Tum mile pyar mila, Mohammad Ali met actress Zeba, and later both married while the film was still under production. The marriage was held on September 29, 1966. The couple reached studio just after the marriage ceremony where they had only one shot before they threw a party. The next day, newspapers published the news of marriage of Mohammad Ali and Zeba. Ali Zeb as the couple came to be popularly known did not have any children together. However Mohammad Ali legally adopted Samina, Zeba’s daughter from a previous marriage, giving her the name Samina Ali. [2] marriage

Political activity

Mohammad Ali had close relations with different political regimes in the country and carried out number of social works under their patronage. He protested by putting up black dress in International Moscow film festival against India for holding 93000 POW after 1971 war. He also served as Cultural Minister in Nawaz Sharif government and setup new policies for Film Industry.

Ali-Zeb Foundation

Ali-Zeb foundation
Muhammad Ali and Zeba founded Ali-Zeb Foundation in 1990s to help the terminally ill, especially those suffering from cancer. He made hospitals in Sargodha and Faisalabad with the name of Ali-Zeb foundation. He also continued patronage to the Fatmid Foundation and contributed in several hospitals, besides numerous other NGOs.

Awards and recognition

Click from a movie
He won 10 Nigar awards in his film career starting from 1964 to 1984.

  • Nigar awards for best supporting actor in 1964 Khamosh Raho
  • Nigar awards for best actor awards in 1965 for Kaneez
  • Nigar awards for best actor awards in 1966 for Aag ka darya
  • Nigar awards for best actor awards in 1968 for Saiqa
  • Nigar awards for best actor awards in 1970 for Insaan Aur Aadmi
  • Nigar awards for best actor awards in 1971 for Wehshi
  • Nigar awards for best actor awards in 1973 for Aas
  • Nigar awards for best actor awards in 1974 for Aaina Aur Soorat
  • Nigar awards for best actor awards in 1978 for Haidar Ali
  • Super Performance Nigar award in 1984 for Doorian and Bobby
  • He is the only actor who won most awards as Best Actor in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • In 1984, he received the Pride of Performance Award which is the third highest civilian award in Pakistan from former president Zia ul Haq in recognition of his lifelong services to the entertainment industry of Pakistan.
  • Later, he was also honoured with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, the second highest civilian award in Pakistan.
  • He got many honours and special awards like;
  • the Millennium Legend Star Graduate Award in 2000
  • Ilyas Rasheedi Gold medal 1998
  • Nigar Lifetime Achievement Award 1998
  • Nigar Millennium Award 2000
  • Lifetime Excellency Award 1997
  • Pakistan Best Personality Award 1997
  • He received Bolan Awards, Screen Light Awards, National Academy Awards, Critics Award, Cultural Award from Punjab University and an Asian Academy Award.
  • He received the first foreign award Al-Nasr Award in Dubai 1984.
  • He was also awarded the Naushad Award of India


Grave of M.Ali
 Mohammad Ali died on 19 March 2006 due to a heart attack in Lahore. [3] death

Personal Quote

“The atmosphere in which I was accustomed to work for films and the way films were made have entirely changed, hence I called it quits.” said Muhammad Ali. He was very generous and warm towards his fans. One of the best Pashto poets Zahir Shah Zahir has dedicated all his poetry to Mohammad Ali which includes more than ten books. The poet used to visit his house and have long discussions about the social welfare of people and Pakistani society. [4] quote

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