Sultan Rahi

Sultan Rahi

Sultan Rahi

Rugged expressions, stocky and brawny, dialogue delivery in an aggressive way was the identity of Sultan Khan. He was a Pakistani action hero, producer, screenwriter and made his place as the superstar in Pakistani showbiz. Rahi is recognized as Pakistani adaptation of Chuck Norris, James Bond, Bruce Lee, and Sylvester Stallone, all combined into one with Punjabi influence. After the success of Mola Jatt, he was known as an essential personality for the success of any Punjabi movie. The legendary actor worked in more than 703 Punjabi films and 100 Urdu movies. This article has all the information about Rahi, including Sultan Rahi Biography.

Name:Sultan Rahi
Local language Name:سلطان راہی‎
Famous As:Actor
Nationality:Indian and Pakistani
Profession:Actor, Producer and Screen writer
Years Active:1956-1996
Height:5′ 7″ (1.7 m)
Awards :He Bagged Various Awards
Date:24th June 1938
Place:Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Spouse:Shaheen (Divorce), Naeem Sultan
Children:Babar Sultan, Tariq Sultan, Haider Sultan, Samina Sultan and Saima Sultan
Parents:Subedar Major Abdul Majeed
Siblings :Javed Rahi and Pervez Rahi
Date:9th January 1996
Rest Place:Gujranwala

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Sultan Rahi Biography

  • Pakistani cinema’s king, action hero, the legendary star, gave his 40 years to the Pakistani film industry. By starting his showbiz career in 1959 as a stuntman, junior artist, and then an antihero, he eventually reached the climax of his acting career with Mola Jutt. Sultan with his ostentatious closet consisting of Kurtaa lachaas, a thread with a gold amulet around the neck, and thin mustaches described the looks for an ideal angry man from the rural zones of the 80s and 90s. 
  • At that time Rahi was starred in every Lollywood film and was considered singlehandedly essential for keeping the Wheels of Lollywood rolling. Besides being a successful and talented actor, he was a humble and generous man who always helped his fellow actors, personal staff and technicians. His name is included in Gunnies Book of World Records for acting being starred as hero in a maximum number of films. Every art organization awarded him entertainment awards. Rahi is also the recipient of the Nigar Award for his movies Bashira and Babul.

Sultan date of birth

Sultan was born in 1938 in Rawalpindi, Punjab. He belongs to an Araein family.  

Education of Rahi

  • His primary schooling was completed in Rawalpindi. His family background was religious, and the home atmosphere was Islamic. When he was seven, he used to go  Gwalmandi area’s mosque to learn recitation of Quran under Qari Abdul Sattar’s supervision. His father wanted him to join Pakistan Air Force, but he was more interested in sports and used to participate in School Sports and was an active member of the school’s hockey team. 
  • His father was strict towards his studies and never allowed him to skip classes of the school. But Sultan wasn’t that much interested in education and kept his attention towards sports including hockey, cricket and football and later he joined showbiz and adopted it as his profession and career.

Sultan Rahi Family

  • Sultan’s father, Subedar Major Abdul Majeed, served in British Indian Army and then spent the rest of his life as a retired army officer. Major Abdul had two sons and one daughter, and his elder son died before Sultan’s birth, his 2nd son died when Sultan was four whereas his daughter also passed away after the 2nd son’s demise. Resultantly Sultan became his parent’s blue eye. Sultan married twice. 
  • His first marriage ended after a few months because of financial differences. When he became financially stable, his father selected a girl for him from his family. Allah blessed this couple with five children, three sons, and two daughters one of them, Haider Sultan, also followed his father’s footsteps and joined showbiz.

