Justice Mushir Alam

Justice Mushir Alam

Justice Mushir Alam

Justice Mushir Alam is widely known as the judge who heard some of the important cases of his time. He has served as the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court and judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He has remained part of International Organizations like BATU (Brotherhood of Asian Trade Union) and WCL (Worker Confederation of Labor). This article has all the information about Justice Mushir, including Justice Mushir Alam Biography.

Name:Justice Mushir Alam
In Urdu:جسٹس مشیر عالم
Famous As:Justice Supreme Court
Alma Mater:Sindh Muslim Law College Karachi
Date:18th August 1956
Parents:Muhammad Akram
Relatives:Manzar Alam (Uncle)

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Justice Mushir Alam Biography

Mushir Alam is the one known for his active role in bar activities. He was elected as the Secretary of High Court bar Karachi. Before his elevation as Chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, he was the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court. He has also remained a member of many organizations like the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, Supreme Judicial Council, and many more. As a judge, he has also joined many seminars abroad.

Alam date of Birth

Justice Mushir was born on 18 August, 1954.

Mushir Alam Family

He belongs to a family associated with the legal profession for generations. His father, Muhammad Akram was a senior lawyer and his grandfather served as Maharaja of Gwalior state. His uncle, Manzar Alam was also associated with the legal profession. He is the third generation of his family in the legal field.

Education of Mushir

He did his LLB from Sindh Muslim Law College Karachi and joined the Karachi bar for his practice.

Professional Career

  • The professional career of Justice Mushir started in 1981 when he joined the Karachi bar for his practice as an advocate. After two years of practice, he got the license as an advocate of the High Court. As he had a strong background in the legal profession, he soon participated in the activities of the bar and elected as the General Secretary of the High Court Bar association Karachi.
  • In 1998, he was appointed as a member of the Standing Council for the government of Pakistan. Serving fro two years as its member, he was promoted to the bench. In 2013, Justice Alam was appointed as the judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Chief Justice Ifthikhar Muhammad Chaudhary took his oath on 20th September. While it is the time of Judicial Activism where the judiciary works outside of its domain, Mushir is the one who believes justice should begin at home. 

Important Cases

  • One of the most important cases of his career has been a Dual nationality case. He headed the three members bench while hearing the election matter of Abdur Rauf Rind’s disqualification. According to him the contestant of the election had dual nationality of Oman. The bench also remarked that the dual nationals should do something other than Politics.
  • Another notable case that he heard is the case of missing advocate, retired Inam Ur Rahim. When the Lahore High Court ordered his release, the federal government approached the Supreme Court. As it was a sensitive case, Justice Mushir was told to hear the case in his chamber. He remarked that there must be a reason behind his detention. The attorney general said that issue is related to national security as he had information about the nuclear weapon, ISI, and Some people. 
  • Giving the full right to the accused, he asked that the documents that make his detention just should be presented. Later, it was told by Lahore Bar that Inam Ur Rahim was active in the missing person case. He had also provided a copy of the Army act to the Supreme Court in the Army Chief Extension case, Worker confederation of labor. He was nominated for International labor Standard norms for Pakistan.

In charge

  • The IT affairs of the Supreme Court are the In-charge of Justice Mushir. It updates the system of the supreme court according to the new technological advances. It has greatly transformed the legal process in Pakistan. After the introduction of the artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, the judicial working has become more efficient and transparent. The slower judicial process has been replaced by the E-courts that are connected to Supreme Court registries in Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, and Quetta.
  • He is also the chairman of National Automation Committee.  It is a committee of experts of technologists from NUST and other institutions to formulate a centralized automatic solution for the judiciary. The Supreme Court Research center is administered by Justice Mushir. It makes sure the availability of the law on the website by making taglines of 1300 judgments. It will help the legal professionals to find the relevant law easily.

Administrative posts

  1. His lordship has served as
  2. Member of Judicial Commission of Pakistan
  3. Member of Supreme Judicial Council
  4. Chairman of Justice and Law Commission of Pakistan
  5. Member of administrative Committee of Federal Judicial Committee

International Conferences Attended

  1. In 2015, he attended Conference on Role of the Constitutional Court in Realization of the principle of the Separation of Rights Protection held in Uzbekistan
  2. In 2018, he attended International Financial Center Courts
  3. He has also attended Seminar for Judges from SCO member States in China