Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai

Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai

Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai

Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai is an advocate who was keenly interested in politics since his student life, so he pursued his profession and is Senator from province Baluchistan. He is associated with Baluchistan High Court since 2003 and served as Secretary-General of National Lawyer-Forum from 2003-2006. This article has every information about him, including Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai Biography.

Name:Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai
In Urdu:محمد داؤد خان اچکزئی
Famous As:Politician
Date:2nd January 1968
Ethnicity:Achakzai tribe
Parents:Ghulam Sarwar Khan Pir Ali Zai
Relatives:Mehmood Khan Achakzai
Political Party:Awami National Party
Serve As:Senator
Time Period :March 2015

Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai Biography

Daud Khan is an educated personality who belongs to a strong political background. His forefathers struggled for the fundamental rights of their people, and now Khan is continuing their mission. He is simultaneously carrying his political and law career.

He served at various positions throughout his political career, including Secretary-General of A.N.P. Baluchistan, Member of Baluchistan Convening Committee, Member of A.N.P. Central Election-Committee, and many others.

In 2018 some armed men attacked him when he was present as a guest in the house of an A.N.P. candidate; fortunately, he survived the attack.

Achakzai Date of Birth

He opened his eyes on 2nd January 1968 in Baluchistan.

Education of Achakzai

He received MSc from Baluchistan University in 1998 and an L.L.B. degree from ‘University Law College’ in 2000.

Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai Family

He has a political background; his family members were active and enthusiastic politicians who struggled for the awakening of masses and their fundamental rights under the National Awami-Party, Khudae Khidmatgar Tehreek, M.R.D., and Pashtun Zulmai banner.

Now A.N.P. (Awami National Party) is continuing this mission. His father, Ghulam Sarwar Khan (Late), served his people as Provincial President of A.N.P. Baluchistan till his death in 2006.

Political Career

He started taking an interest in politics of country since his student life from Pashtun Student Federation platform and served at various positions including Secretary-General of A.N.P. Baluchistan from 2008-2011 and then again from 2012-2013, Member of Baluchistan Convening Committee from 2011-2012, Member of A.N.P. Central Election-Committee from 2013-2014, and as Central Vice-President of A.N.P. since 17th August 2014.

National and International Seminar/Conferences/Courses Attended by Khan

  1. D.U Course from 3rd December 2012 to 4th January 2013.
  2. Pak-Afghan Friendship Group in Afghanistan Kabul from 16th to 19th December
  3. He attended the 129th IPU Conference in Geneva from 7th to 10th October 2013.
  4. P.A. Conference at     Lahore from 1st to 4th December 2014.
  5. He was nominated for the seventh Common-Wealth Youth Parliament in Australia from 1st to 5th November 2015.
  6. Pakistan Parliamentary-Committee on Pak-China Economic Corridor delegation visit to Shanghai, from 21st to 27th May 2016.
  7. He went as an All-Parties delegation member to China on C.P.C. invitation from 24th October 2016 to 2nd November 2016.
  8. He attended the 4th IPU Global-Conference of the Parliamentarians in Canada from 17th to 18th November 2017.
  9. Tour to London and Manchester Reeds on the invitation of Jammu and Kashmir ‘Self-Determination Movement’ from 17th to 24th January 2018.

Services in Senate

He worked as Chairperson of Pakistan Senate and holds the honor to be a representative in the following Senate Standing-Committees from 2012-2015:

  1. Defense Production
  2. Information and Broadcasting

Survived the Attack

In 2018 unknown men entered into the guest house of Engineer Zamarak, the A.N.P. candidate in Qila Abdullah, and started firing on individuals sitting in the house that injured Khan. He, however, sustained injuries and was later moved to a nearby hospital.