Kaleem Saadat
Kaleem Saadat

Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat (born December 12, 1951) is the former chief of air staff of the Pakistan Air Force. He was promoted as the air chief on March 20, 2003, when the previous air chief Mushaf Ali Mir died in a tragic air crash along with several other high-ranking Air Force officers on February 19, 2003.[1] Air Chief Marshal 

Name:Kaleem Saadat
In Urdu:کلیم سعادت
Native Name :Kaleem
Famous As:Soldier
Residence:Faisalabad, Punjab Province
Place:Faisalabad, Punjab Province, West Pakistan (now-Pakistan)
Service/branch:Pakistan Air Force
Years of service:1971–2006
Rank:Air Chief Marshal (General)
Commands:Chief of Air Staff Deputy Chief of Air Staff (Operations) Deputy Chief of Air Staff (Personnel) AOC PAF Base Peshawar Chief Instructor ND Wing at NDC OC No. 14 Squadron Tail choppers No. 32 Wing
Battles/wars:Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 2001–2002 India–Pakistan standoff War in North-West Pakistan
Awards:Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Military) Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Military) Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military) Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Military) Légion d’honneur
In Office
Role:17th Chief of Air Staff
Dates:March 18,2003 – March 18, 2006
President :Pervez Musharraf
Prime Minister :Shaukat Aziz
Preceded by :Mushaf Ali Mir
Succeeded by :Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed

Kaleem Saadat is the former chief of air staff Kaleem Saadat giving a sheet Kaleem Saadat was promoted as the air chief on March 20, 2003 Nice photo of Kaleem Saadat Kaleem Saadat was invited as a chief guest


Kaleem Saadat was a great legend

Early life

Kaleem Saadat was born in a Rajput family of Faisalabad

Kaleem Saadat Rana was born in a Rajput family of Faisalabad. His foreign tours include: Exchange Pilot in Turkey (1977–78); Deputation to Algeria (1980–83); War Course at the École Militaire, Paris, France (1989–90). He was a course-mate and close friend of Rashid Minhas, the trainee pilot who crashed his aircraft and lost his life, to prevent his flight instructor from defecting to India in that aircraft, in 1971.[2] Early life 

Initial military training

Change of the rank to Air Chief Marshal by Air Chief Marshal (r) Kaleem Saadat

Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat is a graduate of PAF Public School, Sargodha. He was commissioned in the Pakistan Air Force in March 1971, and he has qualified Flying Instructors” Course, Combat Commanders” Course, PAF Air War Course, French Inter Services War Course, and National Defence Course. During his Air Force career, he commanded a fighter squadron, a fighters wing, and PAF Base Peshawar.[3] Initial military training 

Appointed As A chief of Air Staff

March 19: Air Marshal Kaleem Saadat has been appointed chief of Air Staff with immediate effect, says an ISPR statement .He has also been promoted to the rank of air chief marshal.The chief of Air Staff called on President Gen Pervez Musharraf at the Aiwan-i-Sadar after his appointment.The president congratulated Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat on his appointment as Chief of Air Staff and wished him success in his new responsibilities.The chief of Air Staff thanked the president and said he would strive to live up to the trust reposed in him.[4] Appointed As An chief 

Air Chief Kaleem Saadat was Decorated

July 13: Two service chiefs of Pakistan armed forces have been given the highest French civil award by the French president. Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Shahid Karimullah, and Air Chief, Kaleem Saadat, were decorated with the Legion of Honour, by French ambassador Pierre Charasse in a reception held at the French embassy here on Wednesday. The ceremony was attended by senior military officials and diplomats.[5] Kaleem Saadat was Decorated 

Message of French Ambassador

Speaking on the occasion, the French ambassador said, “Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat, the Chief of the Air Staff, is a distinguished friend of France.” The ambassador said the air chief was a former student of the French Ecole Superieure de Guerre Interarmees in Paris, and had extensively piloted French aircraft during his career. “France is very well aware of excellent cooperation existing between French defence industries related to aeronautics and the Pakistan Air Force, which happens to maintain the most important fleet of Mirages in the world, after France, and acknowledges the impulse given personally by the Chief of Air Staff,” said the French ambassador.[6] Message of French Ambassador 

PAF College Sargodha

On 19 March 2003,  Sargodhian, Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat (697-F), joined the galaxy of four-stars and became Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force. On 20 March, 2006, Air Chief Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed (767-F) became the third Furian to have reached the status of Chief of the Air Staff. Air Marshals Masood Hatif, Shafique Haider, Aliuddin, Shahid Zulfiqar, Saeed Anwar, Pervez Akhtar Nawaz, Sarfaraz Arshad Toor, Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed, Arif Pervaiz, Masood Akhtar, Raashid Kaleem, Hifazat Ullah Khan and Tahir Rafique Butt are a few of the old boys who attained the three star status and formed a luminous chapter in the history of PAF Public School Sargodha. Amongst them Air Marshals Masood Hatif, Shafique Haider, Aliuddin, Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed, Raashid Kaleem, Hifazat Ullah Khan and Tahir Rafique Butt have the distinction of becoming Vice Chiefs of Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force.[7] PAF College Sargodha 

Staff assignments

Kaleem Saadat was in his office

Kaleem Saadat was also assistant commandant of the College of Flying Training at PAF Academy, Risalpur. His staff and instructional appointments include director of plans, chief instructor at the National Defence College, Islamabad, and deputy chief of air staff (operations). His foreign tours include: Exchange Pilot in Turkey(1977-78); Deputation to Algeria(1980-83); War Course at The Ecole Militaire,Paris, France (1989-90) He has qualified the Flying Instructors” Course from Risalpur; Staff College and Air War Course from Air War College PAF;L”ESGI and CSI from the Ecole Militaire in France; National Defence Course from the NDU, Islamabad.[8] Staff assignments 


A Personal photo of Kaleem Saadat

The JF-17 Thunder program under Kaleem Saadat was throttled into full gear. It was during this time, the aircraft prototype was unveiled and it flew some hours, with the semi-production being started in 2005. The Air Headquarters were shifted to its permanent location in Islamabad after having stayed in Karachi ,Peshawar and Rawalpindi. The PAF achieved its best Flight Safety record of its history when in the Year 2004,it had the lowest major aircraft accident rate.The PAF had the largest ever flying operations Exercise Highmark 2005 after nearly ten years” gap as well as holding its first ever tri-service wargame titled Tempest-I. In the history of Pakistan Air Force, women were inducted and commissioned as pilots for the first time.New equipment like fighters, transport aeroplanes,trainer aircraft,radars, simulatorsetc were inducted during his tenure.[9] Achievements –  Achievements 


In March 2006, ACM Kaleem Saadat”s three year term expired and he was replaced by the then vice chief of air staff Air Marshal Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed as the air chief.[10] Retirement –  Retirement 

Message of Former Air Chief

Kaleem Saadat was four-star air officer

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Death of Air Chief Mushaf Ali Mir

On 20 February 2003, the  PAF Chief Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir died in a plane crash when the Fokker he along with his wife and fifteen other high-ranking officers were flying in crashed near Kohat in northwestern Pakistan, killing all the passengers on board. Thereafter, the  vice chief Air Marshal Syed Qaiser Hussain was made the acting Air Chief of PAF. On 19 March 2003, Air Marshal Kaleem Saadat, then deputy chief of air staff (personnel), was chosen over Hussain and Air Marshal Sarfraz Arshad Toor, air officer commanding, Air Defence Command (ADC), as the new chief of Pakistan Air Force.

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