Showbiz Career

Initial Career

  • He was fond of acting since childhood, and he felt like there is an actor inside him. So, finally, he decided to pursue his passion and fulfill his hidden wish. For this purpose, he went to Lahore with many dreams and ambitions. His luggage consisted of only a pair of clothes and army boots, but his morale was high. He tried to make a place for himself in Al-Hamra Art Theater for stage plays but failed to do so. He continued his efforts and started visits to King Circle Hotel, where actors used to spend their free time. 
  • He also visited Royal Park, which was the hub of Film producers and distributors. But all his efforts went into vain. He didn’t get the attention of producers and directors. During this struggling period, he met other strugglers a music director Kamal Ahmad and Qavi Khan. Kamal and Sultan companions in their struggling journey and visited several filmmakers to get an acting chance. On Qavi’s recommendation, 

Acting Debut

  • Sultan got a small role in a stage play ‘Shabnam Rotii Hai’. On seeing his acting skills and passion, Riaz Bukhari forecasted that Sultan would rank among top actors in Pakistan. Through his friend Changezi he got a role in Ashfaq Malik’s movie Baaghi. It was his acting debut. Baaghi was released on 14th September 1956. The silent and static role which he played in film Baaghi he played the same role in many other movies like Watan, Daku Ki Larki and Hatim etc.
  • In 1960 he uttered some dialogues for ‘Saheli’ film by S.M. Yousaf. He played the role of Shamim Ara’s lawyer, who, after being accused, was presented in the court. He did his first dialogue delivery in a very mature way. He gained confidence through this performance, which aided him in acquiring the same type of minor roles in other films, including ‘Qaidi,’ ‘Gulfaam,’ ‘Aulaad,’ ‘Ajnabi,’ ‘Baaghi Sipahi’ and ‘Maa Ka Payar.’ In 1966, he got a minor role in ‘Aag Ka Dariya’ by Hamayun Mirza, who liked Rahi’s acting and gave him a considerable role in Daaku Ke Larki. At that time, he was also doing stage dramas, but he left performing at the stage after doing the last stage play of Rafi Peerzada.


  • In 1968, Rahi played a side villain character in a Punjab film Jumaa Janj Naal. The film flopped, but Rahi, through this role, got acknowledged. Filmmakers liked his acting. It was in the same year that he was seen as a conventional villain in the film ‘Badla.’ His facial expressions, body gestures, and high pitch dialogue delivery showed his potential as a villain. Resultantly film producers started casting him as a villain in films like ‘Aik Se Maa,’ ‘Anwara,’ ‘Dunya Matlb Di,’ etc. He appeared as the hero in his 1st Urdu film ‘Zindagi Kay Melay’ and acted very well as a romanticist hero with Aaliya and Zamurad. 
  • Aslam Dar starred Sultan in Bashira for the lead role, and this, fortunately, changed his status from extra to main lead after the struggle of 16 years. After this project, he continued to touch the heights of his film career. In 1975 director Hassan directed film ‘Wehshi Jatt’ based upon the story of Gandaasa and portrayed Sultan as a wild, desolate, angry and illiterate man. His character clicked viewers by giving them the feeling that it’s the story of Rahi himself depicting his deprivations. 
  • In ‘Mola Jatt’ 1979, he played the role of Mola Jatt, which was totally opposite to his role in Wehshi Jatt. Rahi portrayed the role of an arbitrator who takes up arms to implement justice. He delivered a dialogue “Mola Nu Mola Na Maray Tu Mola Nahe Marda” in this film, and this dialogue and his acting made him a legendary actor. Mola Jatt changed the trend and style of Punjabi cinema in Pakistan. Mola Jatt’s success led Sultan to create many records and persisted this success until the end of his life.

Sultan Rahi Death

On 9th January 1996, Rahi was coming back from Islamabad at late night when near Samnabaad Chungi car’s tire deflated. Some men took advantage of desolation and darkness and fired him. He got severely injured and was taken to Gujranwala’s DHQ hospital, where his soul departed. 

