Shahida Mini

Shahida Mini

Shahida Mini

Shahida Mini is a Pakistani singer, actress, and entertainer. She sang her first song on TV while standing on a stool at the age of 10. During this time, she also had the opportunity to sing with great teachers, which is no less than an honor. At radio Pakistan, she first sang “Jivey Jivey Pakistan” at the Independence Day celebrations in Lahore. As she grew up, she continued to sing in the Art Council and Radio Auditorium. When she stepped into Lollywood, Sarwar Bhatti first offered her to work in the film, and she made a name for herself in the film industry. This article has all the information about Shahida, including Shahida Mini Biography.

Name:Shahida Mini
In Urdu:شاہدہ منی
Famous As:Actor
Education:Not Known
Profession:Actress and Singer
Awards :She bagged various awards
Children:Mehreen Atta
Parents:Not Known
Siblings :Not Known
Relatives:Fahad Sheikh (son-in-law)

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Shahida Mini Biography

She is not only amusing her fans with her beautiful voice and brilliant acting but also helping her needy and deserving country fellows. A jury comprising Farida Khanum, Iqbal Bano, and Raees Khan declared Shahida Mini worthy of the Melody Queen award. The characteristic feature of her singing is that unlike other singers, she also dances on her songs during singing. Her fame extends beyond Pakistan. Besides being awarded the Pride of Performance Award, she has received 60 awards for her services in the showbiz and music industry.

Shahida Mini Family

Her daughter Mehreen Atta got hitched with the handsome model, adroit actor, and fashion guru Fahad Sheikh in 2012. In 2015 this couple was blessed with a son, and Shahida became a grandmother.

Showbiz Career

She began her career as a singer on PTV but later turned her attention to film, modeling, and stage and moved away from the world of music. In 1987 she stepped into Lollywood and continued to be a versatile actress till the 90s. During her film career, she was starred in more than 100 movies. Her mega-hit films include ‘Taubaa,’ ‘Chahat,’ ‘Dil Lagi,’ ‘Nargis,’ and ‘Dehleez.’ She also appeared on television and stage for a brief duration. ‘Qafas,’ and ‘Manjhdaar’ are her blockbuster dramas. Besides being successful in acting, she also made her name in the music industry by giving spectacular musical performances.

Production House

She is running her production house with the name ‘SM productions’ and is making films and dramas in this production house.

Social Activist

She is giving her services to a non-profit organization ‘Fatimid Foundation’ to help needy people. This foundation is providing hematological and thalassemia treatment. She is also working with a charitable institution, ‘The Trust School,’ which aims to educate deserving students. To help victims of the earthquake in Pakistan, she performed in concerts in the USA to raise funds.

Shahida Mini Movies

  1. Jahaiz
  2. Insaaf Ka Tarazo
  3. Daa Insaaf Tala
  4. Baarod
  5. Tawaan
  6. Nasebon Waali
  7. Aik Dulhan
  8. Lagan
  9. Zidi Khan
  10. Rishtaa Kaghaz Daa
  11. Hitler
  12. Son Of Aann Dattaa
  13. Sas Mere Saheli
  14. Bashera In Trouble
  15. Jutt Majhay Daa
  16. Dushmann Dadaa
  17. Damtoo Zor
  18. Rogi
  19. Kalkaa
  20. Ishaq Rog
  21. Taizaab
  22. Babrak
  23. Paalay Khan
  24. Baadshah
  25. Number One
  26. Shair Dil
  27. Putar Jaggay Daa
  28. Wehshe Dogar
  29. Super Power
  30. Aik Dafa
  31. Wardatiaa
  32. Gandaasaa
  33. Mastaan Khan
  34. Lakhaan
  35. Baitaab
  36. Hasharr Nasharr
  37. Paabandi
  38. Shaira Pandi
  39. Consular
  40. Ashiqi
  41. Kaakay Daa Kharaak
  42. Duniya Dus Nambari
  43. Zindagii
  44. Deputy
  45. Sanwall
  46. Chahat
  47. Achaa Shookar Waala
  48. Hero
  49. Nargis
  50. Shamaa
  51. Rambo 303
  52. Babraa
  53. Noori Bahaadur
  54. Anjumann
  55. Guru Chelaa
  56. Teesari Dunya
  57. Faqeera
  58. Putar Munawar Zareef Daa
  59. Farishtaa
  60. Sar E Aaam
  61. Dandaa Peer
  62. Sanam Bewafaa
  63. Danday Daa Dor
  64. Jangali Meraa Naam
  65. Albailaa Ashiq
  66. Gujar Punjab Daa
  67. Nasib
  68. Putar Jeray Bladay Da
  69. Mastaana Maahi
  70. Wehshi Aurat
  71. Bazaar Band Karo
  72. Golden Girl
  73. Choroon Key Ghar Chor
  74. Teefa Gujar
  75. Miss Kalashankoof
  76. Lahori Thag
  77. Ziddi
  78. Mere Toubaa

List of Songs

  1. Bheegi Bheegi
  2. Pakistani
  3. Gidaa
  4. Chandani Raatain
  5. Kanganaa
  6. Mast Qalander
  7. Teray Bin
  8. Moray Naain
  9. Sajnaa
  10. Dulhanya
  11. Ishq Nalhayaa
  12. Mein Teriyan
  13. Mehkaa Samaa
  14. Makhaana
  15. Sanwaraey
  16. Nayo Lagdaa Dil
  17. Saso Maangay
  18. Ae Khoon E Ali Asghar
  19. Meray Wataan

List of Albums

  1. Dharkann
  2. Aye Meray Watann
  3. Nayo Lagdaa Dil
  4. Ae Khoon E Ali Asghar

Social Media Accounts

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