Ahmed Rushdi

Ahmed Rushdi

Ahmed Rushdi

Ahmed Rushdi, a well-known singer, dominated the film industry for three decades because of his excellent and charming songs. He is also called the first pop singer in Pakistan. Ahmed was second to none in his lively and humorous songs. He also has the honor of singing the first English song in the history of the Pakistan film industry. Rushdi has the distinction of singing the most number of songs with 5,000 songs. His style is still prevalent in the Pakistani film industry, and a magical voice is still ringing in the ears of fans. This article has all the information about Rushdi, including Ahmed Rushdi Biography and Ahmed Rushdi Songs.

Name:Ahmed Rushdi
In Urdu:احمد رشدی‎
Famous As:Singer
Profession:Actor and Singer
Years Active:1951-1983
Genres:Classical music, Pop and Ghazal
Height:5 Fit 5 Inch
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:24th April 1934
Place:Hyderabad, British India
Spouse:Humera Rushdi
Children:3 Daughters
Parents:Syed Manzoor Ahmad
Date:11th April 1983
Rest Place:Karachi

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Ahmed Rushdi Biography

Ahmad Rushdie’s characteristic was that he adopted the voice and style of the artist for whom he sang. Many famous film singers today consider Rushdie as their teacher. Whether the song is joyful or painful, high-pitched, or low-pitched, it has won listeners’ appraise. His songs motivated the young generation to adopt the genre of pop music for their singing career. Years after his death, it is now clear that a singer like him cannot be found in Pakistan’s film industry. He has received numerous awards. Twenty years after his death, the government of Pakistani awarded him the Sitara-e-Imtiyaz.

Ahmed date of Birth

In Hyderabad, India, Rushdie, who ruled the film industry for three decades, was born on April 24, 1938. Later he moved to Karachi, where he resided till his last breath.

Education of Ahmed

He did not receive formal music training from a teacher, but his talent was God-given. Music and singing used to circulate in his blood, and he has been interested in music since childhood.

Ahmed Rushdi Family

He belonged to a conservative Syed family. His father, Syed Manzoor Ahmad, was an Arabic and Persian teacher in Hyderabad Deccan and died in Rushdie’s childhood. He was a very religious man and, unlike other famous personalities, had no scandal throughout his life. On 30th November 1963, he tied the knot with Humera. The couple had three daughters, and none of them had followed their father’s footsteps. Humera died after nine years of his husband’s death.

Showbiz Career

Initial Career

He sang the first song for the Indian film “Ibrat” (1951). Then he came to Pakistan and reached the heights of fame in 1954 by singing ‘Bandar Road Say Kemari Chali Hai Mere Ghora Gari.’ He never looked back after that. He was also an idol of famous Indian film singer Kishore Kumar, and Kishore Kumar performed songs of the late Rushdie in England.

Peak Time

His success from 1st performance provided him the opportunity to be selected as a playback singer in many films, including ‘Waah Ray Zamaanay,’ ‘Baraa Aadmi,’ ‘Ye Duniya,’ ‘Raat Kay Raahi,’ and many others. Songs ‘Maari Laila Nay Aise’ in film Anokhii ‘Chal Naa Ske Gi 420’ ‘Chaalak Raahi Hein Mastiyaan,’ in film Raz brought recognition and fame to him. He earned 1st Nigar Award for ‘Chaand Saa Mukhraa Gora Badan,’ which he sang for film ‘Sepairan.’ ‘Koo Koo Korina’ sung by him in 1961 got the status of Pakistani 1st pop song.

Collaboration With Renowned Music Director

Khalil Rasheed, a recognized music director, selected Saleem Raza for the recording of a sad song ‘Kisi Chaman Mein Rahoo Tm’ for ‘Anchal’ film but Saleem’s performance didn’t satisfy him and Rushdi got selected for re-recording. He performed so well that he became Khali’s 1st choice for his music compositions

Playback Singing Career

  • For Nadeem’s 1st film ‘Chakorii’ he recorded ‘Payaray Payaray Yaar Hmaray,’ ‘Tjhe Chahain Mere Behnaain,’ and ‘Kbhi Tu Tmko Yad Ayein Ge.’ In the same year, he sang all songs of films ‘Shenae,’ and ‘doraaha.’ In 1968 he gave his 1st hit Bengali song for film ‘Key Tumi Ele Go.’ Other songs ‘Usay Dekhaa Usay Chahaa Usay Bhool Gae,’ ‘Sochaa Thaa Payar Naa Karain gay,’ ‘Salaam E Muhabbat,’ and Tere Ankhoon Kay Bheegay Sitaray also recorded in 1968.
  • The year 1970 saw many stellar and top-level singers like Arthur Nayyar, Akhlaq Ahmad, and Alamgir, but no one surpassed Rushdi. He contributed his voice to 1971 films ‘Bandagi,’ ‘Bazii,’ and ‘Nag Munii.’ Some of his popular songs are ‘Honton Pay Teraa Naam,’ ‘Dil Tornaay Waaly,’ ‘Kal Achaanak Jo Saray E Raah Mile Th,’ ‘Ghusaay Mein Ghulaabi Gaal,’ ‘Payar Hota Hei,’ ‘Tere Jabeen Say Chodwhein Kaa Chaand Jhanktaa Rahe,’ ‘Teray Nainaa Baray Chit Chor.’

