Bank Alfalah Limited

Bank Alfalah Limited

Bank Alfalah Limited

Bank Alfalah Limited ranks among the largest Pakistani private banks having a network of six-hundred and ninety-nine branches in over two-hundred cities and has branches at the international level, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, UAE, and Bahrain.

The Abu-Dhabi group owns and operates this Bank. The World Bank’s IFC (International Finance Corporation) collaborated with Bank Alfalah in 2014 and held a stake of 14.74% in this Bank. The article contains all the information about the bank, including Bank Alfalah Limited Biography.

Name:Bank Alfalah Limited
In Urdu:بینک الفلاح لمیٹڈ
Traded As:Save Money
Industry:Banking Capital Markets
Founded:June 21, 1997, Karachi
Headquarter:Principal Office, Karachi Pakistan
Key People:H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan (Chairman)
Product:Loans, credit cards, Savings, Consumer Banking, etc.
Revenue:PKR 55.378 billion (2014)
Net Income:PKR 8.513 billion (2014)
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The number of employees:7,785 (2014)
Company Profile

Bank Alfalah Limited History

Bank Alfalah Introduction

The bank was incorporated as HCEB (Habib Credit and Exchange Bank Ltd), Bank Alfalah Ltd, being the public Ltd company on 21st Jun 1992, under the ordinance of companies 1984, (now Companies act-2017 has replaced it), that started its operations in the same year.

The Bank is providing financial solutions to governments, institutes, corporations, and consumers via a broad spectrum of services and products, including credit and consumer banking, investment and corporate banking, commercial, securities brokerage, SME, Agri-Finance, and Islamic Financing Solutions.

It holds 61.20 % in Alfalah CLSA-Securities Ltd, which is involved in the stock brokerage business, fund placements, and investment counseling. The Bank has a shareholding of 40.22 % in Alfalah-GHP Investment Mgmt. Limited that has registered as an Investment Advisor and Asset Management Organization under rules of Non-Banking Finance Organizations.

Bank Alfalah Limited History

Bank Alfalah is linked to BCCI (Bank of Credit & Commerce International), having 3-branches. Pakistan State Bank took over the control of these 3-branches to protect consumers’ interests under the identity of HCEB (Habib Credit & Exchange Bank).

Privatization of Bank

Bank’s privatization was done in 1997, and Abu-Dhabi Group & Pakistan and UAE jointly took over its control and ownership and gave it a new identity as ‘Bank Alfalah Ltd.’ The Bank’s Management implemented policies and strategies to make it a great player in the market.

With Abu-Dhabi Group’s partnership, its position got stronger that permitted it to make considerable investments in technology to enhance its products and services range.


To empower and inspire individuals to perform things uniquely and make their way in business and life.


The Bank looks at the marketplace with revolutionary eyes to search for new chances and look for novel ways of empowering its clients to become successful & advance the finance world.

bank alfalah limited financial statements

Bank Alfalah Limited Board of Directors

  1. Mr Atif Bajwa-CEO & Director
  2. Mr. Khalid Qureshi-Director
  3. Dr. Ayesha Khan-Director
  4. Dr. Gyorgy Tamas-Director
  5. Mr. Efstratios Georgios-Director
  6. Mr. Khalid Mana-Director
  7. Mr. Abdullah Naseer-Director
  8. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak-Chairperson

Senior Management

  1. Atif Bajwa-CEO & Director
  2. Faisal Farooq-Group Head of Human Resources and Learning
  3. Asim Jawad-Group Head of Strategy, Customer, and Transformation Experience
  4. Bilal Asghar-Group Head of Corporate International Business and Investment Banking
  5. Khawaja Mohammad Ahmad-Group Head of Operations and Corporate Services
  6. Haroon Khalid-Group Head of Compliance & Control Group
  7. Mehreen Ahmad-Group Had of Retail-Banking
  8. Mohib Hassan Khan-Chief Information Officer
  9. Muhammad Akram Sawleh-Company Secretary, In Charge of Corporate and Legal Affairs
  10. Dr. Muhammad Imran-Group Head of Islamic Banking
  11. Muhammad Yahya-Group Head of Digital Banking
  12. Faisal Rabbani-Chief Risk Officer
  13. Tahir Khursheed-Group Head of Audit and Inspection
  14. Syed Ali Sultan-Group Head of Treasury and Capital-Markets
  15. Zahid Anjum-Group Head of Special Assets Mgmt.

