Irfan Khoosat

Irfan Khoosat

Irfan Khoosat

Irfan Khoosat is a senior and well known Pakistani actor and producer who has done many phenomenal roles and has produced many hit serials. He is best known for his comic roles like his father Sultan Khoosat. Irfan is serving as a multi-dimensional actor for ages. This article has all the information about Irfan, including Irfan Khoosat Biography and Irfan Khoosat Dramas.

Name:Irfan Khoosat
In Urdu:عرفان کھوسٹ
Famous As:Actor
Profession:Actor, producer and a well-known comedian
Debut Film:Jabroo
Years Active:1977-present
Debut Drama:Andhera Ujala
Date:9th June 1946
Place:Okara, Pinjab
Children:Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and Kanwal Khoosat
Parents:Sultan Khoosat

Irfan Khoosat BiographyIrfan Khoosat FamilyIrfan Khoosat on sets of BaaghiIrfan khoosat with his son Sarmad khoosatIrfan Khoosat Dramas

Irfan Khoosat Biography

Irfan is a conventional name in the Showbiz who gave several prominent serials and films to the industry which are worth watching. He is a celebrated actor, producer and comedian for ages and is entertaining us for a long time. He rose to fame with his unforgettable character of Hawaldar Karamdad in popular dramas serial ‘Andheera Ujala.’ 

Irfan date of birth

He was born on 9th June 1946 in Okara. Currently, Irfan is living in Lahore and Karachi for his work.

Irfan Khoosat Family

He belongs to an artistic family where his father late Sultan Khoosat was a famed radio and television comedian. His son Sarmad Khoosat is a notable Pakistani Drama and film director, producer, actor and screenwriter who is best known for directing the super hit serials ‘Humsafar’ and ‘Shehr-e-Zaat’ which will be remembered till ages while his daughter Kanwal Khoosat is likewise an actor and a director.

Showbiz Career

Irfan is a notable Pakistani performer who makes people laugh with his comic roles. He is renowned for his comic job as Hawaldar Karamdad in the TV serial Andhera Ujala in which he depicted bonehead and bigmouth character of a low-positioned policeman. The list of his super hit serials is long-lasting. Irfan remained a part of several amazing Pakistani dramas and movies and earned a huge acceptance.

Irfan Khoosat Dramas

As an Actor

  1. Andhera Ujala
  2. Kotthi No. 156
  3. Taal Matol
  4. Sumaddar
  5. Rangeel Pur
  6. Such Gup
  7. Ashiyana
  8. Fareb
  9. Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah
  10. Sadqay Tumhare
  11. Ashk
  12. Aun Zara
  13. Ishq Ibadat
  14. Kaisai Tum Se Kahon
  15. Sammi
  16. Preet Na Kariyo Koi
  17. Baaghi
  18. Meherban
  19. Noor ul Ain
  20. Shayad
  21. Aakhri Station
  22. Belapur Ki dayan
  23. Anaa
  24. Jannbaz
  25. Chakkar

As a Producer

  1. Aao Kahani Buntay Hain 
  2. Piya Naam Ka Diya 
  3. Shashlik Xtra Hott
  4. Kalmoohi
  5. Mujhe Apna Naam O Nishan Mile

Irfan List of Films

  1. Jabroo
  2. Hum Se Hai Zamana
  3. Nazdeekiyan
  4. General Bakht Hain
  5. Andheera Ujaala
  6. Watan Kai Rakhwalay
  7. Dupatta Jal Raha Hai
  8. Deewanai Tere Pyar Kai
  9. Choorian
  10. Qayamat – A Love Triangle In Afghanistan
  11. Tere Pyar Mein
  12. Koi Tujh Sa Kahan
  13. Naag Aur Naagin
  14. Jhumar
  15. Bol
  16. One Two Ka One
  17. Chaana Sachi Muchi
  18. Dever Bhabhi
  19. The System
  20. Dekh Magar Pyar Se
  21. Main Manto
  22. Donkey Film (Animated)
  23. Senti Aur Mental