Babra Sharif

Babra Sharif

Babra Sharif

Babra Sharif is a legendary former film actress of Pakistan who has worked in 100 movies and won numerous awards for her exceptional performance in every film. Despite several years, she is still considered one of the remarkable and evergreen actress whose name can’t fade away from the list of Best Actress of all time. This article has all the information about Babra, including Babra Sharif Biography and Babra Sharif Movies.

Name:Babra Sharif
In Urdu:بابرہ شریف
Famous As:Film actress
Education:Not Known
Profession:Actor and Model
Years Active:1968 – 1997
Height: 5 feet 4 inch
Awards :She bagged various awards
Date:10th December 1954
Spouse:Shahid Hameed (Divorced)
Children:Kamran Shahid
Parents:Muhammad Sharif

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Babra Sharif Biography

Babra is a senior and celebrated Pakistani film actress who is associated with the Showbiz industry for a long time. She has acted in multiple films till now and has garnered various awards for her work incorporating Nigar Award for her tremendous acting. Like many other actresses, Babra too faced a decline in her film career, yet she managed to rise again and started giving superhit movies after a short break from the industry. Babra has worked with many senior and notable actors of the industry, including Sultan Rahi, Waheed Murad, and others. She is known as one of the pleasing actresses who grabbed the Lux Icon Beauty Award in 2003.

Babra date of birth

She was born on 20th March 1954 in Nankana Sahib. Currently, Babra is living in Lahore with her family.

Babra Sharif Family

Babra didn’t remain lucky in her love life as she got divorced after a few years of marriage. She got married to film star Shahid Hameed with whom she has a son Kamran Shahid. Kamran likewise associated with the Showbiz Industry.

Showbiz Career

Initial Career

  • Babra gave a start to her career as a model when she was hardly 12 years old. She got a chance to be in a commercial of washing powder. By doing commercials for a few years, she was offered a movie that she happily agreed on. Since then, she proved her acting skills and managed to be one of the exceptional actresses of all time. Babra has done numerous movies in Urdu and Punjabi and garnered various awards throughout her career.
  • In 1974 she was cast for the movie ‘Bhool’ while, on the other hand, she was again selected for another film, ‘Intezar.’ However, the movie ‘Intezar’ proved to be her debut because it released first. The same year her two other movies originated, and her journey of success officially started. Though she got a leading role at the early age of her career yet, she has likewise done supporting roles in various movies. 

Success Journey

  • Babra later became a part of multiple notable movies, including ‘Aag Aur Ansu,’ ‘Dewar,’ and many more for which she also got the Nigar Award in the category of Best Film Actress. 1980 proved to be her year as she featured in numerous movies along with many celebrated actors of that time, including Sultan Rahi and Waheed Murad. In 1982 Babra appeared in the film ‘Sangdil’ that proved to be 2nd best performance as she bagged another best actress Award for that role.
  • In the late 1980s, she experimented with many challenging roles and proved her worth every time. She kept on getting cast by various notable directors, and Babra kept on winning hearts in the form of Awards. Her critics can’t even control themselves in calling her the best actress of the showbiz industry.


The start of 1990 didn’t come with good news for her as her movies failed to earn well at the box office. After getting massive success it became hard for everyone to digest her decline. However, she didn’t lose help, and in 1995 she again proved herself by giving a hit at the box office. After that, her other movie again earned well at the box office. It is how Babra rescued her Drown career.

Quit Acting

Even after restoring herself in the film industry Babra made an important decision at the end of the 1990s by quitting acting forever. 1997 proved to be her last year in the Showbiz industry, and till now, she never made an appearance in a small or big screen. She did work as a model a few times.

Babra Sharif Movies

  1. Intizar
  2. Haqiqat
  3. Bhool
  4. Ajnabi
  5. Shama
  6. Mera Naam Hai Mohabbat
  7. Nokar
  8. Mera Naa Patay Khan
  9. Aaj Di Taza Khabar
  10. Masoom
  11. Zubaida
  12. Adhoori Jawani
  13. Chor Noo Mor
  14. Waqt
  15. Taalash
  16. Ansu Aur Sholay
  17. Nasherman
  18. Mehmaan
  19. Insaan
  20. Beti
  21. Shabana
  22. Pehli Nazar
  23. Aashi
  24. Dard
  25. Maazi, Haal Aur Mustaqbil
  26. Dushman Ki Talash
  27. Salakhain
  28. Ik Chehra Do Roop
  29. Play Boy
  30. Baraat
  31. Prince
  32. Mousam Hai Ashiqana
  33. Josh
  34. Khuda Aur Mohabbat
  35. Saima
  36. Aag
  37. Daman
  38. Miss Hong Kong
  39. Kis Naam Sai Pukaron
  40. Nei Tehzeeb
  41. Chotay Nawab
  42. Alladin
  43. Do Dil
  44. Ishq Roag
  45. Ustadon Kai Ustad
  46. Makhan Gujjar
  47. Aasman
  48. Sajawal
  49. Ghail
  50. Zabata
  51. Zid
  52. Lahori Badmash
  53. Khooni Sholay
  54. Gori Dian 

Social Media Handles

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