Rahmat Saleh Baloch

Rahmat Saleh Baloch

Rahmat Saleh Baloch

Rahmat Saleh Baloch is a Pakistani politician who has previously served as a member of the Provincial Assembly. He remained Balochistan Health minister and raised his voice in Polio Eradication. On 21st July 2014, he initiated Life Saving Services for people who are into drugs.

In various Provincial Assembly sessions, he always speaks about Polio and how to eradicate it forever. He did many Polio campaigns and contributed a lot to this cause. This article has all the information about him, including Rahmat Saleh Baloch Biography.

Name:Rahmat Saleh Baloch
Local Language Name:رحمت صالح بلوچ
Famous As:Politician
Residence:Muhalla Gharibabad, Chitkan, Panjgur
Website:[email protected]
Tribe :Baloch
Marital Status :Married
Permanent Contact :Muhalla Gharibabad, Chitkan, Panjgur
Present Contact :Union Council Chitkan Block 3 New Gharibabad District Panjgur
Languages :Balochi, English, Urdu
Date:1st January 1975
Place:Muhalla Gharibabad, Chitkan, Panjgur
Parents:Saleh Muhammad Baloch
Political Party:National Party
Serve As:Committee on Health and Population Welfare
Member of the provincial Assembly
Constituency:PB-42 Panjgoor-I
Assumed office:2002 – 2007
Ministry :Minister of Health

Rahmat Saleh Baloch Biography

Rahmat Saleh Baloch Biography

Rahmat Saleh is a Pakistani politician who is associated with the National Party and has served as Balochistan Health minister for many years. He is known for being the voice against polio and did many campaigns for its eradication. Saleh has been a member of the provincial Assembly for 2 tenures.

He made sure to perform his duty as a Health Minister with justice and fair play. He inaugurated various health services in this regard. Rehmat Saleh Baloch once survived a deadly attack when unknown people attacked his convoy, but fortunately, he survived.

Saleh Date of Birth

He was born on 1st January 1975 in District Panjgur near Balochistan.

Education of Saleh

He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Science from Panjgur Degree College.

Political Career

2002 General Elections

He ran for the seat of the Provincial Assembly in the 2002 General Elections and fortunately grabbed the highest votes. Saleh Baloch was made the Balochistan Health Minister from where he contested the elections. He worked a lot for the eradication of Polio by doing campaigns and speaking against it.

Rahmat Saleh Baloch polio eradication

He also initiated Life Saving Services centers for people who are addicted to drugs. Saleh Baloch taught people how drugs can be harmful to us in different conferences and what circumstances it creates. In a ceremony that was attended by many notable personalities, he discussed its disadvantages and how to get rid of it.

2013 General Elections

He once again ran for the seat of the Provincial Assembly in the 2013 General Elections on the ticket of the National Party and once again succeeded.

Escaped Attack

On 6th July 2017, he survived a rocket attack when unidentified people tried to hit his convoy. Fortunately, he escaped the attack, and no one was harmed. After the attack, the area was sealed for further investigation. The incident occurred when he was traveling to Panjgur.

Rahmat Saleh Baloch politician

Social Media Handles

His social media account include