Marvi Memon
Marvi Memon

Marvi Memon is a politician and businesswoman of Pakistan. She recently served as the chairperson of the Benazir Income Program (BISP) from 2015 to 2018. Marvi has also worked in many key offices. She has remained a CEO of a multinational company called Trackers in Pakistan. It was her company that was the largest tracking company in Pakistan In 2003, she was appointed as the Media advisor in ISPR and advised Musharraf on civil and military affairs. She has represented Pakistan abroad as well. This article has all the information about Marvi, including Marvi Memon Biography.

Name:Marvi Memon
In Urdu: ماروی میمن
Famous As:Politician
Education:Bsc Economics
Alma Mater:London School of Economics
Awards :Speakers Democracy Award
Date:21th July 1972
Parents:Nisar Memon
Siblings :Not Known
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League N
Old Political Affiliations:Pakistan Muslim league Q

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Marvi Memon Biography

Marvi is one of those Pakistani politicians who is known for her advocacy of women empowerment, Youth awareness, as a businesswoman, and as the youngest CEO of Pakistan. She started her political career with PMLQ and then joined PMLN. Apart from her political career that started in 2007, she has a very attractive professional career. She has worked in Citibank of Pakistan as a Marketing and Quality control manager, Executive Media Officer in ISPR, and advisor to Musharraf’s administration. She is also the CEO of her firm, Lifelong Consultancy. Marvi is enriched with 26 years of professional experience in corporate management, entrepreneurship, investment advisory climate crisis management, and many more.

Marvi date of Birth

Memon was born on 21st July, 1972 in Karachi. Currently, Marvi is residing in the same city.

Marvi Memon Family

Marvi is the daughter of senior politician and Senator Nisar Memon. It is said that she is not married, but it is considered to be untrue. It is said that she is the ex-wife of the CEO KTN media, Ali Kazi. They have a son named Murtaza. In the government of PMLN, suddenly, the news erupted that she married Ishaq Dar, who was the Finance Minister. Marvi was trolled on twitter for so many days. The media reported that she married Ishaq Dar for 1.5 million Haq Mehar. Later, the senior journalist, Mubashir Luqman, also presented documents proving their marriage. The news was not accepted nor denied publically that further arose doubts in the minds of the people.

Education of Marvi

As she was born in Karachi, Marvi got her early education in her hometown. She also spent time in Kuwait and Paris. Later she enrolled herself in the London School of Economics and achieved her graduate degree in International Relations.

Political Career

  • According to Marvi, it was Musharraf who invited her to politics. As she was an Advisor to Musharraf’s administration, she had close relations with government officials. In 2007, she joined PMLQ and selected as a member of the National Assembly from PMLQ on a reserved seat in Punjab. She had set high political standards. That was the reason that she left the party when it made a coalition with PPP. During Marvi’s first tenure as a member, she was a member of many committees that include a member of the standing committee for Environment, Technology, and Kashmir. 
  • As she is an advocate of women empowerment, she focused areas like Acid and Burn Crime legislation, legislation for the Institute of Parliamentary Services which is a research institute, Obligations for Airlines, Agriculture, and worker’s rights. After her silence for a short period, it was speculated that she will join Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf but surprisingly, she joined PMLN. Soon, Marvi was elected as a member of the National Assembly on a reserved seat from Sindh. In this tenure, she was made the chairperson of the Standing Committee for Broadcasting and Heritage. 
  • In 2015, she was appointed as Chairperson of BISP. She was also given the status of the Minister. She was also appointed as a member of the Advisory Council on Gender and development at World Bank in 2017 but she ceased to work after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif. Again, she was inducted into the newly formed cabinet of Khaqan Abbasi. This time she served till the dissolution of the government.

As a Chairperson of BISP

  •  According to her, BISP provides social security to the people as it happens throughout the world. She stated that it provides financial assistance to 5.7 million poor families. She also said that BISP does not only provide financial assistance but also employment opportunities as well. It works on two models that are the Inclusive Business Development model and the Direct Cash Model.
  • Under her supervision, Memon successfully initiated Education cash to save two million children from child labor. She also operationalized the Women’s committee. It is the largest women empowerment network of 17 million women who were trained on financial inclusion, nutrition, and women empowerment. To ensure transparency in the BISP, she introduced biometric payment modes. She brought new energy to the program.

Relation with PMLN

Her relation with PMLN did not remain stronger. It is said to be the separation of the accused relation with Ishaq Dar. She also targeted her party on twitter. Her tweets were threatening for the Sharif family. It was reported that the Party leadership assigned duty to two senior politicians to stop her from her remarks over party matters now and would be expelled from the party as the situation is controlled. She was not awarded the ticket in 2018 elections


In 2012, she published her Parliamentary Diaries that are the accounts of her everyday life as a parliamentarian

Marvi Memon Awards

She was awarded Speaker’s Democracy Award by House of Commons of UK and French National Order by the French ambassador to Pakistan

Social Media Accounts

Her social media accounts include:

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