Responsibility of Bank Alfalah Employees

Every staff member at Bank has the responsibility to:

  1. Handle the business of the Bank with professionalism, integrity, and honesty.
  2. Avoid any such act that Bank, customer, or the public may view as unlawful or unethical.
  3. To understand and follow the regulatory/ legal requirements and Bank’s procedures and policies that apply to employees’ tasks.
  4. Avoid participation in subversive or political activities and also avoid wagering, betting, and gambling.
  5. Obtain permission from Management for participation in political activities like participation in internal elections of political parties. If HR or CEO doesn’t allow such actions, the staff member must discontinue his political involvement.
  6. Behavior towards Bank, other staff members, and clients should be ideal and gentle.
  7. Employees shouldn’t leak Bank’s confidential and sensitive information and its clients.

Bank Alfalah Limited Awards


  • GIFA (Global Islamic-Finance)
  • Most Innovational Islamic Banking 2020

GIFA recognized Alfalah bank for its efforts to facilitate their clients in better and new ways continuously. The Bank introduced the Shariah-Compliant Islamic Application for its clients.

  • Best Islamic-Savings Product-Alfalah Islamic ‘Recurring Value-Deposit’

Since its introduction, Alfalah Islamic ‘Recurring Value-Deposit’ has worked as an excellent start to Bank’s deposit portfolio. It facilitates its clients to save according to their needs and preferences besides providing them with Halal and increasing returns.

  • Effie Laurel for Remittance-Account Campaign

The Bank secured a Silver Effie Laurel for its Campaign of Remittance Account in the ceremony organized by the Advertisers Society of Pakistan.

  • Award for Best Content-Marketing

The Bank secured the Prize for Best Content-Marketing for its Campaign of Alfa World-Cup.

  • Pakistan-Digital Awards
  • Best High-Impact Campaign Laurel

The Bank secured the Best High-Impact Campaign laurel for its Kifaayat Account Campaign.

bank alfalah limited islamic banking


In a ceremony organized on 10th Jan 2020, this Bank is recognized as 2019’s best customer-franchise and best Bank.

  • Award for 2019’s Best Bank

The Bank secured the Laurel for being the best Bank of the year 2019 at a ceremony of Banking Awards.

  • Best Customer  Franchise  Award

The Bank succeeded in winning the Award for being the best Customer-Franchise 4 times in a ceremony of Banking Awards.

  • GDIB (Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks) Awards

The Bank participated in GDIB Awards in 2019 and secured 2-GDIB awards in these categories:

  1. D&I Implementation & Structure
  2. Flexibility, Benefits, and Work-Life Integration


Efforts of the Bank were appreciated at the third Banking Awards of Pakistan organized on 9th Nov 2018. The Bank won 2-awards in various categories:

  • Best Customer Franchise
  • The Bank received Award for its efficient service delivery and importance and attention to customers’ requirements.
  • Best SME Bank

Alfalah Bank won this Award to grant financial assistance to SMEs and make a sustainable and effective growth-strategy.


In 2017 the bank Alfalah ranked as no. 1 Bank of Pakistan, and it’s both a privilege and honor to perform best and get recognized for the splendid performance.

  • Award for 2017’s Best-Website The Bank achieved this Award for distinction and innovation in the digital community.
  • Bank Alfalah ‘Islamic,’ 2017 PAS Award Believing in the quote ‘All you Require is Faith’ Campaign for Islamic Banking in Best in Financial and Banking Services.
  • 2017 Best Loyalty & Rewards Program

For the launch of the Alfalah-Orbit Rewards Program

  • Best Relations with Investors, PSX Listed-Companies

Consecutively for 4-years.

Bank Alfalah Limited branches

Bank Alfalah Limited Timings

  1. Monday to Thursday- 9 AM to 5 PM
  2. Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM (Prayer or Lunch Break 1 PM to 2:30 PM)
  3. Saturday: 10 AM to 2 PM (without a break)

Number of Branches

Total No of Branches is 86, out of which eighty branches are conventional while six branches are Islamic branches.

Donations by Bank Alfalah

The Bank is contributing its role to society by showing maximum attention to the following areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Promotion of the sports, arts & culture
  • Health
  • Education
  • Stability of Environment
  • Social-Welfare

Contact Information

Contact Center of Bank Alfalah

For card authorization: 042 111-225-786

From within Pakistan: +21 111-225-111 or +42 111-225-111

From outside Pakistan: +92 21 111-225-111 or +92 42 111-225-111

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