Sultan Rahi Movies

  1. Gabar Singh
  2. Mastaana Maahi
  3. Madame Raani
  4. Chaudhary Baadshah
  5. Daughter
  6. International Luterey
  7. Khandaan
  8. Kotwaal
  9. Tyaag
  10. Khudaa Ghawaah
  11. Ruqqaa
  12. Godfather
  13. Hasinoon Ki Baraat
  14. Shair Ali
  15. Majho
  16. Abdullah the Great
  17. Dil Lagi
  18. Gandasaa
  19. Qurbaani
  20. Teen Yake Teen Chakay
  21. Kalay Chor
  22. Insaniyat Kay Dushman
  23. Lohaa
  24. Miss Cleopatra
  25. Shadmaani
  26. Hifaazat
  27. Allah Wariis
  28. Hoshiaar
  29. Shoolay-E-Shoolay
  30. Kalka
  31. Mola Saein
  32. Qaatil Haseena
  33. Mujriim
  34. Roop Ke Rani
  35. Zabardast
  36. Mola Baksh
  37. Qismat Waala
  38. Taaqatwar
  39. Hakoomat
  40. Hasena 420
  41. Naachay Naagin
  42. Dulaari
  43. Jaanbaz
  44. Kalu
  45. Mela
  46. Qemat
  47. Akbar Khan
  48. Qaiidi
  49. Saanjhi Hathkadi
  50. Zidi Khan
  51. Khud Daar
  52. Badlay Di Aag
  53. Ajab Khan
  54. Angaara
  55. Sajaawal Daaku
  56. Sholay
  57. Jatt Daa Wair
  58. Shair Khan Sultan
  59. Jeedaar
  60. Hitler
  61. Haraasat
  62. Aurat Raaj
  63. Mola Jat Mola Jatt
  64. Hathyaar
  65. Akhri Muqaabala
  66. Reshma Te Sheraa
  67. Ultimatum Jabro the Driver
  68. Wehshii Jatt Mola
  69. Bala Gujar
  70. Pind Deleraan Da
  71. Khoon Da Badla Khoon
  72. Ziddi
  73. Raaju
  74. Thaah
  75. Jangu
  76. Insaan Ik Tamaasha
  77. Nizaam
  78. Sultan
  79. Zindagi Kay Melay
  80. Heera
  81. Bhai Bhai
  82. Sir Dhar Di Baazi
  83. Basheera Basheera
  84. Changaa Khoon
  85. Sajan Dushman
  86. Jagde Rehnaa
  87. Sir Daa Sain
  88. Melay Sajna Day
  89. Patolaa
  90. Eid Daa Chann
  91. Saudagar
  92. Mere Mohabbat Teray Hawalay
  93. Azaadi
  94. Ucha Shamla Jatt Daa
  95. Heera Moti
  96. Ilzam
  97. Badghuman
  98. Do Patar Anaran Day
  99. Khan Chacha
  100. Khoon Pasena
  101. Geo Jatta
  102. Waaris
  103. Siraan Naal Sardaarian
  104. Khoon Daaa Rishtaa
  105. Payar Na Manay Haar
  106. Sohnaa Puttar
  107. Bhain Bhaara
  108. Dil Or Duniyaa
  109. Ishq Deewana
  110. Ghaairat Mera Naa
  111. Yar Dais Punjab Day
  112. Jatt Daa Qoul
  113. Sajaawal
  114. Baazigar
  115. Ucchi Haveli
  116. Aaso Billa
  117. Sakhi Lutaira
  118. Khazaanchi
  119. Babul
  120. Uchaa Naa Payar Daa
  121. Chanan Akhiaan Da
  122. Dais Mera Jeedara Da
  123. Ghunghro
  124. Mr. 303
  125. Asgharaa
  126. Do Baghi
  127. Raaja Rani
  128. Bhaian Baj Naa Joriaan
  129. Night Club
  130. Garhastii
  131. Mujram Kon
  132. Dunya Mtlab De
  133. Tikka Mathay Daa
  134. Chan Puttar
  135. Att Khudaa Daa Wair
  136. Bhoole Shah
  137. Qadraa
  138. Ranguu Jatt
  139. Rangelaa
  140. Sayyaan
  141. Mere Dharti Mera Payar
  142. Rab De Shaan
  143. Bahadur Kisaan
  144. Ghairat Shaan Jawaana De
  145. Darindaah
  146. Taxi Driver
  147. Chan Sajna
  148. Lara Lapaa
