Ghulam Sarwar Khan

Ghulam Sarwar Khan

Ghulam Sarwar Khan

Ghulam Sarwar Khan is a Pakistani political figure who is currently serving as Federal Aviation Minister since 24th May 2019. Before that post, he was designated Federal Minister for Petroleum on 20th August 2018 but transferred to the Ministry of Aviation.

He has also been Pakistan National Assembly’s member since August 2018 and was previously a National Assembly’s member from 2002-2007 and then again from 2013-2018. He stayed a member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly from 1985-1996. This article has all the information about him, including Ghulam Sarwar Khan Biography.

Name:Ghulam Sarwar Khan
In Urdu:غلام سرور خان
Famous As:Politician
Residence:Jhumer Taxilla
Education:B.A Degree
Alma Mater:University of the Punjab
Date:13th October 1955
Place:Taxila Punjab
Parents:Muhammad Hayat Khan (Father)
Siblings :Khan Muhammad Sadeeq Khan (Brother)
Political Party:Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
Serve As:Leader
Member of the National Assembly
Constituency:NA-53 (Rawalpindi)
Member of the provincial Assembly
Constituency:NA-53 (Rawalpindi)
In Office
Role:Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan
In Office 2
Role:Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan
Dates:1 June 2013

Ghulam Sarwar Khan Biography

Ghulam Sarwar Khan Biography

Sarwar Khan is a leading and senior PTI member. He aspires to serve the state under the governance of Imran Khan. He did a fantastic work on the ground to introduce a positive and successful change based on the vision and ideology of Imran and PTI.

Ghulam Sarwar represented his party well on every platform. He faced issue about the authenticity of his diploma and engineering degrees, but later HEC confirmed the authenticity of his diploma. There were some rumours about him that he is going to leave his party PTI, but he denied all these rumours.

Sarwar Date of Birth

He was born on 13th October 1955 in Taxila, Punjab.

Education of Sarwar

He received his bachelor’s degree from Punjab University. He’s an agriculturist.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan Family

His brother  Shafeeq Khan is also an agriculturist and has been Punjab Provincial Assembly Member in 2008 general elections.

Political Career

General Election 1985

He was elected to Punjab Provincial Assembly from Constituency ‘PP-5’ in the Pakistani general election of 1985.

General Election 1988

He was again elected to the Punjab Provincial Assembly on the ticket of PPP from Constituency PP-5  in the general election of 1988. He got forty-three thousand three hundred and forty-three votes and defeated Islami Jamhori Itehad’s candidate Muhammad Kamal.

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General Election 1990

He stood for the seat of Pakistan National Assembly as a candidate of PDA  (People’s Democratic Alliance) from Constituency ‘NA-40’ in general election 1990, but failed. He got sixty-three thousand and twenty-one votes and lost this seat to Nisar Ali.

General Election 1993

He stood for  National Assembly seat as PPP’s candidate from Constituency ‘NA-40’ in general election 1993, but failed. He secured sixty-four thousand and eight hundred votes and got defeated by Nisar Ali.  In that same election, he was elected again to the Punjab Provincial Assembly as the PPP candidate from Constituency ‘PP-5.’

He obtained forty thousand one hundred and thirty-two votes and surpassed Dildar Khan, the PML-N candidate. Shortly after the election, he was introduced to the provincial cabinet of Punjab. He was designated Punjab provincial minister for Ushr and Zakat  with additional ministerial responsibilities for ‘mineral development & Fisheries.’  He also functioned as Punjab Provincial Minister for Health from 1994-1996.

General Election 1997

He stood for a seat of Punjab Provincial Assembly as a PPP candidate from Constituency ‘PP-5’ in general election 1997, but got defeated. He got twenty-six thousand three hundred and seventy-two votes and lost his seat to Umar Farooq.

General Election 2002

In general election 2002, he got elected to National Assembly from constituency ‘NA-53’ as the independent candidate. He secured sixty-six thousand and nine hundred votes and beat Nisar Ali Khan.

During the same election, he was elected again to the Punjab Provincial Assembly from PP-8 Constituency as the independent candidate.

He obtained twenty-one thousand nine hundred and sixty-one votes and ousted Mohammad Waqas, the  Muttahida Majles-e-Amal’s candidate. He resigned his provincial seat and held the seat of the National Assembly.

Induction into Federal Cabinet

In 2004, he was added to PM Shaukat Aziz’s federal cabinet  and was designated Federal Minister for ‘Labor & Manpower.’

General Election 2008

He stood for NA seat on PML-Q ticket from Constituency ‘NA-53’ in the 2008  general election, but got defeated by Nisar Ali Khan.

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General Election 2013

In the general election of 2013, he got re-elected to NA as the candidate of PTI from Constituency ‘NA-53.’  He obtained eleven thousand five hundred and ninety-three votes and ousted Nisar Ali.

General Election 2018

In 2018 general election he was again elected to NA  as PTI candidate for Constituency ‘NA-59’ and  ‘NA-63.’

Appointment as Petroleum Minister

Following his victory, he chose to retain his NA seat NA-59 and to leave NA-63.

On 18th August, Imran Khan officially revealed the structure of his federal cabinet, and he was appointed Petroleum Minister. On 20th August 2018, he took oath as Federal Minister for ‘Petroleum’ in PM Imran Khan’s federal cabinet.

Resignation From Petroleum Ministry

On 18th April 2018, on the orders of Imran Khan, he resigned from Petroleum Ministry after significant reshuffling in the cabinet.

Case About Fake Degree

The validity of his diploma from the Punjab Technical Education Board was questioned in 2002. In 2007, a petition was submitted in Pakistan Supreme Court challenging the authenticity of his diploma that he had obtained from the GCUF (Government College University Faisalabad).

In July 2013, the Supreme Court Pakistan suspended his membership of the National Assembly for possessing a fake degree. As per a report presented by the HEC, both his engineering diploma and graduation degree were considered to be fake.

However, on 1st March 2019, ACE (Anti-Corruption Establishment) reported that the diploma had proved to be authentic. Following this, he got cleared in this case in April 2019.

Social Media Handles

His social media account include