Arif Alvi

Arif Alvi

Arif Alvi

Arif Alvi is a politician and is serving as Pakistan’s thirteenth President since September 2018. He was National Assembly’s member from 2013-2018, then again from August-September in 2018 and was elected to Pakistan’s presidency on September 4 after 2018 presidential election.

He is the founding and leading member of PTI which was founded in 1996. Moreover, he has been a member of the ‘Central Executive Committee’ of the PTI since its establishment. He was also a distinguished professional who held several prominent positions in the dentistry field. This article has all the information about him, including Arif Alvi Biography.

Name:Arif Alvi
In Urdu:عارف علوی‬‎
Famous As:President of Pakistan
Education:University of Michigan
Profession:Dentist and Politician
Date:29th August 1949
Spouse:Samina Alvi
Children:Naima Alvi, Marhama Alvi and Radhia Alvi
Parents:Dr Habib ur Rehman Elahi Alvi
Political Party:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Serve As:President of Pakistan
Time Period :18th August 2018
Old Political Affiliations:President of PTI Sindh
Member of the National Assembly
Constituency:NA 247 Karachi
Assumed office:9th September 2018
In Office
Dates:1st June 2013 – 31st May 2018
Constituency:NA 250 Karachi
Preceded By:Khushbakht Shujat
Political Party:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Arif Alvi Biography

Arif Alvi Biography

He is a competent and highly educated personality who after serving at many significant posts in dentistry, entered the political world. Due to his dedicated efforts in the ‘World Dental Association, he became able to receive the proclamation of March 20 as ‘World Oral-Health Day.’ He is also the author of articles, book, and theses.’

His career in politics began through his pro-democracy efforts against General Ayub’s dictatorship. During his service as the party’s Secretary-General, he launched the social media network in Pakistan’s politics. He has been instrumental in conducting intraparty elections and has encouraged millions of members of the party to participate digitally in the electoral process.

Arif Alvi has a deep interest in health and educational fields. The supply of essential amenities to the general populace and the elevating of the image of the country is very beloved to him. He regards the citizens of Pakistan to be the most valuable asset and, thus, gives particular attention to the growth of human capital in the region.

Alvi Date of Birth

He opened his eyes in Karachi on August 29, 1949.

Education of Alvi

He got expulsion from KGS (Karachi Grammar School) due to his father’s manoeuvre against mandatory classes of Bible. After completing his initial studies in Karachi, he went to Lahore for dentistry studies in 1967. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery from DCD (De’Montmorency College of Dentistry).

In 1975 he finished masters in prosthodontics from MSU (University of Michigan). In 1984, he completed masters in orthodontics from the UOP (University of the Pacific) in San Francisco. After going back to Pakistan, Alvi began dentistry practice and founded ‘Alvi Dental Hospital.’

Arif Alvi Family

He is the son of  Habeeb-ur-Rehman Alvi, who was a dental surgeon in India and after partition moved to Karachi and in Sadar area started his dental clinic. He joined Pakistani political party Jamat-e -Islami.

According to PTI’s website, he was  Jawaharlal Nehru’s dentist in India. He has been married to Samina Alvi, and they are parents to four children.

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Career in Dentistry

Appointment as Chairman

In 1981, he was appointed as chairman of Pakistan’s 1st ‘International Dental Conference.’ He was again appointed as chairman of Pakistan’s 3rd International Conference in 1987. He got selected as patron of Pakistan’s 5th International Conference on Dentistry.

Appointment as Ambassador

In 1997 he became ambassador of Orthodontics’ American Board.’ He made the Dental Association’s constitution and became its President.

APDC Chairperson

In 28th APDC, i.e., ‘Asia Pacific Dental Congress’ he served as chairperson.

Appointment as Dean

He worked as Dean at the Faculty of Orthodontics at the CPSP-College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan.

APDF President

He was sworn in as President of the APDF in 2006. Later, he was chosen as the counselor of the World Dental Federation-FDI the following year.

Career in Politics

Initial Career

He entered politics as the polling worker and became part of a religious party. During his studies at De’Montmorency College, he appeared as an influential member of college’s student union. He became associated with ‘Islami Jamiat Talaba’ that was a student group of  Jamaat-e – Islami.

