Murtaza Javed Abbasi

Murtaza Javed Abbasi

Murtaza Javed Abbasi

Murtaza Javed Abbasi is a senior politician from Abbottabad associated with PMLN. He was the 18th Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He has also served as the Chairman of District Council Abbottabad. Javed unanimously elected as the Chairman of the Special Committee on Delimitation of Constituencies. This article has all the information about Abbasi,  including Murtaza Javed Abbasi Biography.

Name:Murtaza Javed Abbasi
In Urdu:مرتضی جاوید عباسی
Famous As:Politician
Education:Preston University Peshawar
Date:15th March 1970
Children:1 Son
Parents:Haji Javed Iqbal Abbasi
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League N
Serve As:MNA
Time Period :2018 – present
Old Political Affiliations:Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Member of the National Assembly
Constituency:NA-15 (Abbottabad-I)
Assumed office:20th August 2018

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Murtaza Javed Abbasi Biography

Abbasi is the former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. He was the third Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly from Hazara and 18th Deputy Speaker of National Assembly. Murtaza has been successful in the general elections since 2008. In his political career, he has only associated with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and since then served his constituency wholeheartedly. His last tenure as a member of the National Assembly was successful for him as he served on key posts; First, as a Deputy Chairman, and Second, as a Chairman of Committee on Delimitation.

Murtaza Abbasi Family

Murtaza Javed is the eldest son of Late Javed Iqbal Abbasi. He was a former member of the National Assembly and a senator. His father was also a worker of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. Due to his affiliation with PMLN, late Javed Iqbal Abbasi was imprisoned by NAB in August 2000.

Abbasi date of Birth

He was born on 15th March 1970 in Abbottabad. Currently, Abbasi is still residing there.

Education of Abbasi

Javed Abbasi is an educated politician. He has studied at Preston University Peshawar.  

Political Career

Initial Career

  • Javed started his political career in 2002 when he contested the election for the National Assembly. His party was under immense pressure after the military takeover of General Pervez Musharraf. The top party leadership was in exile and some other members were facing corruption cases that were politically driven. Javed contested the election from NA-18 against Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob of PMLQ.  
  • His opponent was much stronger and defeated Javed in the election. Javed got 32527 votes while Yaqoob received 36826 votes and won the election. After the party leadership came back to the country, the party got a new strength. It was the end of 8 years of the military regime and the revival of democracy in 2008.  Abbasi was again given the ticket to contest the election for the National Assembly. 


He contested from NA-18 in 2008 elections against 14 other contestants. Sardar Yaqoob was also one of them. In the election, Javed defeated Yaqoob with a huge margin. He received 72586 votes, while Sardar Yaqoob got only 35480 votes. The other candidates got lesser votes than 20,000. In 2013, he had a much stronger position than all other candidates. Though he had to face the challenge of the candidate of PTI, he still won comfortably.

As a Deputy Speaker

  • His party PMLN won the majority seats in 2013 elections in the country and formed the government. Soon he was made the Deputy Speaker of National Assembly. He was 18th deputy speaker and 3rd from Hazara. The first was Haneef Khan from Mansehra, while the second was Sardar Yaqoob. Many other MPAs of Hazara have also served as the Speakers of Provincial Assembly. These include Nawaz khan, who served as Deputy Speaker of Provincial Assembly in the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto when Nasrullah Khan Khattak was the Chief Minister. In the 1970s.
  • Javed Abbasi was given a chance to provide a vital role in a smaller province. He also served as the acting Speaker of the National Assembly after the removal of Ayaz Sadiq, who was alleged of rigging in the general election 2013 by the Chairman of Pakistan Tahreek Insaf Imran Khan. Abbasi was also elected as the Chairman of the Committee on Delimitations on Constituencies. 
  • The committee was formed to address the grievances of the lawmakers about the newly formed constituencies. In the meeting, nine members working group was formed that worked under the Minister of Privatization Daniyal Aziz. The group made suggestions and recommendations in three days and sent them to the Election Commission of Pakistan for the resolution of the grievances.

2018 General Elections

Before the 2018 election, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz was facing serious troubles. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was disqualified in the Panama Gate case by the Supreme Court and the Party was having a deteriorating image. In such situations, the election 2018 was contested. The party was wiped out in the center as well as in Punjab but Javed Abbasi secured his seat in Abbottabad. He contested from NA-15, the newly formed constituency, and defeated Ali Asghar Khan from PTI. Javed got 95340 votes and Ali Asghar got 81845 votes.

Social Media Accounts

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