Shahveer Jafry

Shahveer Jafry

Shahveer Jafry

Shahveer Jafry is one of the handsome and creative Youtuber and a content writer who aspires to make his name in Pakistan likewise all over the world. Living in Canada he holds profound warmth for Pakistan which can be seen in his videos. This article contains all the information about him including Shahveer Jafry Biography and Shahveer Jafry Family.

Name:Shahveer Jafry
In Urdu:شہویر جعفری
Famous As:Vlogger
Nationality:Pakistani, Canadian
Education:Business Marketing
Profession:Youtuber, Content creator, Influencer
Years Active:2013-present
Date:26th November 1993
Parents:Not known
Siblings :Sunny (You tuber)

Shahveer Jafry BiographyShahveer Jafry FamilyShahveer with Mahira khan and Sham idreesShahveer jafry in mazak raatShahveer jafry with his father

Shahveer Jafry Biography

Shahveer is an encouraging and favorable social media entertainer who has officially encountered the principal spotlight. He has ascended to a specific dimension of vogue because of his unique contents. He has in excess of 2 million followers there now. His recordings predominantly contact the social conventions of Desi. He engages the group of spectators by bringing a positive picture of Pakistanis. His charm and personality catch the eye of every single girl who aspires to be with him.

Shahveer Jafry age

He was born on 26th November 1993 in Islamabad. Later his family moved to Canada where he spent all his life. Currently, he resides in Milton, Ontario, Canada with his family but has a deep affection for Pakistan.

Education of Shahveer

He holds the degree of Business Marketing which he attained from Canada.

Shahveer Jafry Family

He was born to an ordinary yet extremely supportive family who stood by his side at his every decision of life. One of his brother Sunny is also a YouTuber and entertains people with his content. This handsome young man is still single and has no plans for marriage yet.

Career of Shahveer

  • Shahveer started his career in 2013. At first, he didn’t post recordings reliably. However he started posting normally via web-based networking media, and that is the point at which his fame took off. Shahveer was profoundly enlivened by “YouTubers, for example, ‘Fluffy Tube’ and ‘Superwoman.’ He mostly entertains his fans by making comic content that shows the culture and conventions of the South Asian people group in Canada. He generally picks everyday circumstances and authorizes them. Some of his recordings feature humorous correlations between the responses of ‘white individuals’ and ‘brown individuals’ to a similar circumstance. 
  • Shahveer’s familiarity with Urdu and his Punjabi inflection have made his recordings increasingly relatable toward the South Asian people group. A standout amongst Shahveer’s most famous recordings is ‘A tribute to group Pakistan. Win or Lose, Dil Pakistan. #bleedgreen.’ It took him four days to film the video. He has likewise made an anecdotal comic character, ‘Pinky Chacha,’ who has been the lead in a significant number of his recordings. 
  • Shahveer is likewise known for his joint effort with other prevalent “YouTubers, for example, Zaid Ali and Sham Idrees. He even makes sites for the channel ‘ZaidAliT video blogs.’ He has coordinated two dramatization serials, to be specific, ‘Jaana’ and ‘Marriage Ke Side Effects,’ for Sham Idrees’ channel.

Social Media Handles

His social media accounts where he updates his fans with the current happening and latest videos are as follows