Sadia Imam

Sadia Imam (Actor/Actress)

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Sadia Imam was born in Karachi. She is a Pakistani Television presenter [1] Television Presenter Sadia imam , Actress and Model. She has appeared in Commercials, Dramas, and Musical Videos. She is the sister of actress and comedian Aliya Imam.Sadia Imam is perfect example beauty with brain in media. She is most wanted and leading actress of her career. She is most confident and bold. She belongs to Karachi. She has potential in different fields that is the reason she became charismatic young lady in people. She started her professional life very early. She  also belongs to career oriented family. Simply, she is beautiful and talented actress.[2] Sadia Imam

Title Description
Name: Sadia Imam
Alternate Name: Sadia
In Urdu: سعدیہ امام
Famous As: Actress, Television presenter, Model
Nationality: Pakistani
Residence: Karachi
Education: Graduation
Religion: Islam
Profession: Actress, Model, Hosting
Height: 5 fit 6 inches
Awards : Best Actress in a Leading Role Satellite for Dohri on ARY in 2007 Lux Style Award
Skin color: Fair
Hair color: Black
Net worth: 6milion
Date: 20 October 1979
Country: Pakistan
Marital Status: Married
Interested: Media
Nominations: Lux Style Award for Satellite Best TV Actress
Place: Pakistan
Zodiac: Capricorn
Spouse: Adnan Haider (m. 2012)
Look: Attractive personality
Children: 1
Siblings : Aliya Imam (Sister)

Early Life

Wedding Pic of Sadia Imam

Wedding Pic of Sadia Imam

She was born in the month of October in the year of 1979. She is scorpion and has unique attributes like others. She started showbiz career in late 90s. She was interested in media from childhood. She was very brilliant during her school days. She played acting roles during college period and won prizes. She was humble from childhood. She has wonderful memories.


As we know that she was very active from childhood. She was very passionate for showbiz and wanted her professional life in media industry. So, she just secured graduation from her hometown.[3] Education


She is blessed with amazing family. Her parents were educated and liberal. They did not impose restrictions upon her. Her father was a businessman and mother was housewife.

Television Presenter

Samaa Kay Mehmaan on Samaa TV[4]Sama Tv wikipedia (2015-Present)

Radio Passion

She was also passionate about RJ and she worked in radio when she was just in 6th grade during her study period. She was appreciated at that time.[5] Radio Passion


She had hidden abilities from her early life. She was also famous child artist. She had good abilities in acting and she went with her sister. So, her passion was increased day by day. At last, she decided to start her career and step out in media. Her early days in media were very charming. She had done acting, hosting and modeling in television industry. She started her early career with modeling. She had work in different channels with different roles. She was also doing work for commercials. She was a good presenter in radio and in hosting shows. Moreover, she is well-groomed personality in all around.


Sadia Imam baby pic

Sadia Imam baby pic

She is blessed with a baby girl. Her daughter is very cute little angel.

List of Dramas

  1. Jab Jab Dil Milay                                
  2. Hum Say Juda Na Hona                                
  3. Dil Drd Dhoowan                                
  4. Aangan Bhar Chandni ARY Digital
  5. Tapish                                                         
  6. Dohri                                                            
  7. Koonj                                                            
  8. Mere Naseeb Ki Baarishain                 
  9. Dolls and Dude                                              
  10. Adha Chehra                                             
  11. Sirf Aik Baar                                             
  1. Dil Dard Dhuan,
  2. Rani Beti Raaj Karey,
  3. Anokha Bandhan,
  4. Kinara Mil Gaya Hota,
  5. Usay Bhool Ja,
  6. Hum Se Juda Na Hona,
  7. Aangan Bhar Chandni,
  8. Maamta,
  9. Jab Jab Dil Milay,
  10. Uljhan,
  11. Ijazat.

Showbiz Career

Saadia Imam finished her showbiz activities after her marriage and living happily in Germany along with her husband. She said, she will rejoin permanent media career when her husband settled in Pakistan.[6] Rejjion of showbiz  career

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