Palwasha Khan
Palwasha Khan

Palwasha Khan full name Palwasha Muhammad Zai Khan is a Pakistani politician.She served as member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from 2008 – 2013.

Name:Palwasha Khan
In Urdu:پلوشہ خان‬
Famous As:Politician
Seat Designation:Member of National Assembly
Hails from :Chakwal Pakistan
Date:16 April 1976
Place:Chakwal Pakistan
Parents:Zaqa Ullah Khan (Father)
Political Party:Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)
Serve As:Member
In Office
Role:Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan

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Political Career

Nominated For NAfor Women

Those nominated to contest the elections for the reserved seats of NA for women include Naheed Khan, Rukhsana Bangash, Shehnaz Wazir Ali, Palwasha Khan, Mrs Beelum Hasnain, Mehreen Anwer Bhutto, Farzana Raja, Justice Fakhrun Nisa, Fauzia Habib, Yasmin Rehman, Shakila Rasheed, Samina Mushtaq Pagganwala, Begum Nasim Chaudhry, Nargis Faiz Malik, Azra Khalid and Mrs Nighat. Some of them will also contest elections for the reserved seats in the Punjab Assembly.

Elections 2013

Palwasha Muhammad Zai Khan, daughter of Mr. Zaka Ullah Khan is contesting elections on the women reserved seats for national assembly. She also remained member of the national assembly on NA-291, Women Punjab -XIX, during the the last tenure (2008-2013).[1]  Elections 2013 

National Assembly of Pakistan

Palwasha was elected to the National Assembly of Pakistan from Punjab as a candidate of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on a seat reserved for women in the Pakistani general election, 2008.[2] Political Career

Membership of National Assembly Committees

  1. Standing Committee on Environment 
  2. Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs 
  3. Standing Committee on Youth Affairs[3]  Membership of National Assembly Committees 

Contact Information

  1. Permanent Address: H. # 10, St. # 3, Shah Jamal, Lahore
  2. Local Address: H. # 149, St. # 22, F-10/2, Ibd[4]  Contact Information