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Muhammad Qavi Khan is a Pakistani film and drama actor well known as Qavi Khan. He was born on 13th November 1932 in Peshawar Pakistan. After completion of his studies he started his career at Radio Pakistan at very early age as a child actor. After some time he moved to Lahore Pakistan with his family. In 1964 he started working in Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) when TV broadcasting first started in Lahore Pakistan. Qavi Khan is first actor of PTV. In 1974. [1] Muhammad Qavi Khan 
  • Personal
  • Name:

    Qavi Khan

  • In Urdu:

    قوی خان

  • Full Name:

    Muhammad Qavi Khan

  • In Urdu:

    محمد قوی خان‎

  • Famous As:


  • Nationality:


  • Residence:

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • Education:


  • Religion:


  • Profession:

    Film & TV Actor

  • Maritial Status:


  • Zodiac:


  • Awards :

    Pride of Performance (1980), The 1st Indus Drama Awards (2005), Sitara-e-Imtiaz (2012)

  • Born
  • Date:

    13 November 1932

  • Place:

    Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

  • Family
  • Children:

    Two sons & two daughters

  • Career
  • Occupation(s):

    Film actor, Television actor, Stage actor

  • Drama Credits:


  • Drama Debut:

    Andhera Ujala (1984)

  • Film Debut:

    Tiger Gang (1974)

  • Years active :



Qavi Khan in a great role
Qavi Khan in a great role

Mini Bio

Radio and Stage are known as nursery of Pakistani television history as they produced so many great artists who then appeared on Television and mesmerized the audience by their performances. One of these great names is Qavi Khan who was born after the Partition in Peshawar on 13th  November 1947. His childhood was spent in Peshawar where he took his early education. From his school time in 1952, he started participating in stage plays for his school and also participated in radio shows for school children.[2] Mini Bio -  Mini Bio 

Early Career

Qavi Khan is a Pakistani film and drama actor
Qavi Khan is a Pakistani film and drama actor
Qavi Khan is known as first Television artist of PTV. He appeared on screen in PTV Lahore’s first production of TV Play in lead role along with MunnawarTaufiq and the play was Nazrana which was aired on 26th of November 1964. His mesmerized performance took attention not only of masses but also of filmmakers. Soon as from his first play he was everywhere, he appeared in his first Silver Screen blockbuster “Riwaaj” which was also praised by the audiences.[3] Early Career -  Early Career 

After TV plays

An old photo of Qavi Khan
An old photo of Qavi Khan
After TV plays, PTV attempted for TV series and there Qavi Khan got chance to perform in his first TV series “Lakhon Main teen”, it was also PTV Lahore center productions. In this series, he played comical role as the series was shot in Comedy genre.  However, his main identity remains as Serious & Sober character for Television directors and they prefer to place him in this kind of roles permanently, which still is his identity. He is known as an actor who exhibits reality in his performances for which he claims that Ashfaq Ahmad and Bano Qudsia played a very important role as a mentor.[4] After TV plays 

Uncountable Performances

In 1964 he start work in Pakistan Television Corporation
In 1964 he start work in Pakistan Television Corporation
With more then 200 Movies and uncountable television performances, Qavi Khan also continued to work in radio & Theater and performed with full dedication so that his popularity graph never came down and endorsing his popularity, he got so many national and international awards which includes Pride of performance Award, Two life time achievement awards (For Radio &Tv respectively), Russian Film award for his film “Nahin Abhi Nahin” ,Nigar awards (3) and above all he got Sitara e Imtiaz in 2012 by the Government of Pakistan.[5] Uncountable Performances 

Producer Qavi khan

Qavi Khan also produced 13 Urdu and Punjabi Movies and directed One Movie in 1985. He also took part in elections and decided not to campaign for himself, which resulted 9,970 votes in favor of Qavi Khan without any kind of campaign. Qavi Khan got married in 1968 & has four children, two sons & two daughters, they all are married.[6] Qavi Khan produced Movies 

His Famous Dramas

Qavi Khan in Talk show
Qavi Khan in Talk show
  • Ashiana
  • Baadloon per basaira
  • Sussar in law
  • Bulandi
  • Angarwadi
  • Anndhera Ujala
  • Raiza Raiza
  • Din
  • Mirza and sons
  • MeribehanMerideewani
  • Main Baba kiladli [7] His Famous Dramas 

Qavi Khan filmography

Qavi Khan
Qavi Khan
Tiger Gang29-03-1974English/Urdu
Mohabbat Zindagi Hai06-06-1975Urdu
Society Girl16-04-1976Urdu
Chan Suraj11-09-1981Punjabi
Kalay Chor04-01-1991Punjabi/Urdu
Zameen Aasman22-05-1994Punjabi/Urdu
International Luteray1994Punjabi/Urdu
Wrong No.18-07-2015Urdu
Mehrunisa V Lub U2017Urdu
Pari (2017 film)2017Urdu


  • 2012 Sitara-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan
  • 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 1980 Pride of Performance Award

PTV Awards

  • Best Actor
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Radio Pakistan Lifetime Achievement Award

Nigar Awards

  • 1969 Nigar Award for Best Supporting Actor-Bahu Rani
  • 1976 Nigar Award for Best Supporting Actor-Aaj Aur Kal
  • 1978 Nigar Award for Best Supporting Actor-Parakh

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