Top 10 Universities in Pakistan

Top 10 Universities in Pakistan

It is challenging for fresh graduates to apply to good and reputable universities anywhere in the country. In addition, when scoring poor marks or percentages in their college years, the fresh graduates find it even tough to apply for a reputable university because of each university’s high merit and eligibility criteria.

So, where will you find the best universities respective to your location? Well, you will find them almost anywhere, even near to your place! There are top 10 Universities in Pakistan that will be bound to accept eager and hardworking students into their prestigious institutes of education.

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The universities, medical colleges, engineering colleges, law schools, etc., are the most respected and reputable institutes in the academic and education communities. Yet, they continue to offer inspiring Master’s, Ph.D., and Master’s programs for intelligent, hardworking students. Therefore, you are free to choose from some of the most highly appreciated degrees in the top universities in Pakistan.

Quaid-i-Azam University

Quad-I-Azam University is located in Islamabad, and it was created in 1967 as the University of Islamabad. With four faculties and nine research institutes, Quaid-I-Azam University is one of Pakistan’s most prominent and highest-ranking public universities, offering Ph.D. and MPhil degrees along with Masters and now undergraduate programs. The faculties and departments are below:

1.      Faculty Natural Science

  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Earth Science
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Institute of Information Technology
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Electronics

2.      Faculty of Medical Science

  • Army Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute
  • Al-Shifa Eye Trust Hospital Rawalpindi
  • Quaid-E-Azam Postgraduate Medical College, PIMS
  • Federal Medical & Dental College
  • Health Services Academy, Islamabad

3.      Faculty Biological Science

  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • QUA School of Medicine
  • Department of Plant Sciences
  • Department of Animal Sciences
  • National Center for Bioinformatics
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Department of Environmental Science
  • Department of Microbiology

4.      Faculty of Social Science

  • Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences (QASMS)
  • School of Politics and International Relations
  • Taxila Institute of Asian civilizations
  • School of Law
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Defense & Strategic Studies
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Linguistics
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of History
  • Department of Economics

Comsats University Islamabad

Comsats University Islamabad had changed its name from Comsats Institute of Information Technology. Furthermore, it is a public and multi-campus university. The most appreciated degree offered by Comsats University Islamabad is Electrical Chemical Engineering ranked at number one in Pakistan.


The university was formed in 1998, almost 24 years ago, and there are approximately 40,000 students enrolled in the campus of Islamabad, with 30,000 undergraduates and 9,500 post-graduate students.

Campus of Comsats University

The campuses of the university are spread out in different areas because it is a multi-campus university.

  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Chak Shahzad
  • Vehari
  • Attock
  • Wah
  • Abbottabad
  • Sahiwal

The campus in Abbottabad was built in 2001, three years after the main campus of Islamabad. The Attock campus followed through and opened in 2004, again three years after the successful establishment of the Abbottabad campus. Similarly, after four years of establishment of the Attock campus, the Vehari Campus of Comsats opened in 2008 with only fourteen programs and three academic blocks. Finally, the Lahore campus was founded in 2002, right after the opening of the Abbottabad campus.

Overview of Comsats Lahore Campus

  • 512 number of Faculties
  • D. offering faculties are 227
  • 37 total programs are being offered on the campus
  • A total of 7,200 students are enrolled

Aga Khan University

Created in 1983, Aga Khan University is Pakistan’s first private university. It is a non-profit institution. In 2000, it expanded to other countries, including the United Kingdom and Afghanistan. It is also one of the largest private healthcare providers in Pakistan and East Africa.

While it started as a health-sciences university, it has expanded. It is now beginning programs in teacher education, journalism, early childhood development, the history of Muslim civilizations, and public policy. In addition, the university aims to offer an undergraduate liberal-arts program and establish different graduate schools.

There are currently two institutes in Aga Khan University:

1.      Institute of Educational Development

Pakistan and East Africa

In Karachi and East Africa, the Institute for Educational Development is a center for developing teachers, education managers, policymakers, and educators. AKU-IED also offers Ph.D. and Masters of Education.

1.      Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilization

The Institute was founded in 2002 and accepted the first graduate students in 2006. It offers a Master of Arts in Muslim Cultures, and it’s accredited by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and is regulated by the Quality Assurance Agency from the UK.

National University of Sciences and Technology

National University of Sciences and technology is also commonly known as NUST University, which was established in 1991, 29 years ago. It is under the administration of the Pakistan Armed Forces, and the main campus is located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Apart from that,

The university is offering graduate and undergraduate degrees that include professional and doctoral degrees. The campuses of NUST are scattered in different locations in Pakistan.

