Nuzhat Sadiq

Nuzhat Sadiq

Nuzhat Sadiq

Nuzhat Sadiq is a strong politician of Pakistan who is currently serving as a Senator after winning 2018 Senate elections on the ticket allotted by Pakistan Muslim League N. She was previously named as the richest Pakistani female of Pakistan.

Nuzhat also remained the member of the National Assembly in the past. She always raised her voice in support of the woman. This article carries every information about her, including Nuzhat Sadiq Biography.

Name:Nuzhat Sadiq
In Urdu:نزہت صادق‬‎
Famous As:Politician
Education:Bachelors of Art Degree
Profession:She is a Pakistani Politician of PML(N)
Permanent Addr:H. # 213, St. #33, F-10/1, Ibd.
Spouse:Aamir Sadiq
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League
Serve As:Senate of Pakistan
Time Period :March 2012 – present
Old Political Affiliations:National Assembly of Pakistan
Time Period:2008 – 2012

Nuzhat Sadiq Biography

Nuzhat Sadiq Biography

Nuzhat is a competent politician from Pakistan who is active in politics for a long time. She is currently elected member of Senator after contesting 2018 Senate elections on the ticket of PMLN. According to her, her parents and mother in law became the biggest support system for her throughout her political career.

Nuzhat has previously operated as a member of the Senate and National Assembly. Apart from her hard work, she made her position in politics by actively participating in Constituents. Moreover, she functioned as a Central president of women wings of PMLN.

Education of Nuzhat

She obtained a Bachelor degree in Arts from CB college.

Political Career

2008 Elections

She ran for the seat of the National Assembly in 2008 General Elections on a reserved seat for women and got elected by securing the highest votes. That time he was declared as the wealthiest female Pakistani member of NA. In 2008, she worked as Parliamentary Caucus of Women.

She functioned on multiple Ministries and always raised her voice in support of the woman. She also upholds various bills demanding justice for women again violence and harassment.

2012 Senate Elections

The next time she ran for the Senate Assembly seat in 2012 elections and fortunately again grabbed the seat. However, soon she resigned from her post.

2018 Senate Elections

Later in 2018, she decided again to contest Senate Elections on the party ticket of PMLN. However, ECP declared all the PMLN candidate independent, so she had to contest elections as an independent candidate. Fortunately, she again won the highest seats. She took an oath on connected with treasury benches.

mrs. nuzhat sadiq

Dual Nationality Case

In 2018, Nuzhat and Chaudhry Sarwar were asked for their dual nationality case. According to the law of Constitution, lawmakers holding dual Nationality will be qualified. However, the court decision came in their favour and both cleared by the Supreme Court in this case.

Social Media Handles

Her social media account include