Saeed Khan(Rangeela)

Rangeela (Actor)


Rangeela Actor who was born as Muhammad Saeed Khan was a celebrated Pakistani film actor, director, producer and singer. His entry in showbiz was his sheer luck. Before acting, he used to paint the billboards of the Pakistani entertainment industry. He acted in more than 300 movies and proved his worth with his roles.

His daughter is serving as a politician while his sons have acted in a few movies. Rangeela received many awards for his remarkable performances including the Pride of Performance award. He married thrice and had 12 children. This article contains all the information about him, including Rangeela Biography.

Name:Muhammad Saeed Khan
In Urdu:سعید خان
Famous As:Rangeela
In Urdu:رنگیلا
Profession:Acting, Direction, writer, producer, Singer
Awards :He received many awards
Date:1st January 1937
Place:Nanganhar, Afghanistan
Children:6 Sons, 8 Daughters
Relatives:Farah Deeba(daughter) PML-N leader
Date:24th May 2005
Rest Place:Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Occupation(s):Acting, Production, Direction, Singing, Scriptwriting
Serial & Movies
Name:Nooran, Gehra Daagh, Malangi,
Professional Work
Years Active:1957-1994

Rangeela Biography

Rangeela Biography

Saeed Khan was a notable and acknowledged Pakistani star who showed his talent in numerous movies as an actor, producer, director and singer. He showed his versatility by doing a different kind of roles. He also made a cameo in a blockbuster movie ‘Maula Jatt.’

No one knew that a guy who used to paint Billboards would become a superstar one day. Despite several years of death, he is still considered an evergreen star this industry has ever produced. He was honoured pride of performance for his contribution to the film industry. He was mainly known for his comic roles.

Saeed Khan Age

He was born in a province of Afghanistan as Mohammad Saeed Khan. He moved to Peshawar with his family at a young age. Later he went to Lahore to start his career as a painter.

Rangeela Family

He belonged to an ordinary family of Afganistan who later migrated to Peshawar. He married thrice and blessed with 3 children. One of his daughters Farah Deeba is a Pakistani politician while his other daughter is an American’s CPA Accountant. His 2 sons Kamran and Jahanzaib have acted in a few movies.

Rangeela songs

Showbiz Career

Initial Career

Rangeela came to Lahore to find some work. Soon he started painting Pakistani film industry’s billboards. He had no idea that this work will open ways for his entry in the showbiz industry.

As an Actor

While painting boards, he was offered a side role in the film when the director found no replacement. He happily agreed to perform that role. Everyone got amazed with his acting skills on sets, and it is how his Showbiz journey started. Rangeela acted in more than 300 movies of different genres and gradually climbed the heights of success.

He made his cinematic debut with the Punjabi movie ‘Jatti’ in 1958. He performed different roles throughout his career and gathered huge appreciation and success. Saeed Khan had a long list of successful movies in his credit that people still watch and adore.

As a Producer

He didn’t bound himself to act; in fact, he tried every path and launched his own production house ‘Rangeela’ and produced many movies. His produced movies took everyone’s attention, and people started loving him as a producer too.

Rangeela saeed khan

As a Director

Besides an actor and producer, he also directed many movies. His directional debut was ‘Diya Aur Tofan,’ a romantic comedy movie. He directed numerous movies under his production house. Rangeela also wrote many scripts and sang a few songs in his movies.

Rangeela Movies

As an Actor

  • Nooran
  • Malangi
  • Gehra Daagh
  • Ziddi
  • Rangeela Aur Munawar Zarif
  • Imam Din Gohawia
  • Dosti
  • Ik Madari
  • Dil Aur Duniya
  • Rangeela
  • Kubra Ashiq
  • Do Tasweerain
  • Maula Jatt
  • Disco Dancer
  • Kalay Chor
  • Majhu
  • Bazar e Husn
  • Abdullah The Great
  • Rangeelay Jasoos
  • Sarmaya

As a Director

  • Meri Mohabbat Tere Hawalai
  • Amanat
  • Jahaiz
  • Ganwaar
  • Raja Rani
  • Quli
  • Namak Halal
  • Subha Ka Tara
  • Kaka Ji
  • Sahab Bahadur
  • Jahaiz

As a Producer

  • Do Rangeelay
  • Aurat Raj
  • Insaan Aur Gadha
  • Kubra Ashiq
  • Diya Aur Toofan

As a Playback Singer

  • Do Rangeelay
  • Aurat Raj
  • Insaan Aur Gadha
  • Diya Aur Toofan

Rangeela Lollywood actor

As a Writer

  • Aurat Raaj
  • Rangeela

Rangeela Death

After ruling the Pakistani film industry for 40 years, he died on 25th May 2005.