Shakoor Rana

Shakoor Rana

Shakoor Rana

Shakoor Rana was a Pakistani umpire and cricketer who had a controversial career as an umpire. He also played 1st class matches, but it was umpiring that made his name famous in cricket history. This article has all the information about him, including Shakoor Rana Biography.

Name:Shakoor Rana
In Urdu:شکور رانا
Famous As:Umpire
Tests Umpired :18 (1975–1996)
ODIs Umpired :22 (1977–1996)
Matches Played:11 First-Class
Date:3 April 1936
Place:Amritsar Punjab British India
Siblings :Shafqat Rana,Azmat Rana (Brothers)
Relatives:Moammar Rana(Nephew)
Date:9th April 2001
Rest Place:Lahore

Shakoor Rana Biography

Shakoor Rana Biography

Rana will be remembered as that umpire in cricket history who got involved in unpleasant arguments  with Mike Gatting during a match, and that argument ended the match. He was a popular and genial personality with a sporting background. His brothers Azmat and Shafqat represented ‘Pakistan’ in Test matches.

He also played 1st class matches, but he called cricket as an umpire rather than a cricketer. He was an adroit umpire, bold and upright in his decision-making but vulnerable to attacks of self-importance.

Rana Date of Birth

He was born on 3rd April 1936, in Amritsar, British India. Later, he moved to Pakistan with his family.

Shakoor Rana Family

His brothers Shafqat Rana and Azmat Rana were also cricketers. Azmat played in two ODIs and one test match in 1980. Shafqat played five test matches from 1964-1969 while his sons Mansoor and Maqsood are also cricketers.

Mansoor played two ODIs from 1980-1996 but failed to make his name in this sport and scored only fifteen scores in these two ODIs. Maqsood played single One Day International matches in 1990.


Cricket Career

He played eleven 1st class cricket matches from 1957 to 1973, scoring two hundred and twenty-six runs and took twelve wickets.

shakoor rana vs mike gatting

Umpiring Career

He started his international umpiring career at Lahore in 1974. The tournament was played between West Indies and Pakistan. He did last umpiring of his career in 1996 at Lahore in a match between New Zealand and Pakistan. He did umpire in twenty-two ODIs and eighteen test matches.

In 1987 during a test match in Faisalabad, Rana and Michael William Gatting had some arguments. Rana claimed that Michael had made some alteration to the fielding spots as Edward Ernest ran into a bowl. This argument stopped the tournament, and Rana placed a condition of apology from Michael to stand in this test match.

Michael then gave a written apology and expressed grief at his role in the game.

Shakoor Rana Death

He died on 9th April 2001, in Lahore, Pakistan.