Tauqeer Nasir

Tauqeer Nasir

Tauqeer Nasir

Tauqeer Nasir is an adept Pakistani actor. He performed DG (Director General) of PNCA (Pakistan National Council of Arts) for two years. He earned fame from drama serials ‘Rahain,’ ‘Panah,’ ‘Samandar,’ ‘Aik Haqeeqat Aik Fasanaa.’ He got the title of Angry Young Man on T.V which is still associated with him. This article has all the information about Nasir, including Tauqeer Nasir Biography.

Name:Tauqeer Nasir
In Urdu:توقیر ناصر
Famous As:Actor
Education:Masters in Mass Communication
Alma Mater:University of Punjab
Profession:Actor, Presenter and Former DG of Pakistan National Council of Arts
Years Active:1978-present
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:14th September 1957
Place:D.G Khan
Children:Alizey and Anooshay
Parents:Not Known

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Tauqeer Nasir Biography

There are also people in the art world who create a unique place with their unique style. Tauqeer is one of them. He was very impressed with Waheed Murad’s acting and got interested in acting after seeing him and faced opposition at home but, he promised his father that acting would not hinder his passion for education. He made a name for himself by playing all kinds of roles naturally, in particular through the characters of ‘Young Angry Man’ he represented the youth and conveyed their problems and thoughts to the public. He is the recipient of Pride of Performance and Tamgha E Imtiaz and holds the honor to receive Tamgha E Imtiaz at a very young age.

Tauqeer date of Birth

Tauqeer was born in Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab, on 14th September 1957.  

Education of Tauqeer

He completed his early education from Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan. In 1981 he secured a master’s degree in Mass Communication from P.U (Punjab University) Lahore. Rather than journalism, he was interested in joining the army. He was always fascinated by army uniform but failed to fulfill his dream of joining the army, and fate made him an actor.

Tauqeer Nasir Family

He is father to two daughters Alizey and Anooshay. 


  • In 1978 he began his showbiz career with PTV Corporation. He was selected by his teacher Asif for his debut drama in which he played the role of Saleem Nasir’s son. After that, Nasir performed brilliantly in many drama serials, including ‘Ik Haqeeqat Ik Afsanaa,’ ‘Rahaain,’ ‘Panaah,’ ‘Dehleez,’ ‘Samundar,’ ‘Parwaaz,’ and ‘Dard Aur Darmaan.’ In the start acting was a hobby for him, but later it became a passion for him. According to him, 19755-1990 was Pakistan Television’s golden period, because, at that time, great efforts were made to produce quality work. 
  • In 2009 he was appointed Director-General of PNCA. Before this post, he served PNCA via the position of executive director. He quit acting for a while due to the council’s busy schedule.

Tauqeer Nasir Dramas

  1. Kashkol
  2. Ishaq Kaa Ain
  3. Bal O Par
  4. Sonaa Chaandi
  5. Landaa Bazaar
  6. Rahaain
  7. Rezaa Rezaa
  8. Panaah
  9. Ik Haqeqat Ik Afsanaa
  10. Samandar
  11. Dehlez
  12. Parwaz
  13. Kaanch Kaa Pul
  14. Kon
  15. Maatay Ghurub
  16. Seen Abaa Seen Abaa Acho Acho Mehran
  17. Yad Piyaa Ke Aye
  18. Thakann
  19. Dhartii
  20. Dard Aur Darmaan
  21. Dilawaiz
  22. A Rented Child
  23. Khamooshi
  24. Laal Ishq
  25. Namakk
  26. Joothi

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