Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary

Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary

Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary

Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary is one of the senior politicians and President of Pakistan Tahreek Insaf. He is considered the one who made PTI one of the vibrant political parties in Punjab. He has also served spokesperson of the religious affairs. Ejaz was the one who organized the Insaf Student Federation in the universities that helped to spread the message of the party. This article has all the information about Ejaz, including Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary Biography.

Name:Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary
In Urdu:عجاز احمد چودہری
Famous As:Politician
Education:BSc Civil Engineering
Alma mater:University of Engineering and Technology(UET)
Date:15th September 1956
Spouse:Salma Ejaz
Parents:Not Known
Relatives:Mia Tufail (father in law)
Political Party:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Serve As:President of PTI
Time Period :2019-present
Old Political Affiliations:Jamaat-e-Islami

Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary BiographyEjaz Ahmed Chaudhary PTIIjaz Ahmed Chaudhry ptiPakistan Tehreek e Insaf

Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary Biography

Ejaz has spent 35 years as a political activist with Jumaat Islami. He strongly opposed the military takeover of Zia Ul Haq and organized protests in Lahore that led him to face oppression and torture. In 2007, Imran khan invited him to join PTI, which he responded positively. PTI has primarily benefitted from his experience. Apart from his political activities, he is also a social activist. When he was affiliated with Jumaat Islami, he was appointed the head of Majlis-e-Islami Khidmat. It was a charity organization that assisted poor people. He has served as Chief Political Adviser to Imran khan. Currently, he is the President of PTI Punjab.

Ejaz date of Birth

He was born on 15th September 1956 in Lahore, Punjab. Currently, Chaudhry is residing in the same city.

Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhary Family

Ejaz is the son-in-law of Mian Tufail, who was one of the founding members of Jumaat Islami. He married his daughter Salma Ejaz in 1984.

Education of Ejaz

He got his early education in boarding school in Kohat. He completed his matriculation and intermediate from Cadet Collage Kohat. For graduation, he enrolled in the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore and completed BSc in civil engineering.

Political Career

With Jumaat Islami

  • Ejaz started his political career with Jumaat Islami. He joined the student wing of the party and soon reached the top ranks. Even as a member of the party, he often disagreed with the party policies. After the military takeover of Zia and his undemocratic governance, he was the one who mobilized the students in Lahore and protested against him. The protests were repressed, and Ejaz had to face the torture as the consequence of his protests. The security forces also imprisoned him.
  • In the 1990s, he served as the deputy mayor of Lahore. It was the time when he started to rise to the top of the party. After a few years in 1998, he became a member of the Central Executive Committee and made himself able to influence the decision making of the party. According to his principles, he opposed the party policy of allying with PMLN. It was an important moment in his career as his stance was right; still, the party allied with PMLN. He realized his party was not taking care of national interest, and in 2006, he left the party. 

Career with PTI

  • Having 35 years of political experience, he looked around to see which party will be suitable for a man who can never compromise on his principles. He found PTI and joined it after receiving an invitation from Imran Khan. While his other colleagues in PTI joined the party after its rise, Ejaz joined it at a time when PTI had not made its place in the National Politics. Soon, he became the vice-president of the party in Punjab. 
  • Ejaz Ch used his experience that he earned as a student leader and made the party a dominant party in many parts of Punjab. He also worked to spread the party in Lahore as it was once considered the hub of PMLN. His greatest contribution to the party is the establishment of the Insaf Students Federation. It started at a time when most of the youth was depoliticized. It will not be wrong to say that the sudden rise of the party was due to the Insaf Student Federation that spread the message of the party quickly.  
  • As he was seen as one of the top leaders in the party, he was elected as the president of PTI Punjab along with Dr. Yasmeen as a general secretary. Later, he also became the secretary-general of the party at the national level. In 2019, he was appointed as the President of PTI Punjab again. He is also the member of the Core Committee
  • In the 2018 general election, he was awarded a ticket for the National Assembly. He contested the election from NA-133 Lahore against Muhammad Pervez Malik of PMLN. Ejaz could not secure his seat and lost to him. He got 77231 votes while his opponent received 89678 votes and won the election.

Kisan Insaf Mahaz

It was co-founded by Ejaz. The organization works for the empowerment of farmers and assisting them in the field of agriculture

As a Social Worker

Ejaz Chaudhry also has an interest in social activities. While a member of Jamaat Islami, he was the head of Majlis Khidmath-e-Islami which was a charity organization. It assisted the people affected by natural disasters. He also demanded the improvement of the Pakistani jails that are in a miserable condition

Social Media Accounts

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