Izhar Qazi

Izhar Qazi

Izhar Qazi

Izhar Qazi started his career with Karachi TV in the ’80s and reached the heights of fame quickly. He played memorable roles in multiple TV dramas and movies. When he shifted to Karachi, three of his advertisements also aired on TV. He played central and supporting roles in more than 50 films.

He came, he saw and conquered is true of him. This article has everything about him, including Izhar Qazi Biography.

Name Izhar Qazi
Famous As Actor
Residence Karachi
Date of Birth 15th September 1959
Place Karachi, Pakistan
Awards He received various Awards
Education LLB from SM Law College Karachi
Profession Actor and Singer
Date of Death 24th September 2007
Rest Place Karachi

Izhar Qazi Biography

Izhar Qazi Biography

He had a passion for singing since childhood, but luck drew him to the city of acting. He is one of the industry actors who got the opportunity to work with Sultan Rahi in films. His films proved to be a milestone in the box office. Moreover, he has received numerous awards, including the Nigar Film and National Awards, for his outstanding performance.

Izhar Date of Birth

He was born in a pious family on September 15, 1959, in Karachi’s Khada Market area.

Education of Izhar

After getting his primary education from a local school, he passed matriculation from Haji Abdullah Haroon Secondary School in a prominent position. He graduated from SM College Karachi with a first position. Later he passed the MA Economics examination from Karachi University in First Division and passed LLB from SM Law College Karachi with distinction marks.


Initial Career

In search of employment, he eventually found Pakistan Steel Mill, where he worked as an admin manager. At a wedding party attended, the famous TV writer Fatima Suraya Bijaya discovered a new hero in the form of Izhar Qazi. Fatima called him for an audition, and this audition was the reason for his appearance on TV.

TV Career

After working in a few short dramas, the drama serial “Anna” was the first project that took him to the heights of fame. In this serial, his heroine was Mehreen Elahi.  Qazi also showed the essence of acting in the drama series ‘Daira,’ ‘Thakan,’ and ‘Zad E Rah.’

In the drama serial ‘Gardesh,’ he showed the essence of acting with Rohi Bano and Anita Ayub.

Film Career

After ‘Anna,’ director Nazar Shabab’s eyes were fixed on him, so he signed him with Sabita and Geeta Kumari in his film ‘Ruby.’ Thus, this handsome hero started shining from the small screen to the big screen. This film was a success, and therefore, the doors of the film industry opened for him.

The film Ruby was released in 1986. In the same year, his first film, ‘Bangkok Ke Chor,’ was also released with director Jan Mohammad. In 1987, his third film, ‘Luan Nepal’ (directed by Wazir Ali), was released. He played the role of Young to Old in his third film and worked confidently with heroines like Shabnam and Sushma Shahi.

‘Manila Ke Bijliyaan,’ ‘Himat Wala,’ ‘Nijaat,’ ‘Mera Insaf,’ was released in 1987. In the same year, his first Punjabi film ‘Dulari’  was liked by the audience and also the duo of him with Anjuman. In 2002, his Punjabi film Bali Jetty was released and achieved remarkable success.

His movie ‘Daman Aur Changari’ was released in 2004. In 2005, his movie ‘Parcham’ was released.

Izhar Qazi Movies

Farewell to Film Industry

After that, the film industry began to decline, and non-standard films started to be made. He said goodbye to the film industry and started his own business.

Music Career

He had a good voice, so he also tried his singing talent. Sonic Company and Eagle Company released his two audio cassettes. Their music video ‘Pehle Aik Nazar Mein’ was released on NTM. ‘Mein Hun Banjara’ was released on PTV, ‘Kese Sapnay Sajaon Kese Deep Jalaon’ (Telefilm Zakham) was released on NTM.

He also did a program on the radio. His show ‘Sialkot Ke Awaz’ from Radio Pakistan Sialkot became very popular. The program was broadcast live on the radio for five hours.

Izhar Qazi Death

On September 24, 2007, he was rushed to a nearby hospital due to a cardiac arrest where he passed away, leaving millions of fans in mourning. Before his death, he worked with his friend Junaid Jamshed on the Holy Quran’s English interpretation, but life did not give him respite. He was surpassed by a widow, four daughters, and a son.

Izhar Qazi Dramas

  • Anaa
  • Dairaa
  • Garddish
  • Zakham
  • Gunaahgar
  • Pani Pey Naam

List of Films

  • Nijaat
  • Ruby
  • Bardaasht
  • Dakoo Chor Tay Sipahi
  • Love In Nepal
  • Rakhwaala
  • Dulaari
  • Manila Ke Bijliyaan
  • Mera Insaaf
  • Allah Dad
  • Noori
  • Baghi Hasena
  • Loha
  • Daaman Aur Chingaari
  • Baali Jati
  • Hawwa Ke Beti
  • Duniya Sey Kiya Darna
  • King Maker
  • Kaalay Naag
  • Ghaail
  • Dewar Deewanay
  • Mard Jeenay Nahein Detay
  • Kaala Raaj
  • Dushman Da Kharaak
  • Aulad Ke Qasam
  • Foja
  • Cheez Bari Hei Mast Mast
  • Aalmi Ghundaay
  • Sakhi Baadshah
  • Jungle Ka Qanoon
  • Gabhar Singh
  • Golden Girl
  • Dam Mast Qalandar
  • Khazaana
  • Laila
  • Mach Jail
  • Pajero Group
  • Sar Kata Insan
  • Gujar Badshah
  • Khan Bahadur
  • Zameen Asmaan
  • Jannat
  • Gundaa
  • Tadgaar
  • Bay Taaj Badshah
  • Naagin Sapaira
  • Iradaah
  • Hero
  • Ishq Zindabaad
  • God Father
  • Bakhtawar
  • Charaagh Bali
  • Wattan Key Rakhwaalay
  • Abdullah The Great
  • Number One
  • Aalmi Jaloos
  • Jangi
  • Leader
  • Insaniyat Key Dushman
  • Phoolan Devi
  • Khan Pa Japan kay