Arishma Maryam

Arishma Maryam

Arishma Maryam

Arishma Maryam is a young Pakistani talent who is the 1st ever Pakistani lady to be a Dhol player. She has full command of dhol beats and captivates the attention of dhol lovers. She draws her inspiration from Jasmine Kaur and is struggling to make her country proud. This article has all the information about her, including Arishma Maryam Biography.

Name:Arishma Maryam
Name in Urdu :ارشمہ مریم
Famous As:First Female Dhol Player of Pakistan
Institute:Lahore Grammer School
Profession:Dhol Playing , Modeling
Mentor /Ustad:Gunga sain & Mitho Sain
Awards :Honours Distinction
Personal Interests:Singing,Swimming,Tennis,Movies and playing Dhol
Award Given By:Govt of Punjab
Date:10th January 1997

Arishma Maryam Biography

Arishma Maryam Biography

Arishma has proved that profession and passion are not dependent on gender. She has adopted the profession which people think is not for females. Arishma pursued her passion, crossing all the hurdles, and broke all the stereotypes. She is an ideal example of women empowerment in a male-oriented society.

Arishma is invited for performance on many events in Lahore. She makes men dance on her dhol beats and aims to mark her name in history as 1st Pakistani female dhol player. She has received many awards in different programs. Punjab Government awarded her a special performance certificate.

Arishma Date of Birth

She was born on 10th January 1997 in Lahore.

Education of Arishma

She is completing her O/A Levels from LGS (Lahore Grammar School).


Selection of Career

She started her professional career as a Dhol player. She is of the view that if females can be doctor, engineer, or pilot, why can’t adopt Dhol playing as their profession? Arishma was willing to do something unique and creative. So she decided to be a Dhol beater. No female has ever adopted this profession, so she considered it distinctive.

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Hurdles in Career

When she became a Dhol beater, her friends and relatives discouraged her, and faced many objections. But instead of giving up, she remained stuck to her goals and maintained her enthusiasm. Breaking all the stereotypes, she started playing Dhol at events in Lahore.

International Tours for Dhol Performance

As a performer, she visited Canada, Malaysia, and the US. She also showcased her talent in various Indian cities.

Performance at PSL 2018

She is a cricket lover and got an opportunity to perform her dhol beats in Pakistan Super League 2018 in Dubai. She supported Multan Sultans and mesmerized the audience with her thrilling beats.

Production House

She runs her production house with the name ‘Fashion Cruise’ and intends to organize musical programs, fashion shows, and many other Pakistan events through this production house. Her office is located in Johar Town, Lahore.

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Social Media Handles

Her social media accounts include