  • Islamabad NUST Campus in H-12
  • Rawalpindi NUST Campus (MCS, CEME)
  • Risalpur Campus NUST (CAE, MCE)
  • NUST Campus in Quetta (NBC)
  • Karachi NUST Campus (PNEC)

Degrees offered by NUST are BS/BSE, Ph.D., MS/M Phil etc., with countless disciplines such as Software Engineering, Physics, Geoinformatics Engineering, Economics, etc.

University of Punjab

The University of Punjab, also known as Punjab University, is a public research university situated in Lahore and Punjab. It was the fourth university to be established by the British Colonial Authorities. It was established in 1882 and was completed in 1947. It offers BFA, BCS, BSc, BCom, BBA, MBA, MSc, MPhil, diplomas, and MD, MDS, and MS.


  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Oriental Learning
  • Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  • Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Life-Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Education

Constituent Colleges:

  • Punjab University Law College
  • University Oriental College Lahore
  • College of Engineering & Emerging computing
  • College of Art and Design
  • College of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Lahore University of Management and Sciences

Lahore University of Management and Sciences is also commonly known as LUMS University, and it is a private university. Moreover, it is situated in Lahore and was founded in 1984. With over 5,000 students enrolled on the campus, LUMS university is also one of the top universities in Pakistan.

Apart from that,

LUMS University is offering both graduate and undergraduate programs to the students.

Undergraduate programs

  • BSc (Honors) Management Science
  • BSc (Economics and Mathematics Joint Major)
  • BA (History, English)
  • BSc (Anthropology and Sociology)
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Chemical Engineering
  • BS Physics

Graduate programs

  • MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • MS Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
  • MS Business and Public Policy
  • MS Financial Management
  • MS Healthcare Management and Innovation
  • MPhil Education Leadership and Management
  • MS Economics

University of Peshawar

The University of Peshawar, or Peshawar University, was created in 1950 and offered undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral studies programs. It is one of the oldest universities in the province and is ranked as one of the highest-rated universities in the country. The University of Peshawar is known for its research in natural sciences, social sciences, and medical sciences, with its eight research centers.


  • Department of Pharmacy
  • College of Home Economics
  • Jinnah College for Women
  • Department of Psychology
  • Law College
  • Department of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Institute of Management Studies
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Quaid-E-Azam College of Commerce
  • Institute of Education and Research

University of Agriculture

The University of Agriculture is a public university situated in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It is the oldest agricultural Institute in South Asia and is ranked 4th in Pakistan. It was created in 1906 before Pakistan gained its Independence but was reestablished in Pakistan in 1961. It has Bachelor’s degrees, doctorates, and MSc.


  • Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Animal Husbandry
  • Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Humanities


  • Department of Food Engineering
  • Department of Crop Physiology
  • Department of Irrigation and Drainage
  • Department of Plant Pathology
  • Department of Farm Machinery, Power, and Fiber Technology.
  • Department of Agronomy
  • Department of Wildlife and Range Management
  • Department of Structural and Environmental Engineering
  • Department of Energy Systems Engineering
  • Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics

International Islamic University

It is an Islamic University also called IIUI, and it was founded in 1980. It still remains a valuable source of higher education in Pakistan. The university is public and has around 2,000 to 2,500 academic staff with 30,000 students. IIUI is also affiliated with the Higher Education Commission Council, just like the rest of the universities mentioned, and it is located in Pakistan.


  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Arabic
  • Faculty of Shariah and Law
  • Iqra College of Technology
  • Faculty of Islamic Studies
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Languages and Literature

Degrees offered by IIUI:

  • Anthropology
  • MA Arabic
  • BS Arabic
  • MSc/BS Mathematics
  • MSc/BS Statistics
  • BS Environmental Sciences
  • BBA
  • MBA
  • MBA Executive
  • BS Commerce, Project Management, Accounting and Financing

Air University

Air University is a professional military educational university and was established in 1946. It offers Master of Strategic Studies, Master of MOAS, Doctorate in Philosophy in Military Strategy, and a Master of Military Strategy.

Military Education

  • Enlisted Heritage Research Institute
  • NCO Academies
  • First Sergeant Academy
  • Airman Leadership School
  • Air Command and Staff College
  • Squadron Officer School
  • Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy
  • Air War College

Air University is also offering some of the highly appreciated programs and degrees that are recognized by a lot of business institutions in the country.