Hassan Shahawy

Hassan Shahawy

Hassan Shahawy is an American born Egyptian Muslim. He has an outstanding academic career. After completing graduation in 2016 in Near Eastern Studies and History from Harvard University, he won Rhodes Scholarship for pursuing higher studies at Oxford University.

He also worked at ‘Massachusetts General Hospital’ where he researched transplant surgery. At Harvard Center for Intl Development, he conducted research addressing Saudi Arabia’s private sector’s labor shortage. This article has complete detail about him, including Hassan Shahawy Biography.

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Name:Hassan Shahawy
In Urdu:حسن شاہاوی
Residence:Los Angeles
Profession:President of Harvard Law Review
Belongs To:Egyptian family
Known As:1st Muslim President of Harvard Law Review
Marital Status:Unmarried

Hassan Shahawy Biography

Hassan Shahawy Biography

Hassan is unceasingly modest and brilliant. His leadership approach, strong commitment, and outstanding judgment are unmatchable, and these qualities led him to be elected as President of the precious Law Journal of Harvard. He has worked for incarcerated person refugee populations.

He aims to highlight the social injustices that marginalized communities face. His volunteer services at the cancer hospital for children in Cairo were unparalleled. Whichever community he joins, he actively works for it. Previously, he served at Harvard Islamic Society as its Vice-President and at Harvard International Review as Executive-Committee Member. So, his selection at Presidential post of Law Journal is no surprise.

Hassan Date of Birth

He opened his eyes in Los Angeles to an Egyptian family.

Education of Hassan

He studied Near Eastern Studies and History during his under graduation at Harvard College. He then secured a Rhodes Scholarship for a Master’s & Ph.D. at Oxford. At Oxford, he also studied Islamic law both in the Muslim world and the United Kingdom.

Hassan Shahawy Family

He belongs to an Egyptian Muslim family.

Harvard Law Review


Harvard Law Review

Justice of Supreme Court Louis D. Brandeis founded ‘Harvard Law Review.’ It is a student-run journal and is the most circulated in the world. Its publication is done every month from Nov to June.

As President of Harvard Law Review

At the age of 26, He was elected by the prestigious law journal Harvard Law Review as its 135th President. He holds the honor of being 1st Muslim American-Egyptian to be selected as President. Before Hassan, many others made a historical selection, including Obama, a former President of the USA who had made history when in 1990, he got elected as 1st black President of the journal.

In 1977 Susan Estrich got elected as 1st female President. And now, a Muslim Arab who is considered a minority in the United States is making history.

Goals and Services of Shahway

Shahway aims to work tirelessly for marginalized communities and intends to point out all the social injustices they face. He also kept working on criminal justice reforms and with refugee populations. He voluntarily worked at a cancer hospital for children in Cairo.

President of Harvard Law review

Previously, he served as Vice-President of ‘Harvard Islamic Society and as an Executive-Committee member of ‘Harvard International Review.’ Consequently, his selection as 1st Muslim President of law journal is not a surprise.