Zainab Abbas

Zainab Abbas

Zainab Abbas

Zainab Abbas is a beautiful Pakistani cricket presenter, commentator and writer who becomes First female Pakistani to host the International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup. Her mother Andleeb Abbas is a member of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf appointed as Federal Parliamentary Secretary for foreign affairs. This article contains complete information about Zainab Abbas Biography and Zainab Abbas Family.

Name:Zainab Abbas
In Urdu:زینب عباس
Famous As:Commentator
Alma Mater:University of Warwick, England
Profession:Pakistani cricket commentator and sports presenter
Awards :None
Date:14th Feb 1988
Parents:Andleeb abbas and Nasir Abbas
Siblings :Not known

Zainab Abbas BiographyZainab Abbas FamilyZainab with her husband Hamza KardarZainab Abbas FamilyZainab with Indian actor Ranveer

Zainab Abbas Biography

Zainab Nasir Abbas hails from Lahore is a stunning and confident Pakistani commentator and cricket presenter who has made half of the world her fan with her engaging smile and appealing personality in a short time. She is one of those personalities who often indulge herself in the controversies due to her offscreen chemistry with the cricketers on social media. Other than a commentator Zainab is also a seasonal writer for Dawn.

Zainab date of birth

She was born on 14th February 1988 in Lahore, where she lives all her life. Currently, she resides in the same city Lahore.

Education of Abbas

She holds the degree of Masters in Marketing and Strategy, which she attained from the University of Warwick, England.

Zainab Abbas Family

She belongs to a conventional and well-recognized family. Her father Nasir Abbas used to play cricket on a domestic level as a bowler. Her mother Andleeb Abbas is one of the favoured names in Politics who is currently functioning as a part of the National Assembly while being attached to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. She got married in November 2019 to Hamza Kardar in Lahore.


  • After being worked as a makeup artist, Zainab started her cricket presenter career by giving auditions for a World cup cricket program in which she later selected. She is a presenter for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and is doing commentary for Pakistan Super League since 2017. She is likewise an occasional or seasonal writer and writes few articles related to cricket for Dawn.
  • In 2019 she got an opportunity to present in the International Cricket Council’s Cricket World Cup. She has hosted the sports program “Cricket Dewangi” on Dunya News following the web-series talk show “Sawal Cricket Ka”.

Social Mexia Handles

Her social media accounts incorporate

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