Zara Abid

Zara Abid

Zara Abid

Zara Abid is a gorgeous Pakistani model who has made her ways in the Fashion industry with her diligence. Though Zara came from nowhere yet, she managed to attain a lot of fame and love within a few years of her career. Her tall height and dusky colour complexion distinguish her from everyone. This article contains a blend of information about Zara, including Zara Abid Biography.

Name:Zara Abid
Full Name:Zara Abid Ali
In Urdu:زارا عابد
Famous As:Model
Profession:Actor and Model
Years Active:2011- 2020
Debut Movie:Chaudhry
Height:5 ft 6 inch
Awards :Best Female Model
Date:4th April 1992
Parents:Not known
Date:22nd May 2020
Rest Place:Karachi

Zara Abid BiographySupermodel Zara AbidZara Abid in MazakraatZara Abid with her fellow modelsZara Abid all set to make her acting debut

Zara Abid Biography

Zara Abid Ali is one of the energetic and adaptable Pakistani models who is being associated with the Industry for a long time. She is among those models who have made their names across the globe. Today Zara has become the talk of the town with her beauty and sensational work. Zara unique style makes her distinguish among other supermodels of the industry. She was fond of becoming an actor and a singer since childhood, although she is soon going to make her debut in acting too. She is unmarried and focused on her career.

Zara date of birth

Zara opened her eyes on 4th April in Lahore. Later her family moved to Karachi. Currently, Zara is living in Karachi and often visits here and there for her work.

Education of Zara

She did her Schooling from St. Patrick’s Girls High School Karachi. Later he completed her bachelor’s and made her entry the Entertainment industry to become a supermodel.

Showbiz Career

  • Zara gave a start to her showbiz career a long way back with the hopes and ambitions of becoming a supermodel one day. Like many other artists she too had to face hurdles and worked really hard to establish herself in this tough field which seems to be very easy from outside yet really arduous when you experience it. The determination and deligence which she put in are worth applauding. Zara shines like a star in her every shoot, be it a wedding shoot or simply easygoing Desi style.
  • She is one of those models who went through all the criticism for her bold shoots and dresses from which she easily passed by simply ignoring them. Zara has collaborated with pretty much every top style originator just as the fashioner brand of Pakistan. She has done displaying for some huge names of style industry including Sana Safinaz, Wajahat Mansoor, Annus Abrar, Zaheer Abbas, Deepak and Fahad, Yasmin Zaman, Payal Keyal and some more.
  • She is all set to make her debut in acting in the movie ‘Chaudhry’ for which she has begun the shooting and the movie is expected to be released soon. 

Zara Abid Death

On 22nd May 2020, a devastating incident took place where many people lost their lives in a plane crash. It was reported that Model Zarra Abid was also in the flight coming from Lahore to Karachi for attending the funeral of her uncle. However, after a long wait of 24 hours she was also found dead. A lot of media personalities mourn over this young loss.

Social Media Handles

Her Instagram and Facebook accounts where she updates her fans with the current happening are as follows