Usman Janjua

Usman Janjua

Usman Janjua

Usman Janjua is one of the selfless and brave Pakistani Doctor who hails from the Deena Area of Jhelum. He received his education from China and currently preforming his services as a doctor in China. He is known for rendering his services to the affected patients from the deadly Corno virus. This article has all the information about Usman, including Usman Janjua Biography.

Name:Usman Janjua
In Urdu:عثمان جنجوا
Famous As:Treating Patients of Cornovirus
Residence:Jhelum and Hunan
Profession:Doctor and Teacher
Alma Mater:Changsha Medical University

Usman Janjua BiographyCorno virus took the life of hundreds of peopleChineese Ambassy thank Usman Janjua for his selfless decision of treating corno virus patientsUsman is know for renedering his services to the affected patients from deadly Corno virus.

Usman Janjua Biography

There are very few people who prefer Humanity over their life, and Muhammad Usman Janjua is one of them. He hails from Jhelum, yet he is currently living in China. He became the talk of the town when he steps forward to help the patients in China who are suffering from a deadly Coronavirus. Coronavirus took the life of more than 300 people, and thousands of people are still affected by it. He considers China his second home after Pakistan because of spending a major part of his life here.

Education of Usman

Usman holds the degree of MBBS that he attained from the University of China.


After completing his education from China, Usman stepped into his professional life. He is likewise a teacher at Changsha Medical University, China. In January 2020, when China came under the muddle of the Coronavirus, he came forward and offered his services for treating the patients. On 27th January, Usman appealed to the Foreign Experts Service Office at the Hunan Science and Technology Department, to monitor the patients in Wuhan. The Chinese Embassy thanked Janjua for his noble act by mentioning him in their tweet.