Hammad Siddiqui
Hammad Siddiqui


Hammad Siddiqui is a Pakistani business man and also was the worker of MQM party but he was dismissed by Altaf hussain on breaking the regulations of the party. He was mainly required in the Baldia factory fire which took away the lives of so many innocent labours and the incident took place on 11th September 2012. He wasn’t in Pakistan from last 3 years but now UAE has handed over him to the Pakistani authorities.

Name:Hammad Siddiqui
In Urdu:حماد صدیقی
Famous As:Politician
Profession:Hammad Siddiqui is a politician who served as the in-charge of Karachi Tanzeemi Committee (KTC) of Muttahida Qaumi Movement
Political Party:MQM
Serve As:Incharge of Karachi Tanzeemi Committee
Time Period :2009 – 2013

Hammad SiddiquiWhile talking with geo super during Shuhad-e-haqPolitician Hammad SiddiquiMQM's former KTC chief Hammad Siddiqui

Political Career

Hammad Siddiqui (Urdu: حماد صدیقی ‎) is a politician who served as the in-charge of Karachi Tanzeemi Committee (KTC) of Muttahida Qaumi Movement. The party has its power centered in the largest city and ex-capital Karachi where it has won large number of national, provincial and local body seats. Previously a central leader of the party’s student body All Pakistan Muttahidda Students Organization, Siddiqui became the head of the committee, a very important and influential body of MQM, in 2009, and kept the position for over four years. His role was said to be instrumental in expanding MQM’s influence in Karachi. According to Azfar-ul-Ashfaque of Dawn, as “the longest-serving head of the KTC”, he “expanded the committee’s role from a mere post office to an all-powerful body that had a say even in the nomination of party candidates for election to the provincial and national assemblies”.Siddiqui was sacked on May 21, 2013 when Altaf Hussain decided to dissolve KTC for violating party discipline. He shortly left for Dubai and, according to media reports, his sudden departure made the airport agencies “panicking”. Political commentator Dr. Shahid Masood Khan argues that Siddiqui’s sacking “had sectarian touch to it”. [1] political career

Baldia Factory case

As the survivors, victims’ families and rights activists  paid homage to the 260 workers who were killed in the Baldia factory fire on Sept 11, 2012, the case is still at the pre-trial stage before an antiterrorism court as the court has not yet indicted the suspects. The case was fixed before ATC-VII inside the Central Prison Karachi,  According to the prosecution, more than 250 workers were burnt alive when the multistorey garment factory building was set on fire in Baldia Town in 2012. Initially, owner of the factory Abdul Aziz Bhaila, and his two sons, Arshad Bhaila and Shahid Bhaila, a general manager and three gatekeepers were chargesheeted for their alleged negligence. [2] Baldia factory

Hammad Siddiqui involved in Baldiacase

Baldia factory fire accused Hammad Siddiqui
Siddiqui who is wanted in a number of heinous crimes holds marketing manager visa from Al Takatuf General Trading (LLC) since 2014. He had moved to Dubai in late 2013 after his membership had been suspended for violating party discipline. As per reports, Siddiqui has been residing on a permanent visa in Dubai. The visa bears his name Hammad Siddiqui Masih ul Haq Siddiqui. The accused was arrested by Interpol in late October by Dubai police. Nearly 250 people burnt to death after a horrific blaze erupted in the factory in September 2012. Following which, the government formed a JIT to thoroughly investigate the matter, which had disclosed that “the fire that engulfed Baldia factory was an outcome of a pre-planned scheme and that it was no accident,” and “The factory was set ablaze over non-payment of extortion money.” [3] hammad siddiqui  

Hammad Siddiqui handed over to Pakistan

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has handed over the wanted Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) leader Hammad Siddiqui to Pakistani authorities, according to reports. He was mainly required in the Baldia Town factory fire, a blaze, which had erupted at Ali Enterprises in Karachi’s Baldia Town on September 11, 2012, taking the lives of over 250 labourers.
According to a local media outlet, Siddiqui has already arrived in Pakistan and is in the custody of intelligence agencies, his deportation was conducted by mutual intelligence coordination between Pakistan and UAE. As per reports, Siddiqui has been residing on a permanent visa in Dubai. The visa bears his name Hammad Siddiqui Masih ul Haq Siddiqui. The accused was arrested by Interpol in late October by Dubai police. [4] handed to pakistan

Confession of Rehman Bhola

Arrested in Dubai
On December 19, 2016 Rehman Bhola appeared before the anti-terrorism court. He confessed that Siddiqui allegedly sought extortion and shares in the Ali Enterprises factory in Baldia Town and, upon refusal, decided to punish them. After the hearing, the ATC also issued red warrants for Siddiqui. The authority sought Interpol’s aid in arrested Hammad and bringing him back to the country for further investigations and legal proceedings. Siddiqui was once considered a symbol of terror in Karachi’s underworld. He remained a symbol of terror between 2008 and 2013 and was the longest serving head of the Tanzeemi Committee, a very important and influential body of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). His role was said to be instrumental in expanding the party’s influence in Karachi. [5] confession confession  

Reviews on Hammad Siddiqui case

“Hammad Siddiqui is not a Pak Sarzameen Party worker. We do, however, believe that he is not involved in the Baldia factory fire,” PSP Spokesperson Wasim Aftab told The Express Tribune. 
“Creating hype about each and every case of a high-profile suspect and involving a ‘weak man’ in that case is very usual in Pakistan,” he lamented, adding that the PSP fully supports the claims of the heirs of the factory fire and wants justice for them.
“Those involved in the fire should be punished according to the law, even if Hammad Siddiqui is involved,” said Aftab. “Farooq bhai has a dry-cleaning factory but we don’t and the night of August 22 is an example of this,” he explained. [6] reviews reviews

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