Bashir Ahmed Qureshi

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi was an active leader of JSQM (Jiye Sindh Qomi Mahaz) that was a ‘Sindhi Nationalist Movement’ being carried out in Sindh. He was arrested a lot of times spending a total of six years and ten months in prison, but he continued his struggles, and finally, in 2012, his efforts were stopped by murdering him. This article has all the details about him, including Bashir Ahmed Qureshi Biography.

Name:Bashir Ahmed Qureshi
In Urdu:بشير احمد قريشي‎
Famous As:Politician
Alma Mater:Sindh Agriculture University
Other names :Abu Jihad Bashir Khan Qureshi[
Date:10 August 1959
Place:Ratodero, Larkano District, Pakistan, Sindh Province
Spouse:Saeeda Qureshi
Children:3 Sons and 4 Daughters
Parents:Ghulam Murtaza Qureshi (father), Gulshan Qureshi (mother)
Date:7 April 2012
Rest Place:Sakrand, Nawabshah, Pakistan, Sindh Province
Cause of death :Poison by Phosphorus

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi Biography

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi Biography

He was a dedicated and courageous man who devoted his life for the betterment and progress of Sindhi people. Despite being arrested, again and again, he didn’t give up and kept struggling for his people. He remained stuck to his vision and mission, ignoring all the powers and hurdles.

Moreover, he worked to resolve the conflicts among Sindhi tribes. He fixed a tradition of resolving issues and disputes via taking a delegation to antagonist groups to encourage and convince them to sort out their disputes through the traditional resolution mechanisms and involvement of reputable individuals.

Bashir Date of Birth

He was born on 10th August 1959 in Larkana District, Sindh.

Education of Bashir

He completed his Master’s degree from Agriculture University, Tando Jam.

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi Family

He was the father of four daughters and, three sons. Sunan Qureshi, his eldest son, is now serving as party chairman.

Political Career

Appointment for Highest Posts of Federation

He was interested in politics since his student life, and in 1976 he joined the ‘Jiye Sindh Students Federation.’ He was appointed Federation’s President in 1980, but in 1982 he was appointed Federation’s Central Vice President. In 1990 he was re-appointed for the same position.

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Establishment of JSQM

In 1995 JSQM was founded for which he was selected for Deputy Convener post though he was in jail at that time. He was raised to the position of Mahaz’s Secretary-General in 1996, and ultimately he became chairman in 1998. He dedicated himself to strengthen the movement.


In August of 1986, he got freedom from bars, and after two years in 1988, he was again detained after the riots of Sindhi Refugees. This time he remained imprisoned for eighteen months. During PPP regime he was also apprehended on 2nd January 1994 for two years.

Later on, 17th January 1999 when he was going to attend Saeen G.M Syed’s birth celebration, he was arrested and got freedom after eleven months. He spent six years and ten months of his life in prison.

Bashir Ahmed Qureshi Books

He wrote a book on his life titled ‘Jagya Junge Jawan’ in Sindhi dialect. This book was published in 1989 and is a compilation of his different speeches. In 1997 he received the ‘G.M. Syed National Award.’

Detention by Rangers

In charge of carrying weapons, he was arrested, Rangers arrested him on 15th September 2011. However, the court released him as weapons were licensed. His arrest sparked outrage in Sindhi people, and protest and strikes were started in the province.

Freedom March

He launched Liberty March under the slogan ‘Sindh Ghurat Thee Aza,’ i.e., Sindh Wants Freedom on 23rd March every year. The purpose behind this March was to draw the attention of UNO and the world’s sovereign nations towards Sindhi people’s exploitation by Pakistani state since 1947.

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Bashir Ahmed Death

He died mysteriously on 7th April 2012 at the age of 54. He was meeting the Mahaz’s supporters village Dari Magsi, Nawabshah, when he became conscious less after enjoying dinner with party workers. Moreover, he told that he is having chest pain and was rushed to hospital where he breathed his last at 2:45 am.

Report Findings

On 19th April 2012 a ‘Forensic Medicine & Pathology Team’ reported Qureshi died due to cardiac arrest or may be due to high phosphorus. Party members claimed that their leader had been poisoned, but the family refused to pursue an investigation.