Jaun Elia

Jaun Elia

Jaun Elia

Jaun Elia, born as Syed Hussain Jaun Asghar was a notable name in the field of poetry. He had a great command over different languages including Urdu, English, Arabic, Sanskrit, Persian and Hebrew. He was a philosopher, Poet, Scholar and Biographer. Jaun was born in a family of scholars, so it was obvious for him to adapt to this field.

His poetry is still being praised worldwide that has a touch of sorrow and love. He was the one who stands up against Indian partition, but later he chooses to live in Pakistan. He received many awards for his work in Urdu Literature. His death was a big loss in the Literature community. This article contains every detail about him, including Jaun Elia Biography.

Name:Jaun Elia
Name in Urdu :جون ایلیا
Famous As:Poet, Philosopher
Nationality:Pakistani, Indian
Residence:Karachi, Sindh Pakistan
Education:Philosopher, biographer, and scholar
Languages:Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sanskrit, English, Hebrew
Profession:Urdu Poet, Scholar, Philosopher, Biographer
Awards :He received many awards
Date:14th December 1931
Place:Amroha, India
Spouse:Zahida Hina
Children:Zaryoon Elia, Fainaana Farnaam, Sohaina Elia
Parents:Shafiq Hasan Elia
Siblings :Rais Amrohvi
Relatives:Saleem Jaffri (Cousin)
Date:8th November 2002
Rest Place:Karachi, Pakistan
Debut Poem:Shayaad

Jaun Elia Biography

Jaun Elia Biography

Jaun is a name known to people belongs to every age group. His poetry is being praised by every Generation, and despite many years of his death, he is still considered an irreplaceable Urdu Poet who marked a huge name in poetry. Jaun was a poet, Philosopher, Biographer and Scholar who started writing at an early age.

He was from a notable family of Scholars and film Directors. He has inevitably contributed a lot towards Urdu literature because of which he was awarded many times. Jaun did hold different Nationalities including Pakistani, Indian and Colonial Indian. His poetry was all about pain, sorrow and love.

Jaun Date of Birth

He was born on 14th December 1931 in British India as Sibt e Asghar Naqvi. After partition, he moved to Pakistan and started living in Karachi.

Education of Elia

He had a firm grip on different languages including Urdu, English, Arabic, Saraiki etc. Though he belonged to Shia community yet, he studied in a Deoband Dar ul Aloom, Syed-ul-Madaris.

Jaun Elia Family

Jaun was born to a Scholar, Shafiq Elia who also had command over many languages. He was the youngest of all siblings. One of his elder brothers, Rais Amrohvi, was Pakistan Urdu Poet and Scholar. One of his cousins Kamal Amrohi was an Indian film director.

He got married to an Urdu writer and columnist, Zahida Hina, but unfortunately, they both parted their ways after a few years. They both blessed with 3 children.

Jaun Elia son


As a Poet

Because of being a poet’s son, the germs of poetry started developing in him at an early age. He wrote his first poetry at the age of 8, but it took him several years to make it public. His first book originated at the age of 60 years with the title ‘Shayad’ that received splendid reviews.

His second book originated with the title ‘Yaani’ came afterwards. Later his third collection came into being with the title ‘Guman.’ Besides a poet, he also did different translations and editing. He is the man behind editing an Urdu Magazine, Insha.

Jaun Elia Books

  1. Shayad
  2. Yaari
  3. Guman
  4. Leikin
  5. Goyaa
  6. Ramooz
  7. Zakhm e Umeed

Jaun Elia Quotes

List of Ghazal

  • Umar Guzrai Gi Imtihan Mein Kia
  • Be-Qarari Si Be-Qarari Hai
  • Naya Aik Rishta Paida Kyun Karain Hum
  • Haalat e Haal Kai Sabab
  • Kitnai Aish Sai Rehte Hon Gai

List of Nazam

  • Har Baar Mere Samnai Ati Rahi Ho Tum
  • Tum Jab Aoo Gi To Khoya Hua Paoo Gi Mujhe
  • Mein Shayad Tum Ko Yaksar Bhoolnai Wala Hon
  • Chahta Hon Keh Bhool Jaon Tumhe

Jaun Elia Best Poetry

  • Qitaat
  • Zakhm e Umeed
  • Mubada
  • Sukhan Meri Udasi Hai
  • Farnood
  • Daricha Haye Khyal

Jaun Elia Ghazal

Jaun Elia Death

On 8th November 2002, he died in Karachi after his prolonged illness. He was a TB patient who couldn’t escape death and left the world. Though he is not present today but he is alive in everyone’s heart through his evergreen poetry.