Tariq Rahman
Tariq Rahman

Tariq Rahman remained an associate professor of lingustics at the National Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam Univiersty, Islamabad.Dr. Tariq Rahman is a renowned Pakistani linguist and literary figure who has produced a number of research papers and literary writings. He is a man of international repute. He is also the first to write a linguistic description of Pakistani English (1990) as well as the first history of Pakistani Literature.

Name:Tariq Rahman
In Urdu:طارق رحمان
Famous As:Writer,Scholar
Residence:Lahore Pakistan
Education:Master’s and Ph. D
Profession:Newspaper Columnist and a Writer
Also Known:Pakistani Academic Scholar
Citizenship :Pakistani
Alma mater :Burn Hall School (now Army Burn Hall College), University of Sheffield, University of Strathclyde
Fields :Linguistic history
Institutions:Professor Emeritus at the National Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
Awards :Sitara-i-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance
Date:4 February 1949
Place:Bareilly India
Parents:Sami Ullah Khan (Father)

Dr. Tariq Rahman, Dean, School of Education, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore Pakistani Academic ScholarWriterEnglish will stay as the language of powerAuthor


Tariq Rahman is a Pakistani Writer, Scholar and Author.He wrote many books and other publications.Tariq has been awarded Pakistan and other countries due to his research and work.He was born in India.Now a days, he is a residence of Lahore Pakistan.

Education and Family

Tariq Rahman father name Sami Ullah Khan remained the head of the mathematics department at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, near Abbottabad.Tariq Rahman received his first doctorate in English literature from the University of Sheffield in 1985. Subsequently he became interested in language politics in Pakistan and completed a degree in linguistics from the University of Strathclyde in 1989.[1]  Education and Family 

Wrote Several Books

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Tariq Rahman wrote several books which have made him an authority on the linguistic history of the Muslims of South Asia namely Language and Politics in Pakistan (1996); Language, Ideology and Power: language-learning among the Muslims of Pakistan and North India (2002) and From Hindi to Urdu: A Social and Political History (2011). Besides these and other books, he has published about 100 articles in scholarly journals and contributed to encyclopedias and edited books. On examination of his published work, the University of Sheffield conferred a higher doctorate (D.Litt) on him in 2014.

First Pakistani and Awards

He was the first Pakistani to be honored by one of Germany’s highest awards for academic research called the Humboldt Research Award. The National Institute of Pakistan Studies at Quaid-i-Azam University, where he served most of his life and of which he was director (2007-11), made him a professor emeritus in 2010 and the Higher Education Commission (Islamabad) conferred upon him the title of Distinguished National Professor in 2004 and gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. The President of Pakistan conferred upon him the Pride of Performance in 2004 and the Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2013.

Senior Fulbright Fellow

Pakistani Writer
He was a Senior Fulbright Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin (1995-96) and the first incumbent of the Pakistan Chair at the University of California, Berkeley (2004-05). He was also a research fellow at the Oxford Center of Islamic Studies (2010) and a fellow at the University of Heidelberg several times from 2010 till 2012.

visited Countries

He has been a visiting professor in Denmark and Spain and has lectured or delivered papers at conferences in Korea, Nepal, China, the U.S., Singapore, Thailand, India, Denmark, France, Germany, the UK, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Switzerland. He is a Visiting Fellow of Wolfson College, University of Oxford and is presently working as Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Acting Dean, School of Education, Beacon house National University, Lahore.

Short Stories Collections

His first collection of short stories were The Legacy and Other Short Stories (1989). Work and Other Short Stories is his second collection of stories written between 1982 and 1988. Most of the stories in this collection preserve the narrative style of the last century; but the concerns and themes are contemporary. Stories are symbolic as well as contain symbols in them.[2] Short Stories Collections

Purpose of the Stories

ILF-2015 A History of Pakistani Literature in English 1947 1988 by Tariq Rahman
As far as the purpose of the stories is concerned Tariq Rahman says, ‘my purpose is to communicate thought and experience or to create a world of microcosm’. For these reasons, one cannot cover up one’s tracks and if there is obscurity in the stories, it is due to the same approach and purpose adopted by Tariq Rahman. Although, the writer says, ‘I am not genius’. He has tried to combine beauty and wisdom in these stories and has been successful to some extent.


15 Books, 28 contributions to books, 91 articles and 16 book reviews in scholarly journals on literature language, history, politics and education.([See Appendix A for details).  Weekly newspaper columns, book reviews in newspapers, reports, occasional papers from organizations etc.

