Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah whose real name is Fizza Hussain is a Tiktoker who suddenly came into light after she has seen with various politicians, including Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed. She joined Social media after hiding her real identity. She is getting enormous hype these days because of her links with many politicians. Numerous people are interviewing her because of her gradually increasing popularity. This article has all the information about Hareem, including Hareem Shah Biography.

Name:Hareem Shah
In Urdu:حریم شاہ
Real Name:Fizza Hussain
Famous As:TikToker
Profession:Tik Tok Star
Years Active:2018-present
Date:28th December 1991
Parents:Syed Zaraar Hussain Shah
Siblings :4 sisters and 3 brother
Relatives:Her Aunt is Ex Senator

Hareem Shah BiographyHareem Shah during an interviewHareem with her friend Sandal KhattakHareem leaked the screen shots of her video chat with Sheikh Rasheed

Hareem Shah Biography

Hareem is a young Tik Tok star who came into the limelight after her Tik Tok videos got viral. She, along with her friend Sandal Khattak made videos with various Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf leaders, including Imran Khan and Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan in the Foreign office building. Though she became popular yet receive immense hatred from people because of her boldness and weird behavior. She and her friend has warned various leaders on her social media account by threatened them with proofs.

Hareem date of birth

Harem belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and currently residing in Islamabad. She was born on 28th December 1991. She has presently applied for Canadian citizenship.

Education of Hareem

She is currently doing M.Phill in Comparative Religion from the University of Peshawar

Hareem Shah Family

She belongs to an educated and rigid family. Her parents are government officers, while one of her aunts belongs to politics and remained Senator. She has four sisters, and three brothers and one of her elder sister is married. Due to her religious family background, they never supported nor supporting any of her acts. She is living alone with her friend Sandal in an apartment.

Career of Harem

  • Harem got overnight hype after her leaked videos with various politicians in the foreign Office building came in the light. People severely criticized her and her friend for the act. She makes Tik Tok videos and often seen doing bold actions. She again came in the limelight after the video got viral on the internet, where she has seen in a ship of Mubashir Luqman. After the video, she had a big fight with Luqman. Her recent tweet on twitter shaken everyone where she unwrapped many politicians, including Sheikh Rasheed. According to her, she has proofs through which she can reveal the real faces of many people.
  • In December 2019, on being invited to the opening of the Dubai Mall, she harassed by various men that offended her badly. After unveiling the faces of politicians, she is getting threats by numerous people that have forced her to leave Pakistan. Recently her inappropriate videos leaked, and according to her, they edited by her enemies. She is applying for Canadian citizenship.

Social Media Handles

Harem Shah social media accounts are as follows