Malik Abrar Ahmad

Malik Abrar Ahmad

Malik Abrar Ahmad

Malik Abrar Ahmad that is also spelled as Malik Ibrar Ahmed, is a politician associated with Pakistan Muslim League N for a long time. He is one of the successful candidates of Muslim League Nawaz from Rawalpindi. In his last tenure in 2013, he was the chairman of the Standing Committee on Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan. He has also remained the Vice-president of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Rawalpindi. This article has all the information about Abrar, including Malik Abrar Ahmad Biography.

Name:Malik Abrar Ahmad
In Urdu:ملک ابرار احمد
Famous As:Malik Abrar Ahamd Gujjar
Alma Mater:Government Asghar Mall College
Profession:Politician and Businessman
Date:3rd January 1970
Siblings :Malik Iftikhar Ahmad Gujjar
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League N
Member of the National Assembly
Constituency:NA-54 (Rawalpindi-V)
Assumed office:2013-2018

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Malik Abrar Ahmad Biography

Malik Abrar has contested elections on seats of both the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly. He successfully started his career with a victory in 1997. He was lucky to get elected from two seats at a time in the 1997 general election. His journey to the National Assembly started in 2008 when he was elected both for the National Assembly as well as Provincial Assembly. He has served on key positions on the national level and in his party. His party has greatly benefitted from the position in his constituency.

Abrar date of Birth

He opened his eyes on 3rd June 1970 in Okara but later moved to Rawalpindi from where he contests the elections.

Education of Malik

Abrar got his schooling from Kohinoor School. Later, he graduated from the College of Government Asghar Mall in Rawalpindi.

Malik Abrar Ahmad Family

He was born in a Khattana family of Gujjar. His brother Malik Iftikhar Ahmad Gujjar is also a politician and belongs to Pakistan Muslim League N.

Political career

Initial Career

Abrar took part in student politics in the college. It was the time when he was grooming as a politician. For the first time, he took part in the parliamentary politics in 1997 when he contested from PP-5 and also from PP-6. He was lucky to win the election on both constituencies with a huge margin. The term could not last long as the government was dismissed by Musharraf. His career did not stop after his leaders were sent in exile. 

2002 General Elections

He contested the 2002 election amidst political turmoil. Though most of the senior members of the party were miserably affected but he remained adamant and won the election. Once again, he contested from two provincial seats including PP-10 and also from PP-11. After the victory, the PP-10 seat was vacated by him. 

2008 General Elections

  • In 2008, Abrar contested from one seat of the National Assembly and one seat of the Provincial Assembly. It was the first time that he contested for a seat at the National Assembly. He contested against Zamarud Khan, who was the winner of the previous election. The election was also tough for Abrar because of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. It helped PPP to gain the sympathy vote as well. PPP had a better position already that made it difficult for Abrar to win. 
  • After the election was contested on NA-54 Rawalpindi, Abrar stood the winner and defeated Zamarud Khan. He received 58228 votes, while Zamarud khan got 33749 votes. He was elected for the National Assembly for the first time. He would have got more votes but the election saw the lowest turnout of the constituency in the history. He also contested for the provincial Assembly from PP-10. On the provincial seat, he got 35532 votes and defeated Chaudhary Masood Akhtar who was a candidate of PPP. Later, he vacated the provincial seat for his brother Iftikhar. 

2013 General Elections

  • In the 2013 general election, Abrar had the challenge of a candidate of PTI Hina Manzoor. PTI expected a clean sweep in the general election as it had a sudden rise in the popularity just a year before the election. Like the previous election of 2008, PTI also had a vote of sympathy just like the People’s party after Imran Khan fell from the stage in a political rally. In the election, contested in NA-54 Rawalpindi, Malik Abrar was again elected for the second time as a member of the National Assembly against Hina Manzoor of PTI and Zamarud Khan for PPP. 
  • He got 76336 votes while Hina received 68687 votes. Pakistan Muslim League got the majority seats in the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly of Punjab and made government. His consecutive victories since 1997 earned him an important role in the federal government. He was appointed the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan.

2018 General Elections

  • In 2018, the government was confident over his victory based on his previous performance in the tenure from 2013 to 2108. PMLN had a disadvantage of the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif. The corruption charges and the Panama Leaks badly damaged the image of PMLN. Most of its top leadership was accused of mega corruption scandals. In Rawalpindi, the main battle was expected on NA-61 among Malik Ibrar of PMLN, Amir Mahmood of PTI, and Haji Gulzar of PPP. 
  • The constituency was changed to NA-61. The election proved unfortunate for Abrar as he experienced his first-ever defeat in parliamentary politics. He got only 60135 votes while his opponent Amir Mahmood Kiyani got 105086 votes and won the election. The election was disastrous for PMLN as well. It lost its government in the Federal and Punjab. The same happened to most of the senior politicians and political parties of the country.

Social Media Account

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