Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam is a playback singer and an actor. His voice reigns in people’s hearts. He is also known for his command in the Vocal Belting technique. Apart from Hindi and Urdu, he also sang in Balochi and Bengali. After giving many hits in the music industry, he tried his acting skills in a Pakistani film ‘Bol’. He belongs to a Punjabi family.

He started his music career in 2003, and since then he is giving one after another super hit songs. Unlike other celebrities, Atif has no relationship scandals and is living a blissful life with his spouse Sara and two sons. This article has all the information about him, incorporating Atif Aslam Biography.

Name:Atif Aslam
In Urdu:عاطف اسلم
Full Name:Muhammad Atif Aslam
Famous As:Singer
Education:Bachelor in Computer Science
Profession:Singer and Actor
Years Active:2004-present
Debut Movie:Bol
Debut Album:Jal Pari
Height:5 feet 10 inches
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:12th March 1983
Spouse:Sara Bharwana
Children:2 Son
Parents:Muhammad Aslam and Rehana Shaheen
Siblings :Shahbaz Aslam, Shahzad Aslam and Shehraz Aslam

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Atif Aslam Biography

This Pakistani singer rules the hearts of people with his beautiful voice and charming personality. His voice reigns not only in Pakistan but also in India. The renowned musician of the Indian music industry Arijit Singh is often compared with Pakistani talent Atif because of similarity in a singing style. Many Indian actors, playback singers, and music directors are a fan of his voice and singing style. Because of his achievements, he was awarded a Civilian Award ‘Tamgha E Imtiaz’ in 2008. For being Pakistan’s best singer, he was awarded ‘The Dubai Walk of Fame Star’ in 2019.

Atif date of birth

Atif opened his eyes on 12th March 1983 in a Punjabi family in ‘Wazirabad’, a city of Punjab.

Education of Atif

Atif started his early education in Lahore’s ‘Kimberley Hall School’. In 1991 he left Lahore and settled in Rawalpindi. There he took admission in ‘St. Paul’s Cambridge School’ situated in Satellite Town to complete his studies. In 1995 he returned back to Lahore, and to continue his studies, he took admission in ‘DPS( Divisional Public School)’. He did inter from ‘Faiza Inter College’ Lahore while Atif did Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Punjab College.

Atif Aslam Family

His spouse Sara Bharwana is an educationist. The couple married in Lahore on 29th March 2013. In 2014 the couple became parents to a boy named Ahad, and in 2019 they were again blessed with a boy.

Music Career

Lollywood Career

His friends motivated him to make his career in singing. Nusrat Ali Khan was his first inspiration in starting days of career. To start his career, he made a band ‘Jal’, and in 2003 he released the song ‘Adaat’ with Gohar Mumtaaz. This song’s original version was written by Gohar Mumtaz, and Atif sang it.

He was just 17 at the recording of ‘Adaat’ and used his pocket money to record this song. In 2003 this song was released by the ‘Jal’ band on the internet, and it became an anthem of the youth. He separated himself from the ‘Jal’ band on 17th July 2014 and released ‘Jal Pari’ as his first album.

This album became super hit. This album’s other songs Ehsaas, Maahi Ve, Bheegi Yadain’ became major hits not only in Pakistan but also in other countries of the subcontinent. After the success of ‘Jal Pari’, he released two solo albums Mere Kahani and Doorie.

Bollywood Career

Inclusion of his song ‘Wo Lamhay’ in Bollywood film’Zahar proved his first success in Bollywood. Famous Bollywood director Mahesh Bhaat added song in his film after taking Atif’s consent. The songs he recorded for Indian cinema are very popular. The Indian music industry considers him the best playback singer.

Charming Indian actor Ranbeer Kapoor gave the credit of success of his film ‘Ajab Prem Ke Ghazab Kahani’ and many other Indian films to Atif Aslam. He is of the view that the soundtracks of these movies in Atif’s voice made these movies successful.

Hollywood Career

From his second album ‘Doorie’ four songs were featured in two Hollywood films. His popular songs, i.e., Adaat from 1st album ‘Jal Pari’ and two songs Ehsas and Yaqeen from ‘Doorie’ were featured in Ramiin Bahrani’s international award-winning film ‘Man Push Cart’ released in 2005.

His Hollywood success continued when in 2010 his two more songs Mola and Doorie were included in Spanish Beauty’ the Hindi version of a Mexican Movie ‘La Mujer De Mi Hermano’. Ricardo De Montreuil was director of this film. In Mira Nair’s film ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ he sang his two songs ‘Bol Kay Lab Azad Hain’ and ‘Mori Arj Suno’.