List of Books

  1. A History Of Pakistani Literature In English 
  2. Language and Politics in Pakistan 
  3. From Hindi to Urdu: A Social and Political History 
  4. Language, Ideology and Power: Language-Learning Among the Muslims of Pakistan and North India 
  5. Linguistics for Beginners: Basic Concepts 
  6. Work and Other Short Stories 
  7. Denizens of Alien Worlds: A Study of Education, Inequality and Polarization in Pakistan 
  8. Language, Education And Culture 
  9. Names: A Study of Personal Names, Identity and Power in Pakistan 
  10. The Legacy: And Other Short Stories 
  11. A History of Pakistani Literature in English 1947-1988 
  12. The Third Leg and Other Short Stories 
  13. An Introduction to Linguistics 
  14. Language, Ideology and Power: Language Learning among the Muslims of Pakistan and North India 
  15. Pakistan: Democracy, Development and Security Issues
  16. Interpretations of Jihad in South Asia: An Intellectual History 
  17. Interpretations of Jihad in South Asia: An Intellectual History 
  18. The History of the Urdu-English Controversy in Pakistan 
  19. From Hindi to Urdu: A Social and Political History 
  20. Interpretations of Jihad in South Asia: An Intellectual History 
  21. A History of Pakistani Literature in English 1947-1988[3] List of Books


  1. Lifetime achievement award 2005 HEC (2009) 
  2. Best Research Article in 2005 HEC (2009) 
  3. Pride of Performance (2004) 
  4. Pitras Bukhari Award for a Book entitled Language (1999) 
  5. Politics in Pakistan (Oxford UP, 1996) by the  Pakistan Academy of Letters (Best Research Work of 1996 in English). Also awarded by the National Book Foundation for Social Sciences. 
  6. Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship (USA) – (1995-96)
  7. Overseas Development Association Scholarship (UK) – (1988-89) 
  8. British Council Scholarship (UK)   – (1981 – 1985) 
  9. Merit Scholarship in Matriculation   – (1965-67)


  1. 2010 Jun-Jul DAAD Visiting Research Fellow, University of Heidelberg, Germany. 
  2. 2010 April  Professor Emeritus, National Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. 
  3. 2010 Jan-Mar Visiting Fellow, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford, UK. 
  4. 2007 July Tenured Professor. 2007 June Director, National Institute of Pakistan Studies, QAU. 
  5. 2004 Sept-June 2005 Quaid-i-Azam Scholar on Pakistan Studies, University of California, Berkeley.
  6. 2004 Jan Distinguished National Professor for life.
  7. 2003 Jan Quaid-i-Azam Professor, Chair on Quaid-i-Azam and Freedom Movement (NIPS), Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. 
  8. 2002 Feb-Mar Visiting Professor at the Center of International Studies, University of Castellon, Spain. 
  9. 2000-2000 Sept-Oct Professor of Linguistics and South Asian Studies, NIPS, QAU American Institute of Pakistan Studies Lecturer at UT Austin, University of Pennsylvania, Michigan at Ann Arbor and MIT. 
  10. 1999 Sept-Oct Guest Professor at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. 
  11. 1990-2000 Associate Professor of Pakistani linguistics, NIPS, QAU.   
  12. 1996-1999 Research Adviser, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad 1992 Professor of Linguistics, University of Sana’a (Yemen). 
  13. 1987-1990 Professor of English and Linguistics and Chairman of the Department, University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Muzaffarabad
  14. 1985-1987 Associate Professor of English literature, University of Peshawar
  15. 1982 onwards Given talks, interviews, lectures, seminars on Radio, T.V and other fora. 
  16. 1981-1985 British Council Research Scholar, University of Sheffield, U.K. 
  17. 1979 onwards Contributing columns, articles, book reviews and short stories to English newspapers. 
  18. 1978-1981 University Grants Commission Research Fellow, University of Karachi, Dept. of English. 
  19. 1970-1978 Cadet and Officer in the Armoured Corps & Education Corps of the Pakistan Army. (appointed adjutant, squadron commander etc)[4] Experience

Honarary Positions

  1. 2001 Member, Council of Social Sciences, Pakistan. 
  2. 1996-1999 Visiting Fellow and Honorary Chief Editor, Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad. 
  3. 1996- Member Editorial Board for Pakistan, Yearbook in Linguistics, University of Montreal, Canada. 
  4. 1994-1997 Member Federal Board of Film Censors, Islamabad. 1994- Member, English-Speaking Union, Pakistan. 
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