Arbaz khan

Arbaz khan

Arbaz khan

Arbaz Khan was born as Arif Khan. Arbaz is his celebrity name. He is a Pakistani film and TV director and actor. He appeared in many Pashto and a few Urdu and Punjabi films. Urdu film ‘Ghunghat’ which released on 12th July 1996, was his debut film. Then in 2003, he stepped into Polly wood. His spouse Khushboo is also an actress. This article has all the information about Arbaz, including Arbaz Khan Biography and Arbaz Khan Movies.

Name:Arbaz khan
In Urdu:ارباز خان
Born As:Arif Khan
Famous As:AK Junior
Alma Mater:University of Peshawar
Profession:Actor and Director
Years Active:1996-present
Debut Movie:Ghungha
Date:13th October 1971
Children:Adyan and Aryan
Parents:Asif Khan
Siblings :Not Known

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Arbaz Khan Biography

This Talented film star is also known as AK junior in showbiz. He is serving in showbiz as a director and actor. Pashto industry is blessed to have such a versatile and talented film star who acted so well that empty Pashto cinemas started filling up. He started his career with a film in the Urdu language, but then he made his entrance to the Pashto film industry known as Polly Wood. In a short time, he made his name in there. He acted in a lot of films. In recognition of his talent and acting skills, he was nominated in the category of Best Actor in Lux Style Awards.

Arbaz Date of birth

This Pashto film megastar was born on 13th October 1971.

Education of Arbaaz

Arbaz holds the degree of graduation that he obtained from the University of Peshawar. Soon after the completion of his bachelor’s Arbaz stepped in the Showbiz and started inspiring everyone with his talent.

Arbaz Khan Family

He is the son of a veteran Pashto actor Asif Khan. Arbaaz married in 2004. His spouse Khushboo also belongs to showbiz. She began her showbiz career in 1988 by playing the role of a supporting heroine. Then she appeared in many movies as a second heroine. Then she got an opportunity to play a lead role in ‘Dil Kisi Kaa Dost Nahe’. After being unsuccessful in earning much fame, she turned to stage shows. Arbaz and Khushboo have two sons Adyan and Aryan.

Showbiz Career

Khan began his showbiz journey with an Urdu film ‘Ghunghat’ in 1996 and later acted in ‘Bazigar’. He began his film career in Polly Wood in 2003 with the film ‘Meena Qurbaani Ghuwari,’ which became a mega-hit of that time. His notable films include ‘Umar Mukhtar’ and ‘Anchal’. And his Punjabi projects include ‘Topa Payar Da’ and ‘Parandaa’. In 2004 he limited himself to Polly Wood and did a lot of Pashto films including ‘Kabley’, ‘Khabrey’, ‘Qumandan’, and ‘Bashtaghrey’. Soon he was considered among notable heroes of Pashto films.