TV Career

In 2011 he showed his acting skills in a Pakistani film ‘Bol’. Bol was his debut in acting. A singing show ‘Sur Kshetra’ was recorded in Dubai, Indians, and Pakistanis participated in this show to compete with each other. Atif was part of this show as the captain of the Pakistani team.

Pakistani contestant Nabeel Shaukat from Atif’s team won this contest. He was seen hosting the Lux Style Awards held on 19th April 2019. PepsiCo emceed a talent program ‘Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ from July 2017 to September 2017 in which Atif, along with Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi, and Shahi Hassan, performed the duties of a judge.

On 1st November 2017, his Qawwali ‘Tajdar E Haram’ reached ‘100 Million’ views on video sharing platform Youtube. It was the first Pakistani video to achieve this record. Originally this Qawwali was sung by legendary Qawwals Sabri Brothers, and then in 2015, this Qawwali was released in Atif’s voice and style in Coke studio. Viewers from 186 countries viewed it and made it Atif’s first video to reach such a large number of viewers.

Atif Aslam Shows

Bollywood Songs

  1. Wo Lamhay
  2. Adat
  3. Teray Bin
  4. Pehle Nazar Main
  5. Ba Khuda Tum He Ho
  6. Tera Honay Lga Hun
  7. Tu Janay Naa
  8. O Meray Khuda
  9. Tere Lye
  10. Kon Hun Main
  11. Aa Bh Jaa Sanam
  12. Tere Lye
  13. Kon Hun Mein
  14. Prince Theme
  15. Rona Chaddta
  16. Ley Ja Tu Mjhe
  17. Piyaa O Ray Piyaa
  18. Tu Muhabbat Hai
  19. A Bh Ja Meray Meharmaan
  20. Hai Naa
  21. Dil Na Jane Kyun
  22. Be Intehaan
  23. Allah Duhae Hai
  24. Jeenay Lga Hun
  25. Bairiya
  26. Rang Joo Lagyo
  27. Mein Rang Sharbatoon Kaa
  28. Janam Janam
  29. Tera Nam Dun
  30. Nahe Wo Samnay
  31. Tu Chahye
  32. Jenaa Jenaa
  33. Mar Jaein
  34. Teray Sang Yara
  35. Toota Jo Kbhi Taraa
  36. Khair Mngda
  37. Hoor
  38. Barish
  39. Musafir
  40. Darasal
  41. Mein agar
  42. Janay Day
  43. Dil Diyaan Gallan
  44. O Sathi
  45. Sehmi Hai Dharkan
  46. Selfish
  47. Paniyoon Sa
  48. Dil Mere Na Sunay
  49. Tum
  50. O Mere Laila
  51. Chaltay Chaltay
  52. Dekhtay Dekhtay
  53. Tera Hwa
  54. Tere Lye
  55. Auliya

Other Songs

  1. Meray Pas Pas
  2. Qomi Taranah
  3. Us Raah Per
  4. Season Two Title Song of Pepsi Battle of the Bands
  5. Yad Tehari
  6. Meray Watan
  7. Eitbaar
  8. Deewana Bana Rkha Hai
  9. Yar Na Vichday
  10. Mjhe Dil Say Na Bhulana

Songs Used in Hollywood

  1. Adat
  2. Ehsas
  3. Yaqeen
  4. Doorie
  5. Mola
  6. Bol Kay Lab Azaad Hain
  7. Mori Arajj Suno

Lollywood Songs

  1. Hona Tha Payaar
  2. Kaho
  3. Dil Karay
  4. Dil Ye Dancer Ho Gaya
  5. Thaam Loo
  6. In Dinoon
  7. Anjanaa

List of Album

  1. Jal Parii
  2. Doorie
  3. Mere Kahani

List of Coke Studio Songs

  1. Waasta Payar Da
  2. Hmain Kia Hwa
  3. Mai Nee Main
  4. Kinara
  5. Jal Pari
  6. Dholnaa
  7. Chrakha Nolakha
  8. Raba Sacheya
  9. Channa
  10. Sohni Dhartii
  11. Phr Se Game Utha Dain
  12. Taaj Dar E Haram
  13. Man Aamadeeh Am
  14. Kadi Aoo Ne
  15. Wo He Khuda Hai
  16. Mubaarik Mubaarik
  17. Aye Kch Abr

Atif Aslam Movies

  1. Bol

Social Media Handle

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