Ibadullah Khan

Ibadullah Khan

Ibadullah Khan

Ibadullah Khan is a member of Pakistan Muslim League N for a long time and is currently a candidate of the National Assembly after winning 2018 General Elections. In the previous term, he also served at the same post. This article has all the information about him, including Ibadullah Khan Biography.

Name:Ibadullah Khan
In Urdu:عباد اللہ خان
Famous As:Politician
Province :Khyber Pukhtunkhwa
Oath Taking Date :01-06-2013
Date:15th November 1974
Parents:Sher Zada (Father)
Siblings :Amir Muqam (brother)
Political Party:Pakistan Muslim League (N)
Serve As:Leader
In Office
Role:Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan
Dates:1 June 2013
Constituency :NA-31 (Shangla)

Ibadullah Khan Biography

Ibadullah Khan Biography

Ibadullah is a Politician of Pakistan who is currently a member of the National Assembly after winning 2018 General Elections. He has additionally served as district Nazim of his Hometown Shangla. One of his brother Amir Muqam likewise belongs to the same political field.

Ibadullah Date of Birth

He was born on 15th November 1975 in Shangla.

Ibadullah Khan Family

His brother Amir Muqam is also a Pakistani politician and an engineer by profession. He also served as a president of PMLN Khyber Pakhtunkhawa.

Political Career

2013 Elections

He ran for the seat of the National Assembly in 2013 Pakistan General Elections on the party ticket of PMLN from NA-31 Constituency and gave defeat to another candidate. During his tenure, he operated as parliamentary Secretary for Development and planning.

2018 Elections

In 2018 he again became a member of the National Assembly by giving defeat to ANP member Sadeed ur Rehman.