He became President of that student union.  He remained denigrator of Ayub Khan’s regime in his initial days. He was fired twice whilst taking part in the 1969 protest at ‘The Mall’ Lhr, a bullet remained inside his body.

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Candidate for Provincial Assembly

He became more active in politics after the announcement of Zulfikar Bhutto about 1977  general election in Pakistan. He stood for a seat in Sindh’s Provincial Assembly of Sindh as a JI candidate from a Karachi-based electoral district but was defeated. Arif Alvi quit Jamat e Islami in 1988 and then also left politics.

He stated that he quit the party due to his dissatisfaction with the party’s limited concentration on politics. And he is of the view that appropriate supervision is the only solution to issues of Pakistan.

Joining in PTI

After being inspired by Imran Khan, he joined PTI and became a founding member of the party. He engaged in the planning of the PTI party constitution. He stayed party’s Central Executive Board for a year before, becoming President of the PTI Sindh Division in 1997.

1997 General Election

He stood for Sindh’s Provincial Assembly seat as PTI candidate of the PS-89 Constituency in the 1997 general election of Pakistan but didn’t win. He secured two-thousand and two hundred votes and lost to  Saleem Zia.

2002 General Election

He stood for the membership of the Sindh’s Provincial Assembly as PTI candidate from PS-90 in the general election 2002 but was defeated. In 6th place, he earned one-thousand and two hundred seventy-six votes and lost his seat to Umar Sadiq, member of the MMA-Mutahida Malis-e-Amal.

In 2006, he was appointed PTI’s secretary-general, a post he held till 2013.

2013 General Election

He got elected to NA  as PTI member from NA-250 Constituency in 2013 general election. He got seventy-seven thousand six hundred and fifty-nine votes and beat Khushbakht Shujat. Upon this emphatic victory, he gained the status of only PTI candidate to secure the seat of the National Assembly from Sindh in general election 2013.

2018 General Election

He was again elected to NA as PTI candidate for Constituency NA-247  in the 2018 general election. He obtained ninety-one thousand and twenty-one votes and beat  Zaman Jaffery, a nominee from Tehrek-e-Labaik Pakistan. On August 18 2018, PTI nominated him for Presidential post.

He obtained three hundred and fifty-two votes and surpassed Aitzaz Ahsan and Fazal-ur-Rehman who won 124 and 184 votes, respectively.

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Selection as President

After his selection to the presidency post, he thanked PM Khan and coalition government for their cooperation. He is Pakistan’s 3rd President whose family moved from India to Pakistan after the Indian partition.

He resigned his seat in the National Assembly on September 5 2018. On September 9, he replaced Mamnon Hussein and took the oath as Pakistan’s 13th President. On September 17,  he addressed NA for the 1st time as a president.

Initiatives by Alvi

He launched a Presidential proposal for PIAIC in 2018.

The privately financed, the charitable, educational project is being launched to foster academic, science and market growth in Blockchain, CNC (Cloud-Native Computing) and  Artificial Intelligence. The project is being managed with the support of private-public alliances with for-profit and non-profit entities.

The initiative has an initial aim of enrolling as much as one lack of students in a year. The project has been initiated in Karachi City, where almost twelve thousand students got enrolled in four disciplines taught, and the registry is proceeding to be implemented in Faisalabad and Islamabad.

Involvement of Women in Technology

One of the PIAIC’s most significant objectives were to offer a pathway for females to pursue and find affordable and quality high-tech coaching in many of Pakistan’s cities. It led to the establishment of the female involvement in Technology Section, the female’s Empowerment Section of the PIAIC.

Hira Khan heads the section who is also the Chief Operating Officer of ‘Panacloud Private Limited’ and a competent software engineer and IT coach.

1st Presidential Tour   

He 1st time visited  federal Ministry as President in 2020, and visited head offices of ‘Ministry of Maritime Affairs.’  On his initiation of the official website of Ministry on ‘World Ocean Day’ Ali Haider (Maritime Minister) and Rizwan Ahmad (Federal Secretary) briefed him about achievements and duties of Ministry.

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts include

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