Angeline Malik

Angeline Malik

Angeline Malik

Angeline Malik is an adaptable and versatile Pakistani celebrity who is functioning as an actress, Model, Director, Producer, Anchor, and writer. She earned numerous awards for her incredible work. Angeline is soon going to make her Hollywood debut in the film directed by a Pakistani born. This article contains all the information about her, including Angeline Malik Biography and Angeline Malik Dramas.

Name:Angeline Malik
In Urdu:انجلین ملک
Famous As:Actress
Education:Double Masters
Alma Mater:London Guildhall University
Profession:Actor, Director, Producer, Model and Anchor
Years Active:2001-present
Debut Drama:Ek Gharana
Debut Movie:Kala Pul
Awards :She bagged number of awards
Date:28th March 1975
Parents:M Aslam Khan Malik
Siblings :Dr Arshad Khan Malik and Amberine Khan

Angeline Malik BiographyAngeline with Sonia HussainAngeline with the cast of her telefilmAngeline soon going to make her Hollywood DebutAngeline Malik Dramas

Angeline Malik Biography

Angeline is one of the most talented Pakistani celebrities we have in the Showbiz Industry. There is nothing that she can’t perform. Malik is a Pakistani actress, Model, Director, Anchor, and producer who is active in the industry since 2001. Coming from nowhere, she, too, didn’t have any idea that she will rule the television screens with her versatility, dedication, and diligent. Beauty with a brain that knows how to mark her place anywhere. He is the CEO of Angelic films.

Angeline date of birth

She was born on 28 March 1975 in Islamabad. She spent her early life in England. Later her family moved to Pakistan. Currently, she is residing in Karachi because of her work.

Education of Malik

She did her schooling and early education from England. After returning to Pakistan, she completed her further studies from Islamabad. She further did a master’s in Fine Arts, Specialization in Sculpture. For her double masters, she went to London from where she obtained the degree of computer imaging and animation acquired from London Guildhall University.

Angeline Malik Family

She was born in a notable and non-artistic family. Her late father, Professor M Aslam Khan Malik, remained popular for his Charity and Humanitarian work while her mother is a housewife. Her elder brother Arshad Khan Malik is a Doctor by profession. Her only sister Ambrine Malik is residing with her mother in Islamabad. She is unmarried.

Showbiz Career

As an actress

  • After finishing her education, she returned to Pakistan and made her entry in Showbiz. She made her debut with a television soap ‘Ek Gharana.’ She remained a part of several serials and earned colossal fame and acknowledgment. In 2006 her drama serial ‘Dil Diya Dehleez’ became an all-time successful drama serial with a fantastic cast and fantastic story. In 2018 she also appeared in Pakistani film ‘Azaad’ starring Moammar Rana and Sonia Hussain.
  • Angelina is going to make her Hollywood debut as an actress. She will see playing the role of a mother and the film based on a social issue. The film is going to start soon.

As a model

Her beauty and grace make her a perfect model. She knows how to carry elegance and charm with perfection and modesty. She showed up in a few music videos of Ali incorporating ‘Deewana’ and ‘Mohabbat Si.’ She likewise appeared in many television commercials and has worked with many top-class designers and brands.

As a Director

As a director, she has received immense popularity and praise. She has directed numerous successful plays and won many awards too. In 2005 her directed drama serial ‘La Hasil’ written by Umera Ahmad earned her the Best Director award at Lux Style Awards.

As a Producer

As a producer, she, too, remained successful. She produced several serials and several telefilms. 

Angeline Malik Dramas

As an actress

  • Ek Gharana
  • Reshma To Jhali Hai
  • Raj Hansni
  • Ambulance
  • Do Anjana
  • Chiragh
  • Lahasil
  • Dil Diya Dehlez
  • Nigar
  • Redz
  • Un Kai Anai Sai
  • Khandan
  • Kabhi Na Hon Hum Juda
  • Rani
  • Meri Awaaz
  • Lateefa
  • Khan Sahib
  • Chaukhat
  • Sehra Aur Samendar
  • Run Zoella Run
  • Wo Chaar
  • Larki Chahiye
  • Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain
  • Akhri Barish
  • Kadoorat
  • Sitamgar
  • Susral Ke Rang Anokhay
  • Guroos
  • Harkat Main Barkat
  • Dil Jalda Hay Series
  • Pakeeza
  • Kala Pul (Feature Film)
  • Azaad (Film)

As a Director

  1. Mystery Theatre
  2. Ambulance
  3. Sayyad
  4. Jantay Jantay
  5. Lahasil
  6. Aur Pyar Ho Gya
  7. Lillian
  8. Har khawahish pay dum Niklay
  9. RANI
  10. Dil Hai Chota Sa
  11. Woh Chaar
  12. Shinakht (23 March special telefilm)
  13. Susral Keh Rang Anokhay
  14. Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain
  15. Aisa Jalay Jia
  16. Woh (Horror Serial)
  17. Woh Dubarah (Second season of Woh horror serial)
  18. Pegham-E-haq (Moharram special telefilm)
  19. Koi Malal Nahin (Women’s day special telefilm)
  20. Zara Si Aurat (Women’s Day special telefilm)
  21. Breaking News (Special telefilm)
  22. Tamasha (Eid telefilm)
  23. Courtroom
  24. Dil jala hay
  25. Ustani Jee
  26. Choti Choti Batain

As a Producer

  1. Mystery Theatre
  2. Ambulance 
  3. Jantay Jantay (telefilm)
  4. Lahasil
  5. Lateefa (Telefilm)
  6. RANI
  7. Woh Chaar
  8. Mehboob Movie walla (Eid day special telefilm)
  9. Haseena ChaalBaaz (Comedy Series)
  10. Susral Keh Rang Anokhay
  11. Woh Horror serial 2013 
  12. Safeer-e-ishq (Moharram Telefilm)
  13. Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain
  14. Aisa Jalay Jia
  15. Woh Dubarah (Second season of Woh horror serial)
  16. Harkat May Barkat (Eid day special telefilm)
  17. Pegham-E-haq (Moharram special telefilm)
  18. Umeed e Nau (Independence Day telefilm)
  19. Zara Si Aurat (Women’s Day special telefilm)
  20. May Chori Ho gai (Special telefilm)
  21. New Love Ki Old Story (Valentines telefilm)
  22. Dil jala hay
  23. Woh Phir Aayega (Third season of Woh horror serial)
  24. Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja

As an Anchor

  1. Players Gold Leaf Series
  2. Black and White
  3. COCA COLAHost 
  4. Curator (First Kara Film Festival)
  5. Secrets and Success
  6. Not For Angels
  7. Hot And Sour
  8. D For Directors

Social Media Handles

Her social media accounts are