Arbaz Khan Movies

  1. Ghunghat Urdu Film,
  2. Umer Mukhtaar Urdu Film,
  3. Aanchel Urdu Film,
  4. Paaranda Punjabi Film,
  5. Mehboobaa Urdu Film,
  6. Bili Urdu Film,
  7. Daaku Rani Urdu Film,
  8. Shalwaar Urdu Film,
  9. Topa Payar Da Punjabi Film,
  10. Ye Waada Raha Urdu film,
  11. Mena Qurbani khawari Pashto film,
  12. Badri Jamalaa Pashto film,
  13. Bashtaghray Pashto film,
  14. Duss Khush Pashto film,
  15. Gorobaa Raqeeba Pashto film,
  16. Kablay Pashto film,
  17. Khabray Pashto film,
  18. Mehmaa Khrabgi Pashto film,
  19. Nave Yar Da Mubarak Shah Pashto film,
  20. Niazbin pashto film,
  21. Qumandan pashto film,
  22. Dey Zan Khair Ghaawarah Pashto Film,
  23. Faqeerano Saara Meh Cheera Pashto Film,
  24. Jondand May Jana Saara Pashto Film,
  25. Khani Naw Faqeer Ba Maaney Pashto Film,
  26. Kyun Tum Se Itnaa Pyaar Ha Punjabi Film,
  27. Nadan Zargeye
  28. Parcham Pashto Film,
  29. Pekhawaray Merdanay Pashto Film,
  30. Qatil Khook Dey Pashto Film,
  31. Sahib Log Pashto Film,
  32. Satadeya Woinaam Tobaa Pashto Film,
  33. Lag Da Zre Naw Tapos Oka Pashto Film
  34. Sabar Sha Zargiyaa Pashto Film,
  35. Andaz Pashto Film,
  36. Dasey Raata Meh Goora Pashto Film,
  37. Ghulami Naw Manam Pashto Film,
  38. De Taa Yaarana Wai Pashto Film,
  39. Musaafar Pashto Film,
  40. Paa Zor Peh Chaagla Bozam Pashto Film,
  41. Tata Chehilche Maayan Sha Pashto Film,
  42. Zamana Satarge Yaadegi Pashto Film,
  43. Duniya May Sta Sanama Pashto Film,
  44. Zre May Taa Oray Dey Pashto Film,
  45. Tiger Pashto Film,
  46. Sta Muhabbat Zama Saza Shuwa Pashto Film,
  47. Haqeqat Pashto Film,
  48. Dita Yaarana Woi Pashto Film,
  49. Kha paki khushali Pashto Film,
  50. Pakistan zaama janan Pashto Film,
  51. Shaarabi Pashto Film,
  52. I Love You Pashto Film,
  53. Shareef Badmash Pashto Film,
  54. Yaarana Pashto Film,
  55. Ishaq Pashto Film,
  56. Target Pashto Film,
  57. Zakhum Pashto Film,
  58. Ishq Loya Martaba Da Pashto Film,
  59. Ma Ba Singaa Heerawi Pashto Film,
  60. Wehshy Badmash Pashto Film,
  61. Sitaamgar Pashto Film,
  62. Da Muhabbat Na Mi Tauba Pashto Film,
  63. Sta Da Yaaray Naw Qurban Pashto Film,
  64. Jal Pashto Film,
  65. Zaargiya War Khata Na Shy Pashto Film,
  66. Maala Jawab Raka Pashto Film,
  67. Josh Pashto Film,
  68. Shooghlay Pashto Film,
  69. Aangar Pashto Film,
  70. Prhang Ba Naw Cherhy Pashto Film,
  71. Ghadar Pashto Film,
  72. Qasam Pashto Film,
  73. Dushmaani Pashto Film,
  74. Baaghi Pashto Film,
  75. Armaan Pashto Film,
  76. Ghaairat Pashto Film,
  77. Intehaa Pashto Film,
  78. Munaafiq Pashto Film,
  79. Da hazrat wali Armaan Pashto Film,
  80. Shart Pashto Film,
  81. Qurbani Pashto Film,
  82. Haraam Khor Pashto Film,
  83. I Miss You Pashto Film
  84. Zwe daw Badamala Pashto Film
  85. Lahoria tey Pishoria Pashto Film
  86. Nashaa Pashto Film
  87. Wale Muhabbat Kol Gunah Dey Pashto Film
  88. Zoye daw Bad-Aamla Pashto Film
  89. Da Badmaasha Nu Badmash Pashto Film
  90. Sar Tez Badmaash Pashto Film
  91. Mayin khoo Leewani vi Pashto Film
  92. Khandani Badmaash Pashto Film
  93. I Love You Too Pashto Film
  94. Baazar Urdu Film
  95. Badnaam Pashto Film
  96. Tezaab Pashto Film
  97. Iqraar Pashto Film
  98. Jaashan Pashto Film
  99. Muhabbat Kar daw Lewano De Pashto Film
  100. Khair Dey Yar Naasha Ke De Pashto Film
  101. Ghulaam Pashto Film
  102. Badmaashi Naw Manam Pashto Film
  103. Saaya-e-Khuda-e-Zuljalal Urdu Film
  104. Parwaaz Urdu Pashto Film
  105. Gul-e-Jaana Pashto Film
  106. Sta Muhabbat Me Zindagi Daw Pashto Film
  107. Zakhmoona Pashto Film
  108. Miraasan Punjabi Film
  109. Mujrim Pashto Film
  110. Jurm Aao Saza Pashto Film

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