Ghazal Singer

Rushdi also invented a unique style of ghazal singing and made Habib Jalib famous all over Pakistan by singing his ghazal ‘Mein nahe Maanta’ for the film Khamosh Raho. For the film ‘Joker,’ he recorded another Habib’s ghazal ‘Shok E Awaaragi.’  

Pairing With Legendary Artist

Although he sang for all the actors, the songs filmed in his voice on Waheed Murad are still popular today despite the passage of many decades, including ‘Koo Koo Korina,’ and ‘Kuch Log Roth Kar’ and his pairing with chocolate actor Waheed Murad was very successful.

As An Actor

He also acted in some films, with beautiful pronunciation not only in Urdu but also in Bengali, Oriya, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi.

Fall Time

1980 was a nightmare for Pakistani films. Punjabi films replaced Urdu films, and female playback singers dominated the Punjabi films. In Zia Ul Haq’s government, musical videos banned. During that period, he sang for films ‘Farzaana,’ ‘Hasina Maan jae Gi,’ ‘Hanstaay Ansso’ but this era was the downfall of his marvelous career.

Ahmed Rushdi Death

Since 1976, he was suffering from heart ailments, and doctors didn’t allow him to sing, but he continued his passion as he considered music his life. In 1981 he got a 2nd heart attack; at that time, he was busy making a music album. On 11th April 1983, he couldn’t survive 3rd heart attack and passed away. This king of rock, roll, and voice magician was embedded in Karachi’s Sakhi Hassan cemetery and is one of the world’s popular personalities even after death.

Ahmed Rushdi Songs

  1. Bandar Road Sey Kimaari Mere Chalii Rey Ghoraa Gaari
  2. Akaile Naa Jana Hamain Chor Kaar Tum
  3. Bhooli Hue Hun Daastan Guzraa Hwa Khaayal Hona
  4. Haan Isi Mor Per Is Jagha Beth Kr Tm Ney Wada Kiyaa Thaa
  5. Tumhein Kesay Bataa Dun Tm Mere Manziil Hoo
  6. Jb Payar Mein Do Dil Miltey Hein Mein Sochtaa Hun
  7. Koo Koo Koreena
  8. Yuun Rooth Naa Gorii Mjh Sey Dil Toot Gya
  9. Gori Simti Jaaye Sharam Sey Dil kaa Bhaid
  10. Kiyaa Hei Joo Payar Tu Parey Gaa
  11. Ae Abar E Kram Aj Itnaa Barsaa
  12. Tm Wo Hi Ho Lo Tmhain Aj Bta Dety Hein
  13. Sochaa Thaa Payaar Naa Karaain Gay
  14. Hansati Hue Mojoon Nay Akhir Paaya Apnaa Sahil
  15. Kuch Log Rooth Ker bhi lagtay
  16. Bhaabi Mere Bhaabhi Tm Jiyoo Hazaaron Sal
  17. Lag Rahe Hei Mjhe Aj Saaari Fazaa Ajnaabi Ajnaabi
  18. Dil Tm Ko Dey Diyaa Hei Iska Khaayal Raakhna
  19. Mere Guriyaa Kaa Hei Jalwaa Niraala
  20. Chor Chalaay Hm Chor Chalay Lo Shehar Tmhara Chor Chalaay
  21. Tumhe Ko Mubarak Hoo Dostii
  22. Kisi Chamann Mein Rahoo
  23. Aj Is Shehar Main
  24. Payar Main Hm Ney Khaae
  25. Kbhi Tu Tm Ko Yad Aengii Wo Baaharain Wo Sama
  26. Tjhe Apney Dil Sey Mein Kesy Bhula Dun
  27. Lab Pey Teraa Naam
  28. Duniya Key Ghamon Ko
  29. Aisay Bh Hein Mehrbaan
  30. Mein Payar Ke Baazi Haar Chala
  31. Dil Nahein Tu Kooi Sheesha
  32. Jb Payar Main Do Dil
  33. Chor Chalay Ham Chor Chalay
  34. Manzil Apne Door O Sathii