Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad is an American based Pakistani musician, physician, rock-guitarist, professor at New York’s City University and an activist. In 1998 he earned popularity in all over Pakistan for his distinct way of Neo-Classical playing in the rock.

In 1990 as an engineer of band ‘Vital Signs’ he made ‘Junoon’ with Brian O’Connell, an American Bass player and pioneered Sufi rock in Pakistan. He began his activism and is involved in 2-BBC documentaries relating to issues in Pak, including religion, education, science, and society in the mid of 1990s..

He worked as the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Aids/HIV program towards raising awareness about Aids in South Asia. Presently, he is serving at Queens College as a tenured professor. Although Junoon has been disintegrated, he performs as the solo artist under label ‘Junoon.’ This article contains everything about him, including Salman Ahmad Biography.

Name:Salman Ahmad
In Urdu:سلمان احمد‎‎
Native Name :Salman
Famous As:Singer
Residence:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Profession:Singer & Politician
Date:12th December 1963
Place:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Spouse:Samina Ahmad
Genres:Rock and Sufi
Instruments:vocals, electric guitar, Electric acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Years active :1989–present
Labels:Coke Studio, EMI Records, PTV Studios, Studio 146
Associated acts :Vital Signs, Junoon
Solo Album:Infiniti, in mid-2005
In Politics:Salman Ahmad has been often seen at Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf’s

Salman Ahmad Biography

Salman Ahmad Biography

Some people set their goals and then never look back, Salman is one of them. Since his teenage, he was fond of music, but as his family consisted of able doctors, his mom allowed him only to be a doctor. He fulfilled this wish and graduated from KE.

Still, after obtaining the degree, he took a break of one year from medical and in this period he started converting his dream of becoming a renowned singer into reality. His mother, seeing him happy with music, allowed him to continue his passion, and he proved that it was the right decision.

Not only he became a famous musician but also a known social activist. As a social activist, he plays his role with full devotion and raised awareness about polio and AIDA. Being a patriot, he had also raised money for his country fellows on several tragic incidents, including the devastating earthquake in 2005 and for Shukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

Salman Date of Birth

He was born on 12th December 1963 in Lahore.

Education of Salman

He studied at middle & high school in the USA and was 1st time exposed to the rock-music at an English rock music band ‘Led Zeppelin’ concert at MSG (Madison Square Garden). He became motivated to be a musician and started learning guitar against the will of his parents.

After completing his graduation, he came back to Pakistan to attend a medical school. Due to extremism advent and significant changes in the political climate, his guitar playing activities were repressed.

Salman Ahmad Family

He belongs to an educated family filled with doctors. His uncle was principal of King Edward Medical College and his other uncle Dr Ismat was Professor of Surgery at KE. His wife, Samina, is also a doctor.

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Music Career

As the guest faculty at QC (Queens College), Salman has been instructing a music class entitled ‘Islamic Music & South Asia Culture.’ On 1st March 2008, he performed with an American composer and violinist Yale Strom at Temple Bath Sholom as a part of ‘Common Chords-II’ concert celebrating Jewish and Muslim Music.

In 2016 his song ‘Kese Bolun’ for Bollywood film ‘Rhythm’ received immense negative feedback and criticism on social media from his fans via expressing their discomfort on video and music of this song. People stated that they have never expected from legendary singer Salman such music.

Nobel Peace Prize-concert

On 11th December 2007, he and Junoon performed with musicians from all corners of the world at Noble Prize Peace Concert that took place in Oslo, Norway. On 9th December 2007, he performed at ‘Noble Peace-Prize Ceremony’ where Tabla expert Pandit Sameer joined him.

Censorship on Band Junoon

During Benazir Bhutto’s administration in the 1990s, he and his band suffered political-censorship due to their song condemning political corruption. Jun Band again got banned in Nawaz Sharif’s government because of their protest against Nuclear Weapons test in India and Pakistan.

He questioned why to intensify weapons race when the people still require water, why to consider neighbours as our enemies while we are very close to each other. After some years of the ban, he performed in 2000 at ‘Roskilde Festival’ under Freemuse banner.

During the Freemuse conference in 2006 in Beirut, Salman was part of a rare occasion where religion and music were considered seriously, and discussions on Islam and music concentrated on theology, not just cultural and social patterns.

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As an Actor

He acted in following dramas:

  • Gulls & Guys
  • Talash
  • Aahat
  • Dhundulay Rastay

As a Writer

In 2010 he published his autobiographical work entitled ‘Rock and Roll Jihad: A Muslim Rock Star’s Revolution. Simon and Schuster published this book. An American activist, song-writer and guitarist wrote its introduction as:

The story people are going to read is a story of the Light-bringer. Salman inspires and motivates me to reach for most incredible heights and not to fear. This story is our history’s part.

Political Career

He had been frequently seen at PTI’s rallies where he sings revolutionary and patriotic songs that revitalize the whole environment. He is often considered as a party member by people. In 2016 Islamabad Police took him into its custody along with other workers of PTI after these activists clashed with Law-Enforcement bodies in Rawalpindi.

Social Activist

In 2009 he along with his wife raised money for IDPs in Swat. He worked as a UN Goodwill Ambassador to aware people about AIDS/HIV.

Social Media Handles

His social media account include