Quratulain Marri
Quratulain Marri
Quratulain Marri

Quratulain Marri is a Pakistani politician and an active member of the Senate Assembly since 2018. She belongs to Sindh and is associated with PPP. This article has all the information about her, including Quratulain Marri Biography.

Name:Quratulain Marri
In Urdu:قرۃ العین‬‎
Famous As:Politician
Political Party:Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)
Serve As:Member
In Office
Role:Member of the Senate of Pakistan
Dates:March 2018

Quratulain Marri Biography

Quratulain Marri Biography

Quratulain is a Pakistani politician who is currently operating as a member of the Senate Assembly after winning Senate Elections 2018. She is successfully completing her tenure by highlighting major issues. Marri is attached to Pakistan Peoples Party and is going to complete her tenure in 2024.

Political Career

She first time elected as a member of the Senate Assembly in 2018 Senate Elections while being attached to Pakistan Peoples Party. She highlights major issues of the nation and tries to resolve it.

Marri has effectively observed the section of 2 bills, one on obligatory daycare focuses on foundations and the other on paramedical staff in schools. Also, she has submitted enactment on maternal and fatherly leave. Moreover, she lends her voice to announce the minimum working age of kids.