  149. Takht-O-Taaj
  150. Ali Baba Chaalis Chor
  151. Aik Sona Aik Mitti
  152. Aakhri Chataan
  153. Anwaara
  154. Chan tay Chakor
  155. Shahii Faqeer
  156. Jaggu
  157. Sazaa
  158. Kochwaan
  159. Qasam Us Waqat Kii
  160. Yamlaa Jatt
  161. Dhol Sipaahi
  162. Genterman
  163. Dhee raani
  164. Ghabruu putt punjab day
  165. Koonj Wichar Gayi
  166. Pathar tay leek
  167. Qoul Qaraar
  168. Shabistaan
  169. Hakeem Jee
  170. Sheraan Dee Putar Shair
  171. Ishq Naa Poche Zaat
  172. Dastaan
  173. Run Mureed
  174. Bhaiyaan De Jori
  175. Diyaa Or Tofaan Guest Artist
  176. Haider Khan
  177. Aasraa
  178. Okha Jatt
  179. Dilbar Jaani
  180. Nadir Khan
  181. Panj Daryaa
  182. Taaj Mehal
  183. Payar Daa Wairi
  184. Chalbaaz
  185. Dara Muraad
  186. Commander
  187. Muje Jeenay Do
  188. Shehnaai
  189. Sohna
  190. Aik Si Maa
  191. Pakeezaa
  192. Badlaa
  193. Josh-E-Inteqam
  194. Mein Kahaan Manzil Kahan
  195. Aik Musaafar Aik Haseena
  196. Har Fun Molaa
  197. Chodaah Saal
  198. Mehal
  199. Janab-E-Aali
  200. Chan Makhnaa
  201. Zaalim
  202. Balam
  203. Laala Rukh
  204. Sitammgar
  205. Sholaa Or Shabnamm
  206. Akbaraa
  207. Imam Din Gohaavia
  208. Haatim Tai
  209. Dil Daa Jaani
  210. Elaan
  211. Chacha Je
  212. Chattaan
  213. Sajdaa
  214. Insaaniyat
  215. Jigrii Yaar
  216. Mein Wo Nahein
  217. Nadiraa
  218. Ainaa
  219. Jaanbaaz
  220. Payal Ke Jhankaar
  221. Dard-E-Dil
  222. Koh-e-Noor
  223. Husan Kaa Chor
  224. Baaghi Sardaar
  225. Insan
  226. Janj
  227. Khalifaa
  228. Sarhad
  229. Mojzaah
  230. Watan Kaa Sipaahi
  231. Maajhe De Jatti
  232. Aag Kaa Daryaa
  233. Qabeelaa
  234. Khotaa Paisaa
  235. Jeedaar
  236. Naache Naagan Baje Been
  237. Heer Siaal
  238. Jhanjhaar
  239. Devdas
  240. Fashion
  241. Kaale Log
  242. Sartaaj
  243. Doctor
  244. Faraib
  245. Aisa Bh Hotaa Hai
  246. Baaghi Sipaahi
  247. Choti Behan
  248. Maa Kaa Payar
  249. Payar Ke Sazaa
  250. Gehraa Daagh
  251. Khaandan
  252. Aik Teraa Saahara
  253. Dulhan
  254. Baraat
  255. Baaji
  256. Ishq Par Zoor Nahein
  257. Susral
  258. Jamaloo
  259. Zarenaa
  260. Aulad
  261. Ajnabii
  262. Qaidi
  263. Darwaaza
  264. Shake Hand
  265. Gulfaam
  266. Bekhabar
  267. Maangti
  268. Taaj Aur Talwaar
  269. Haabu
  270. Farishta
  271. Sahelii
  272. Daku Ke Larki
  273. Dil-E-Nadaan
  274. Khaibar Mail
  275. Ayaaz
  276. Bhaabhi
  277. Watan
  278. Ye Duniyaa
  279. Himmat
  280. Sheraa
  281. Laalkaar
  282. Raaz
  283. Nagin
  284. Bodi Shah
  285. Sahaara
  286. Sola Aaanay
  287. Yaar Beli
  288. Jaggaa
  289. Aadmii
  290. Aakhri Daao
  291. Pehlaa Qadam
  292. Mumtaaz
  293. Darbaar
  294. Rukhsaana
  295. Zehr E Ishq
  296. Zulfan
  297. Sardaar
  298. Muraad
  299. Palkaan
  300. Yakke Wali
  301. Hatiim
  302. Wehshe
  303. Baaghi Thu